SBT GRVL Sells Out in 25 Minutes


STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. (Dec. 5, 2019) – SBT GRVL, a Colorado gravel bike event and celebration in the picturesque ranching town of Steamboat Springs, opened registration on Dec. 3 for year two and sold out in 25 minutes.

In total, over 700 women will ride SBT GRVL in 2020, a 75-percent increase from the 2019 event. Women comprise 30-percent of the field. All race distances sold out.

Riders participating in the 2019 Steamboat Gravel cycling race held near Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Photo courtesy SBT GRVL

Race co-founders and directors Amy Charity, Ken Benesh and Mark Satkiewicz point to an unwavering focus on the rider experience for the success. Immediately after the inaugural SBT GRVL event closed, participants were surveyed and the founders took action on what they learned. A new 64-mile course option was added, and new double and single track sections were added to the Black and Blue courses. SBT GRVL will continue to alleviate race -day stress in 2020 by offering incredible on course support with aid stations, volunteers, mechanical SAG support and fully marked courses for clear navigation.

“We continue to be blown away by the supportive community we’ve built since last year,” says Benesh. “There are a lot of gravel events out there, and we’re grateful to everyone who has committed to joining us again for the second year. We’re so thankful that we get to share this beautiful setting with top-notch gravel roads with people from all over the country and even abroad.”

SBT GRVL is excited to welcome riders from 48 states and 13 countries to its second year event. From the supportive volunteer crew to the scenic ranching backdrop, read why participants from year one are excited to return for SBT GRVL 2020 here.

“Organizing this event, we wanted to invest in the participant by taking any stress out of their day, so they can just enjoy the course, make some new friends and experience the beauty of Steamboat,” says Benesh. “This way, riders can have fun and perform at their best rather than worrying about whether the course is going to be marked or if there will be aid stations along the way.”

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