Perry and Sherwin Win 2014 Desert Rampage Intermountain Cup Race

Bryson Perry on his way to winning the 2014 Desert Rampage Intermountain Cup Race on March 1, 2014. Photo: Bryce Pratt, find your race photo at
Bryson Perry on his way to winning the 2014 Desert Rampage Intermountain Cup Race on March 1, 2014. Photo: Bryce Pratt, find your race photo at
Bryson Perry Desert Rampage 2014 winner
Bryson Perry on his way to winning the 2014 Desert Rampage Intermountain Cup Race on March 1, 2014. Photo: Bryce Pratt, find your race photo at .

St. George, Utah, March 1, 2014 – The 2014 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Race Series season opened today with Desert Rampage in St. George, Utah. After rains threatened to make for miserable conditions on race day, the storms subsided in the early morning hours and by the start of the race the conditions were perfect for racing.  It was a little muddy getting into the venue but once you were there the course was perfect!

In the Pro Men’s race there was a great turnout with a bunch of new faces joining the Pro ranks from  the Expert Categories.  Take note all you Experts finishing at the top of your races.  It was so awesome to see the young guys stepping up into the pro ranks even when they knew it would be hard.  This will help these guys become even tougher then they already are.

[Race photos will be available March 2, 2014 by early afternoon at the latest at ]

Kathy Sherwin 2014 Desert Rampage Winner
After a long, hard year in 2013, Kathy Sherwin, Stan’s No Tubes, won the pro women’s category of the 2014 Desert Rampage on March 1, 2014 in St. George, Utah. Photo: Bryce Pratt,


The Pro men were the first off in the afternoon race and as the race began, Bryson Perry (DNA Cycling) went to the front and set a solid pace. The field stayed together pretty well in the breezy conditions for the first 8-10 minutes of the race and then it started to separate a little at the top of the first climb.  As they headed into the second climb Bart Gillespie (Gear Rush) and Bryson began to start slowly pulling away from the field. At the top of the second climb Bryson pushed the pace a little more when he saw that the two of them had a gap and as they crested the top of the climb Bryson and Bart had built a small lead on a small chase group of 3-4 riders.  At the bottom of the downhill, Bryson had a small advantage over Bart and kept pushing the pace, opening the gap slowly on the second lap to a max of about 40 seconds.  Behind Chris Holley (Kuhl) was moving up through a few riders and was chasing to catch onto Bart’s wheel.  As they finished the second lap. Bryson held onto a tenuous lead with Bart with Chris chasing hard behind.


Part way through the third lap, Chris made contact with Bart and the two of them began to slowly reel in Bryson.  As the neared the top of the final climb on the 3rd lap Chris and Bart were about 30 seconds back from Bryson.  On the downhill, Bart got a small advantage over Chris and as they headed out onto the final lap Bryson had lost a little more of his lead down to approximately 25 seconds.  Bart moved ahead chipping away at Bryson’s lead and looked to be making a big move to close the gap when on the road leading to Keyhole wash, he flatted.  He tried to get it aired up but after it failed again in the wash, Bart’s day was finished.  Chris kept charging on and closing in on a suffering Bryson but as they neared the top of the last climb Bryson had been able to hold onto a 25-30 second advantage.  Bryson Perry finished in 1:45:49 with Chris Holley finished strong in second place at 1:46:27 just 38 seconds back. Cary Smith of Jackson, WY raced strong throughout the race and moved up through the field to finish 3rd in 1:48:33.  Youngsters Landen Beckner (Rad Racing), and Anders Johnson (Kuhl Devo) rounded out the podium with great results in 4th and 5th.

Kathy Sherwin 2014 Desert Rampage photo 2
Kathy Sherwin, Stan’s No Tubes, won the pro women’s category of the 2014 Desert Rampage on March 1, 2014 in St. George, Utah. Photo: Bryce Pratt,

In the Women’s Race Kathy Sherwin (Stans No- Tubes) was out just living, loving, and enjoying life again.  After a whirlwind of events over the recent months, she was just happy to be at the race this weekend.  After sitting on the wheels for the first few minutes, she made an effort part way into the first lap and kept it on for the rest of the day.  As she rode thinking about life, Chris and all that she had, she was propelled to a great victory with a time of 1:32:48.  Back behind, Utah High School MTB league Director Lori Harward (Plan 7) and KC Holley battled it out in a close race finishing in 1:41:59 and 1:42:24 respectively just 25 seconds apart.

Kathy had this to say after the race, “I haven’t been on the Intermountain Cup circuit since 2012 due to my husband’s cancer.  Coming out here today under what turned out to be sunny skies and winning was quite unexpected.  I lost my husband (Chris Sherwin) to kidney cancer 3 months ago and my only goal today was to just race because I CAN.  That’s what life and Chris has taught me.  You do things because you can. You seize the opportunity and moment because you are able.

When the gun went off I hid from the wind until the first uphill pitch when I jumped in front and started to put myself in the pain cave because suddenly my goal changed.  I now wanted to WIN and it soon became a race against myself and my lap times.  I was happy and somewhat surprised with the victory given life’s circumstances.  It was nice to ask myself “What would Chris do?” and set my mind to just simply race but then to walk away with a win was icing on the cake!  My Cannondale Scalpel was absolutely awesome both uphill and downhill with me using the lockout features to slowly ride away from the field.  My Garmin read 35 mph on the downhill and it is the low pressure I can run in my Kenda tires on my Stan’s NoTubes rims that allowed for taking my Scalpel around corners at such a high speed.  Thanks to all my sponsors for allowing me to continue living the dream!”


The next Intermountain Cup will be held on April 5, 2014 in St. George. For details, visit

(Report by Bryson Perry, DNA Cycling)

2014 Desert Rampage Results:

2014 Desert Rampage Results
CategoryPlaceBib NumberFirst NameLast NameTeam
Pro Men
Pro Men12BrysonPerryDNA Cycling
Pro Men26ChrisHollyKuhl
Pro Men31CarySmithThe Hub
Pro Men411LandenBecknerRad Racing
Pro Men54AndersJohnsonKuhl Devo
Pro Men67ScottAllenCanyon Bicycles
Pro Men75BrianTolbertKUHL
Pro Men88JustinDesilets
Pro Men99ConnorBarrettBountiful Bicycle p/b Mountain America
Pro MenDNF3MatthewTurnerSummit Bike Club
Pro MenDNF10NoahTalleyGear Rush
Pro MenDNF12BartGillespieGear Rush
Men 60+
Men 60+181KevinJohansenRacers cycle Service
Men 60+276SteveRossRapid Cycling
Pro Women
Pro Women1103KathySherwinStans No Tubes
Pro Women2102LoriHarwardPlan7/Ski Utah
Pro Women3100KaraHolleyKuhl
Pro WomenDNF101NicoleTittensorRevolution
Sport Men 16-18
Sport Men 16-181140CarterBaileyRoosters Bikers Edge
Sport Men 16-182150LexAvinaBike Fix
Sport Men 16-183139ConnerGrimesCanyon Bicycles – Shimano
Sport Men 16-184151JordanMeyerCanyon Bicycles – Shimano
Sport Men 16-185147HaydenBeckKUHL
Sport Men 16-186143NickLoyola
Sport Men 16-187133SethCoccimiglioCanyon Bicycles – Shimano
Sport Men 16-188136JacksonCheneyCanyon Bicycles-Shimano
Sport Men 16-189132JaksonEwellCanyon Bicycles
Sport Men 16-1810131JacobLampingCanyon Bicycle Shimano
Sport Men 16-1811134ZachCoccimiglioCanyon Bicycle – Shimano
Sport Men 16-1812141NoahPollardWeber High School
Sport Men 16-1813145CollinRichards
Sport Men 16-1814135ZachCraneRevolution
Sport Men 16-1815148JaseHooverCanyon Bicycles
Sport Men 16-1816146PatrickJohnsonSummit Bike Club
Sport Men 16-1817137RayLeavittSummit Bike Club
Sport Men 16-1818149StevenBowers
Sport Men 16-18DNF138JacobChilds
Sport Men 16-18DNF142JaredPflueger
Sport Men 16-18DNF144AshtonGlines
Sport Men 19-29
Sport Men
Sport Men 19-292205TravisGillianboutiful cycle p/b mountain america
Sport Men 19-293202MattBehrensSummit Bike Club
Sport Men 19-294201DylanHendricksRoosters Biker& Edge
Sport Men 19-295209CameronLarsonSummit Bike Club
Sport Men 19-296206JoshBallantyneDSU-BIKEFIX
Sport Men
Sport Men 19-298207LukeHanksBountiful Bicycle p/b Mountain America
Sport Men 19-299208BenDietrichTroophf HD
Sport Women 13-15
Sport Women 13-151276VictoriaVanceCanyon Bicycles – Shimano
Sport Women 13-152275JordanChristensenRed Rock
Sport Men 30-39
Sport Men 30-391314BarryGates
Sport Men 30-392305RyanBeckerKUHL
Sport Men 30-393303ZachCutler
Sport Men 30-394311BrianBeardall
Sport Men 30-395301JeffWoottonRoosters Bikers Edge
Sport Men 30-396304JasonFowles
Sport Men 30-397333TysonBrooks
Sport Men 30-398300brianThomas
Sport Men
Sport Men 30-3910313ScottBankheadBountiful Bicycle P/B Mountain America
Sport Men
Sport Men 30-3912306JeremyVothLogan Race Club
Sport Men 30-3913308JohnParasSpider Bait Cycling
Sport Men
Sport Men 30-3915312DavidVogelsbergBountiful Bicycle p/b Mountain America
Sport Men 30-3916309Matthew
Sport Men 30-3917302JeffHolt
JR Wn 10-12
JR Wn 10-121421KatelynLassiter
Junior Women 12-15
Junior Women 12-151423SkylerPerryDNA Cycling
Junior Women 12-152422TaylorPerryDNA Cycling
Women 40+
Women 40+1442AngelaJohnsonBountiful Bicycles
Beginner Women
Beginner Women1463JenniferBubelAthletes on Track
Beginner Women2462JamieFowles
Beginner Women3460SuzWoottonRoosters Bikers Edge
Beginner WomenDNF461stephanieyunker
Beginner WomenDNF464ChelseaHogge
Sport Women 19-34
Sport Women 19-341500StephChristensenBike Fix
Sport Women 19-342501CathleenMcCullaCC Training
Jr 16-18
Jr 16-181551JedMc Arthure Spokes
Jr 16-182552WilliamMarkCanyon Bicycles – Shimano
Junior Men 13-16
Junior Men 13-1611205PaytonAndersenCanyon Bicycles – Shimano
Junior Men 13-1621207WillSwainLTR Sports
Junior Men 13-1631202TysonBarton
Junior Men 13-1641209DallinBerg
Junior Men 13-1651204SpencerWittCanyon Bicycles – Shimano
Junior Men 13-1661206EvanFlickKUHL
Junior Men 13-1671201ZachFergusonBike Fix
Junior Men 13-1681208JoeMark
Junior Men 13-1691200IanCheneyCanyon Bicycles-Shimano
Junior Men 13-16DNF1203TylerGuymon
Sport Women 16-18
Sport Women 16-1811279LiaWestermannSummit Bike Club
Sport Women 16-1821277KiraCrowell
Sport Women 16-1831276AmberHarvey
Sport Women 16-1841278SierraPogueCanyon Bicycles – Shimano
Sport Women 16-1851280HaileyHaddock
Sport Women 16-1861281JuliaGrafAlta High School
Sport Men 40-49
Sport Men 40-4911308RobHansenCanyon Bicycles – Shimano
Sport Men 40-4921311MarkEsplinBountiful Mazda
Sport Men 40-4931319SeanHooverCanyon Bicycles
Sport Men
Sport Men
Sport Men 40-4961315DarrenWibergCarbsport/Racers Cycle Service
Sport Men 40-4971303TimMcArthureSpokes
Sport Men 40-4981305MattPollardDiamond Peak Utah Orthopedics
Sport Men
Sport Men 40-49101307HughParke
Sport Men 40-49111318DrewJordanRevolution / Peak Fasteners
Sport Men 40-49121312ToddThomasFramecracker
Sport Men 40-49131313GregLarsonRevolution Peak Fasteners
Sport Men 40-49141317LennyGould
Sport Men 40-49151304GrantCrowell
Sport Men 40-49161316JeremyJohnsonboutiful cycle p/b mountain america
Sport Men 40-49171314CalvinCahoonCarbSport/Racers Cycle Service
Sport Men
Sport Men
Sport Men
Sport Men 40-49211310JohnYoung
Singlespeed11452DannyChristensenRed Rock
Singlespeed21450IanShockleyBike Fix
Singlespeed41451HeatherGilbertCut Throut Racing
Expert Men 19-29
Expert Men 19-2911507JaceHegerDSU-BIKEFIX
Expert Men 19-2921502ZachHarvey
Expert Men 19-2931505JasonChristiansenSummit Bike Club
Expert Men 19-2941503KodeyMyers
Expert Men 19-2951500ZacharyOvardContender
Expert Men 19-2961506PaulDavisRevolution Peak Fasteners
Expert Men 19-2971501EudoroGuizarCath-Tip / IBB Cyclery & MultiSport
Expert Men 19-2981504TravisMillwardBountiful Bicycle p/b Mountain West
Sport Men 13-15
Sport Men 13-1511565JoshPetersonKUHL DEVO
Sport Men 13-1521564BenSwainLTR Sports
Sport Men 13-1531566NateHansenCanyon Bicycles – Shimano
Sport Men 13-1541562AlecSchooleyDavis High School
Sport Men 13-1551560ColeChistensenRed Rock
Sport Men 13-1561563JoshWildeBikeFix
Sport Men 13-1571561BenWildeBikeFix
Men 50+
Men 50+11605KennyJonesFlying Monkeys
Men 50+21603PaulLaStayoSki Utah/Plan 7
Men 50+31607PaulHouserFramecracker
Men 50+41606JeffFlickKUHL
Men 50+51604TyLoyola
Men 50+61608WayneDouglassLogan Race Club
Men 50+71601DaleLampingCanyon Bicycle Shimano
Men 50+81610
Men 50+91600RobKertesz
Men 50+101602ToddBrown
Expert Women
Expert Women12100WhitneyPogueRevolution
Expert Women22101JessicaMorrisExperticity
Expert Women32102SallyFairbairnRevolution
Expert Women 16-18
Expert Women 16-1812103JennaJohnstonKuhl
Junior Men 10-12
Junior Men 10-1212135ParkerPogueCanyon Bicycles – Shimano
Junior Men 10-1222134ParkerChristensenZion Cycles
Junior Men 10-1232136CadeGalbrarth
Junior Men 10-1242132JoelShockleyBike Fix
Junior Men 10-1252139LakehEnceRed Rock
Junior Men 10-1262131EthanLassiter
Junior Men 10-1272133ParkerAnderson
Junior Men 10-1282138LoganParke
Sport Women 35+
Sport Women 35+12175CoyBarrettBountiful Bicycle p/b Mountain America Credit Union
Sport Women 35+22174HeatherHemingway-HalesRevolution
Sport Women 35+32176SuzanneLifgren
Sport Women 35+42172KimChristensenRed Rock
Sport Women 35+52173DanielleMuldoon
Sport Women 35+62171LacyPerkinsCC Training
Junior Women 16-18
Junior Women 16-1812200RebekahMarkCanyon Bicycles-Shimano
Expert Men 30-39
Expert Men 30-3912229StewartGoodwinKUHL
Expert Men 30-3922228GrantBaronKuhl
Expert Men 30-3932226DustinNielsenIntermountain Livewell PB Bountiful Cyclery
Expert Men 30-3942225JaredMillingtonBountiful Bicycle p/b Mountain America
Expert Men 30-3952231JeffWilsonBountiful Bicycle p/b Mountain America
Expert Men 30-3962230JakeCarrollBountiful Bicycle p/b Mountain America
Expert Men 30-3972227JustinJensenDNA Cycling
Beginner Men
Beginner Men12318StevenWeaverAlpine Vison
Beginner Men22319WadeOkelberry
Beginner Men32300BogdanBalasaUtah Mountain Biking
Beginner Men42304JasonUresk
Beginner Men52310cortwilley
Beginner Men62312QuintonWallUMB Racing Team
Beginner Men72314JordanBehunin
Beginner Men92303ConnorMontalvo
Beginner Men102315DaytonHall
Beginner Men112308MarkSwainLTR Sports
Beginner Men132317MattMeyer
Beginner Men142306KenMadson
Beginner Men152302SkylerMontalvo
Beginner Men162305PrestonMontalvo
Beginner Men172301TyMontalvo
Beginner MenDNF2311JakeBaker
Beginner MenDNF2316DallinBergen
40+12403ScottBergenRed Rock
40+32402KevinOKeefeRapid Cycling
40+42409Bad AttitudeSaffelRevolution
40+62408BradNewlyRed Rock
40+72407GregPetersonTeam Tosh
Expert Men 16-18
Expert Men 16-1812502JordanAndersenCanyon Bicycles – Shimano
Expert Men 16-1822501JonahHoweLTR Devo
Expert Men 16-1832505IanHansen-WissbrodSummit Bike Club
Expert Men 16-1842504SamuelAllenCanyon Bicycles
Expert Men 16-1852503JohnAndersenCanyon Bicycles – Shimano
Clydesdale22540ShaneChristensenZion Cycles
Clydesdale32539ChrisDouglassLogan Race Club
Clydesdale62538WestonVothLogan Race Club
Jr Women 13-16
Jr Women 13-1612570HalesMorganSummit Bike Club
Jr Women 13-1622571MadeleineHalesSummit Bike Club
Jr Women 13-1632567PaigeCastoSummit Bike Club
Jr Women 13-1642568ZoeeParasBingham High Cycling
Jr Women 13-1652569TessaSnarr
Jr Women 13-16DNF2566HaydenBeckerKUHL
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