Belgian Waffle Ride Returns to Cedar City for 5th Year


CEDAR CITY, Utah (February 1, 2024) — The Belgian Waffle Ride (BWR) Tripel Crown of Gravel Series is set to make its second stop in Cedar City, Utah, from April 5 to 6, 2024, promising an exhilarating experience for participants and spectators alike. The expo will be held on Friday and race and ride day is Saturday.

In its fifth edition in Cedar City, the BWR team is thrilled to return to the picturesque Cedar City location. Nestled in southwestern Utah, Cedar City is a charming city surrounded by stunning natural beauty. Renowned for its proximity to national parks like Zion and Bryce Canyon, Cedar City serves as a gateway to breathtaking landscapes and recreational activities for outdoor enthusiasts.

Scenes from the 2021 Belgian Waffle Ride in Cedar City, Utah. Photo courtesy BWR.

The city, home to the renowned Southern Utah University, adds to the vibrant cultural scene with events like the Utah Shakespeare Festival. With a rich history, friendly community, and a backdrop of red rock formations, Cedar City stands as a hidden gem for those seeking a blend of adventure and cultural experiences in the heart of Utah.

This unconventional setting will provide cyclists with the opportunity to engage in a challenging race on a diverse terrain of gravel, sand, and rock, set against the backdrop of high altitude. Participants will compete against some of the most formidable cyclists hailing from road, gravel, mountain biking, and unroad disciplines.

Brendan Johnston (AUS) during the 2023 BWR Cedar City. Photo courtesy BWR

The meticulously crafted course features a novel route, avoiding intense single-track sectors while offering a dynamic array of ‘rippable’ unroad challenges. Cedar City, known for its warm hospitality, has been a supportive host, and this year, it will extend a warm welcome to participants, symbolized by the red, yellow, and black carpet rolled out for the occasion.

The 2024 BWR Utah edition promises to encapsulate the quintessential elements of a Belgian Waffle Ride, featuring waffles, extreme cycling, and craft beer from Rouleur Brewing Company. Additionally, a pre-race gathering is scheduled for Friday night before the race, and on race day, participants will indulge in Belgian waffles, navigate a delectable unroad course, and savor more Belgian waffles along with some Belgian ale.

Scenes from the 2023 Belgian Waffle Ride / Photo courtesy BWR.

Dubbed the “Hell of the South (West),” the BWR Utah parcourse stands in stark contrast to those in California or other locations. As the only Euro-style Spring Classic on American soil, the BWR CA is a Road Race characterized by two dozen unroad sectors covering approximately 55 miles of dirt and spanning 137 miles with an elevation gain of 11,000 feet. In alignment with last year’s format, the Utah BWR in Cedar City will be an Unroad Race encompassing 128 miles, interspersed with nine road sectors and a reduced climbing elevation of around 7,500 feet compared to San Diego.

Despite variations in vital statistics, the BWR Utah race promises the same level of insanity, challenge, and unparalleled experience that have contributed to the notoriety and acclaim of the BWR.

Positioned as the second stop on the Tripel Crown calendar, the BWR Utah edition is expected to attract world-class cyclists from across the globe. Among the participants are numerous former WorldTour riders, defending champions from BWR CA, and a diverse array of cyclists eager to embrace the unique challenge presented by the event.

All riders, regardless of their abilities, will embark on the same course simultaneously after the commencement, with the initial neutral section covering four miles. The Wafer and Wanna Rides will commence alongside the Waffle Ride, covering 81- and 43-mile courses, respectively, mirroring the routes from 2023, with the beginning stages overlapping the Waffle course.

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