Oregon Trail Gravel Race Included in 2024 Gravel Earth Series


BEND, Oregon — Brace yourselves, gravel cycling enthusiasts! The 2024 Gravel Earth Series, referred to by some as Grand Tour of Gravel has a thrilling new addition: the Oregon Trail Gravel Race. So, saddle up and get ready to embark on a gravel adventure like no other, as Team Breakaway leads the charge in bringing North America’s finest to the forefront of gravel racing.

Photo courtesy Oregon Trail Gravel Race/Team Breakaway

In the Footsteps of Legends

The Oregon Trail Gravel Race, or OTG for short, will proudly stand alongside renowned events like The Rift in Iceland, the Migration Race in Africa, and the Traka in Spain to create a formidable four-race series that promises to redefine gravel racing. Chad Sperry, the owner and race director of Team Breakaway, is ecstatic about the inclusion.

Photo courtesy Oregon Trail Gravel Race/Team Breakaway

“We are thrilled with this opportunity,” he declares. “When Klassmark Events extended the official invitation to be part of the Gravel Earth Series, we jumped at the chance. It is an honor to have been selected as the North American event for next year’s race series,” he adds. “We feel strongly that our core values of focusing on the environment, spirit of adventure, and providing amazing experiences for every single rider align perfectly with the values of this series.”

Photo courtesy Oregon Trail Gravel Race/Team Breakaway

A Symphony of Landscapes and Adventure

Each race in the series is set in a unique location that showcases the most breathtaking and dramatic landscapes our planet has to offer, and OTG is no exception. Nestled in the heart of Oregon, this gravel race promises a different look and feel altogether. It’s all about the snow-capped volcanoes and tectonic landscapes that sculpted the majestic Cascade Mountain Range, along with a diverse riding experience that spans alpine terrain, high desert expanses, and even old growth forests with lush vegetation, across five thrilling days. Sperry adamantly states, “We feel these dramatic landscapes and our ethos fit well with the other events in the series.”

Photo courtesy Oregon Trail Gravel Race/Team Breakaway

A Trail Less Traveled

The Oregon Trail Gravel Race stands out as the only multi-day gravel event in North America featuring a point-to-point race/ride format. This unique setup allows organizers to cherry-pick routes that maximize the challenge while treating riders to awe-inspiring scenery. The course winds through old logging roads and even traverses a couple of historic wagon roads, all of which take participants on an epic journey over the Cascade Mountain Range, through the lush Willamette Valley, and into the high desert climates of Central Oregon.

One of OTG’s campsites, ensuring that all riders are comfortable at the end of the day. Photo courtesy Oregon Trail Gravel Race/Team Breakaway

Bend, Oregon, will be the epicenter of next year’s all-inclusive event, which boasts a grueling 350-mile route and a jaw-dropping 35,000 feet of elevation gain spread out over the better part of a week. The OTG team is pulling out all the stops, providing full support for every rider so that, for five unforgettable days, they can focus solely on the trifecta of eating, sleeping, and riding. In other words, it’s “Bike Summer Camp for Adults,” a moniker that perfectly encapsulates the unique and fun-filled experience that defines this race. Registration is now open, and spots are limited to a select group of 400 riders.


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