Bridger Bike Park in Logan, Utah to be Unveiled October 16


UPDATE: 10/7/2019 – Due to early season valley snow in Cache County, the opening of the Bridger Bike Park is being rescheduled for October 16, 2019.

The Cache Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (CMPO) Bicycle Planning Advisory Committee (BPAC) is excited to announce that on October 9th, 2019, at 6pm, the City of Logan, Utah will unveil the brand new Bridger Bike Park. The Committee invites all residents of the area to come out to explore the park and meet the community that has worked so hard over the last 3 years to make this happen.

Designed with many challenging features, cyclists of all skill levels should be able to find enjoyment at the park, but users should be aware that not all features are suitable for all riders. Children must be supervised, and helmets will be required at all times.

Located at 1179 North 400 West, just west of Bridger Elementary, the facility is being built through collaborations between Logan City funding, community fundraising, the Cache County RAPZ tax and Utah Outdoor Recreation Grant.

Please note that the park is closed until the Grand Opening due to ongoing construction. The Committee requests that the public refrain from accessing or using the park beforehand for the safety of residents and construction workers alike.

More information can be found about the Park’s grand opening on the CMPO’s website at, or on Bridger Bike Park’s Facebook page.

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