Chloe Dygert Cleans Up Again in 2019 Colorado Classic Stage 2


The Sho-Air Twenty20 star is proving unstoppable in the 2019 Colorado Classic presented by VF Corporation

AVON, Colorado – It felt like déjà vu watching Chloe Dygert (Sho-Air Twenty20) speed down an open road toward the finish line in the 2019 Colorado Classic presented by VF Corporation on Friday. As the 22-year-old cruised along the final four miles of Stage 2 presented by FirstBank in Avon, she kept glancing over her shoulder, but saw nobody.

After handily winning Stage 1 presented by Smartwool in Steamboat Springs on Thursday, Dygert repeated the feat Friday, winning day 2 and once again sweeping the majority of jerseys: the Gates Corporation Individual Race Leader, the FirstBank Sprint Leader, Colorado Tourism Office Queen of the Mountain and VF Corporation Best Young Rider.

Chloe Dygert (Sho-Air Twenty20) takes another solo win to increase her overall lead. Stage 2, 2019 Colorado Classic. Photo courtesy Colorado Classic.

Dygert also increased her race lead to 1 minute, 22 seconds. Brodie Chapman (TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank), finished second on Friday, 28 seconds behind Dygert and set the tempo for the final lap, which took racers on a steep slog up the switchbacks of Daybreak Ridge above Beaver Creek following seven fast laps through the town of Avon. Stage 2 totaled 50.3 miles, including 3,428 feet of climbing, 2,000 of which were up the final climb.

“It is consistently steep. It went a lot longer than I thought,” Chapman said. “I was like, ‘I’m almost there,’ and then I definitely wasn’t. In hindsight, I think I went a little too hard too early because I started to fade near the end. Mad props to Chloe who just reeled me in and there was nothing I could do about it.”

Chapman led the charge to race’s high point and — sprinting neck-and-neck with Dygert — threw her front wheel at the QOM summit in an effort to get an edge on the race leader. Dygert’s father had driven the course on Friday morning, providing her with detailed notes, whereas Chapman and other racers were only able to eyeball the course from afar.

“It’s really awesome having my dad out here,” said Dygert, who won silver in Team Pursuit at the 2016 Olympics and has won five World Championship gold medals. “It’s really special for him to go up there this morning and do that.”

It was Heather Fischer (DNA Pro Cycling) who set the pace out of the gate, pulling ahead of the peloton during the high-speed laps that preceded the climb, an effort that earned her the VF Corporation Most Badass Rider jersey. Katie Hall of the US National Team, 2018 Colorado Classic champion, broke off of the group to chase the leaders in the final climb on Friday, earning the Audi Most Inspirational Rider jersey.

“It was a hard climb. I just couldn’t hang,” Hall said, adding that she was honored nonetheless to wear the jersey.

“I hope that we can inspire more ladies to ride bikes in any fashion that brings them joy,” she said. “It doesn’t need to be bike racing, but bike riding, even commuting, has brought a lot of joy into my life. I hope more people find that.”

The support for women’s cycling hit a benchmark Friday with the Bonus Cash Lap, also known as a prime, yielding an unprecedented total reaching nearly $10,000. Of this amount, $1,000 was contributed by the Colorado Classic, but the rest crowd-sourced by supporters. Dygert’s Sho-Air Twenty20 teammate Jenn Valente won the lap, splitting the sum with local nonprofit Chris Anthony Youth Initiative Project.

Chloe Dygert (Sho-Air Twenty20) holds on to the leaders jersey after Stage 2, 2019 Colorado Classic. Photo courtesy Colorado Classic.

The race moves to Golden for Stage 3 on Saturday, beginning at 11:30 a.m. from under the arch on Washington Ave. Riders will complete seven laps, including three sprints and one QOM, covering a total of 63.7 miles and climbing 4,639 feet. With two fast lap stages remaining, it will be difficult for riders to catch Dygert, but she herself pointed out that it’s not over until it’s over.

“There are still two hard days of racing left,” Dygert said. “It’s never set in stone. I have a good team, a solid team. We’re just going to work really hard to keep this jersey and see what we can do.”

Best viewing for Stage 3 will be from Washington Ave. in Golden at the start/finish between 12th and 13th and on 15th Street for the QOM. Those who can’t attend in person can watch live streaming coverage from start to finish and follow statistics and race progress by downloading Tour Tracker.


  1. #71 – Chloe DYGERT – Sho-Air Twenty20
  2. #41 – Brodie CHAPMAN – TIBCO-SVB
  3. #22 – Omer SHAPIRA – Canyon-SRAM

leader – #71 – Chloe DYGERT – Sho-Air Twenty20

leader – #71 – Chloe DYGERT – Sho-Air Twenty20
worn by – #22 – Omer SHAPIRA – Canyon-SRAM

leader – #91 – Heather FISCHER – DNA Pro Cycling

leader – #1 – Katharine HALL – U.S. National Team

leader – #71 – Chloe DYGERT – Sho-Air Twenty20
worn by – #41 – Brodie CHAPMAN – TIBCO-SVB

leader – #71 – Chloe DYGERT – Sho-Air Twenty20
worn by – #23 – Ella HARRIS – Canyon-SRAM

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