Interbike to Salt Lake City?


Interbike, the bicycle industry trade show, will be moving from Las Vegas, its long time location, beginning in 2011. Due to shifts in the bicycle industry that center around placement of manufacturing orders, the show needed to move its dates from late September to early August. The new dates allow better planning and more efficient ordering processes for bike companies and retailers that should result in fewer shortages for dealers, and less excess stock for bike manufacturers.

Las Vegas in early August is hot. Very hot. So, Interbike has narrowed down its choice for host city to Salt Lake City and Anaheim, California. Each venue has benefits and drawbacks that make it a tough decision for show organizers, according to Chip Smith of SOAR Communications, the public relations agency for Interbike.

“Salt Lake City has the outdoor recreation culture that has good appeal to Interbike attendees,” said Smith, while Anaheim’s convention center design fits better with existing trade show booths. Salt Lake has a strong bicycle culture and a strong commitment to cycling, while Anaheim is located in the large population base of Southern California. Salt Lake City has great options for the demo component of the show, while Anaheim also has a viable demo area nearby.

Interbike is owned by Nielsen Business Media, the promoters of the Outdoor Retailer Show that is a staple of Salt Lake City’s economy. In terms of attendance, Interbike is only a little smaller than OR, with 15000-20000 attendees.

According to Smith, a decision is expected in the next couple of weeks, likely before this year’s Interbike Expo which runs from September 20-24 in Las Vegas.

-Dave Iltis

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  1. My first time at cyclingutah; great online newletter/journal. I have never made it to Interbike Expo show so it would be mujo fortuitous if it moved to SLC.


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