ENVE Brings All-Road Versatility With The Fray


OGDEN, Utah (April 11, 2024) — ENVE is pleased to introduce the Fray, a highly versatile performance road bike aimed at expanding the terrain and capabilities of those who seek aspirational rides. Ample tire clearance, World Tour inspired construction, and ENVE’s aerodynamics distinguish the Fray as the benchmark for modern all-road performance.

ENVE Fray (Venom). Photo courtesy ENVE Composites

With the introduction of the Fray, ENVE rounds out their drop-bar road bicycle lineup, which includes the Ogden, Utah made fully customizable Custom Road, the road race specific Melee, and the gravel race/offroad optimized MOG. With these platforms, ENVE continues their evolution from aftermarket wheel and component specialists to a full-service bicycle brand.

“At its core, the Fray is a performance road bike, with incredible versatility that lends itself to forays onto mixed surfaces. In the absence of the Fray, there were those looking for an “all-road” solution from ENVE amongst our Melee and MOG offering. ENVE products are purpose-built, and the Fray embodies this ethos. As we’ve presented the Fray to our sales channels, the question of ‘who is the Fray for?’ often comes up. I answer by stating that at ENVE, the Fray is the bike we take home with us on the weekends and when we travel to ride. Outside of pure gravel events or road races, the Fray is always the ‘right’ bike,” stated Jake Pantone, VP of Product and Brand.

Photo couresy ENVE Composites

Fitting into the all-road category, the Fray blends elements of the Melee’s performance race features such as aerodynamics, lightweight, and power transfer efficiency, along with some of the MOG’s design details to create one of the most capable bikes on the road. Through geometry optimization around 31 to 35 mm tires, max clearance up to 40 mm, progressive endurance geometry, and the ENVE Cargo Bay for in-frame downtube storage, the Fray brings road race performance to those seeking a wider range of surfaces and terrain. In terms of aerodynamics, the Fray features and all-new fork design and tube shapes borrowed from ENVE’s aerodynamically optimized Melee. As is standard for all ENVE frame models, the Fray’s hoses and wires are hidden via ENVE’s IN-Route System.

Photo couresy ENVE Composites

The Fray is made from a mixture of medium, high, and super-high modulus unidirectional carbon fibers following ENVE’s Material Optimized Design (M.O.D.) process. “Material Optimized Design means designing and manufacturing products that play to the strengths of carbon fiber. The materials, fiber weights, and fiber angles used in the laminate are selected and manipulated to achieve zone specific performance within the part. “Carbon is the key ingredient, and we use the best we can get our hands on, but ultimately the process it is subjected to is what makes it an ENVE product,” stated Pantone.

Photo couresy ENVE Composites

Fit and geometry are another area that ENVE has paid special attention to with their bicycles. As done with their other models, consistent handling is assured across the Fray’s seven frame sizes, from 47 to 60 cm, thanks to four fork rakes that allow the smallest and largest sizes to receive size appropriate trail numbers.

Photo couresy ENVE Composites

To aid in the fitment process and ensure the customer has the full range of fit possibilities, ENVE created the Best-Fit Calculator. “Our goal with every one of our bikes is to help a customer achieve that seamless feel from the first pedal stroke. Our calculator aims to simplify the fitment process for the fitter and customer alike. The calculator functions simply by pairing a rider’s fit stack, fit reach, and saddle position numbers with a frame geometry, stem length, stem rise, spacer stack, and saddle offset. The output provides the rider with several frame and component configuration options that the rider, along with their fitter, can analyze to determine the rider’s “best-fit” option,” stated Pantone.


Courtesy ENVE

ENVE will offer the Fray in three color options – Ash, Venom, and Salt. These are available globally through ENVE Ride Centers and retail partners as a “Chassis” which includes the frame, fork, headset, handlebar, stem, and seatpost. The bar, stem and seatpost are selected à la carte to ensure that customers get the exact fit spec they need from the start. This allows the retailer to work closely with the customer and ensure the parts and wheel selection is best suited to their riding needs.

The Fray is immediately available in all sizes and colors globally. The ENVE Fray Chassis retails for US $5,500/ €5,995/ £5,500/ AUD $9,999 and includes the frame, fork, headset, stem, handlebar, and seatpost.

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