Rad Dirt Fest Comes to Trinidad, ColoRADo on September 30, 2023


The 7th Wild Card event in the Life Time Grand Prix is The Rad Dirt Fest; Grand Prix athletes will be taking on the Stubborn Delores 110 mile course.

The Rad is a fun and fast gravel course and will be a great addition to the race series. This adds a long, but not too long gravel event into the mix while giving athletes a more relaxed and grassroots event to participate in during the season. This also offers Life Time a chance to showcase Trinidad and one of their newer events to athletes that might not be familiar with the region.

Photo by Linda Guerrette, courtesy Life Time

More about The Rad

The Rad Dirt Fest features impressive views of the Spanish Peaks, small town charm and miles of smooth gravel and trails. The Rad was first introduced by Life Time in 2021 and has already grown into a fun weekend celebration! With all new courses for the 2023 event the three distances include – Stubborn Delores (110 miles with 10,000 ft of climbing), Anteloop (70 miles), and The Frijole (40 miles).

Photo by Linda Guerrette, courtesy Life Time

The courses features fast champagne gravel, along with unique features out on the course like old ruins and cars built into the mountains and stunning views of the surrounding mountains. This year’s courses will take athletes from downtown Trinidad out to the beautiful gravel roads faster than in previous years. Similar to UNBOUND Gravel, Life Time will be switching up the course every two years to reduce impact on local farmers, ranchers, and hunters.

Photo by Linda Guerrette, courtesy Life Time

Race day will have an energetic finish festival with food trucks, beer, whiskey, live music and giveaways. The winners of Stubborn Delores will be awarded with a hand painted guitar, and other awards in the past have consisted of painted vinyl records & mini wooden instruments all created by local artists. In the evening after the race local businesses will host after parties and on Sunday there is a hangover ride to the iconic Trinidad sign followed by coffee and donuts!

Photo by Linda Guerrette, courtesy Life Time

What’s up Trinidad!

This unique and charming town is located in southern Colorado, just 13 miles above New Mexico. The town is surrounded by high-altitude, desert terrain that is a beautiful mix of rugged and serene landscapes.

Trinidad is a small but welcoming community, where locals and business owners have consistently shown support for Rad athletes over the past two years. The town is steeped in history, with its brick streets lined with TRINIDAD engraved on them and a mix of funky architecture such as skeletons driving cars and a painted piano downtown.

Trinidad is a haven for artists and musicians, hosting an art festival and a blues festival in the summertime and displaying artwork throughout the town. The local bars and music venues showcase the talented musicians that call Trinidad home. Outdoors enthusiasts will be drawn to Trinidad as well as the town is heavily focused on outdoor recreation, with an abundance of opportunities for fishing, hunting, hiking, biking, and camping.

Additionally, Trinidad is also home to a diverse range of wildlife such as tarantulas, mountain lions, and antelope that one might come across while out on the course.

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