Bryner and Frye Win 2011 Powder Mountain Hill Climb


The third annual Powder Mt hill climb was held on 11 June 2011. Approximately 60 riders took the 6 mile, 3300 foot vertical challenge with the winner completing the race in a bit a little over 41 minutes. Photo: Dennis Montgomery.

6-11-11 – The 3rd Annual Powder Mountain Hillclimb proved once again just how rewarding the steepest climb in Utah can be.  With UCA points, cash and numerous prizes on the line, 76 motivated climbers showed up to challenge the mountain, their rivals and themselves.

The deep snow still lingering up the road would prove to be a dramatic backdrop for this late spring classic and the snow from last year’s event fresh on everyone’s mind, the day started on the cool side with a brief spring shower.  The rain subsided just before the start and the weather ended up being near perfect for such a grueling climb.  The sun managed to show itself just in time for the awards ceremony.

The race to watch was the Men’s Cat 1-2.  Norm Bryner and teammate Sam Kreig came with their game faces on.  Newly upgraded Cat 2 rider and Ogden resident, Darren Goff, was also motivated to prove himself in his own back yard.  The overall fastest time is awarded the Tecia Stout Trophy, a perpetual trophy established in honor of Tecia Stout who succumbed to ovarian cancer a few years ago.  Nate Cisney held the trophy for the past year but a back injury kept him from defending.  Cisney was the fastest rider in the previous two editions of the race.  He set the standard in 2009 at 41 minutes 20 seconds for the 3300 foot, 6 mile climb.

The Powder Mountain Hillclimb doesn’t give anyone much time to warm up.  Its steep from the get go.  There’s a neighborhood to pass through and then the unrelenting climb really starts to take shape.  Its at the road service gate where Bryner made his move.  His attack was followed by Krieg, Goff and Erik Herrington but Bryner’s pace was too much.  Bryner took the checkered flag in a record setting 41 minutes and 9 seconds earing his spot on the hefty Tecia Stout Trophy.  Harrington followed at 42:45 and Sam Kreig took the final podium spot at 43:19.  Darren Goff overcame his cold and took 4th at 43:19.

Norm Bryner won the overall. Photo: Dennis Montgomery.

There were many prizes and trophies up for grabs.  Women’s Cat 4 winner Jessica Arbogast won the beautiful “Fastest Female” trophy with a time of 51:40.  The unique “Clydesdale Trophy”, an actual Clydesdale horseshoe mounted on a plaque went to the fattest, I mean fastest, rider over 180 lbs.  Nate Pack was this year’s Clydesdale winner.  We all know that Nate Pack can climb!

Just finishing this “ridiculous climb”, as Junior National MTB Champ Keegan Swenson once described it, is a feat in itself.  For that a “Lantern Rouge” is also awarded to the last rider up the mountain.  Heather Smith took the prize in an admirable time of 1 hour 5 minutes.  It’s a testament to the underlying theme of never quitting and never giving up.  It embodies why so many of us race our bikes.  Its to challenge and overcome and have a ball in the process.

A special thanks goes out to all who participated in this tough event and to the sponsors who made it happen:  The Bike Shoppe, Peregrine Health, Enve Composites, Blue Iguana, Pro Bar, Roosters, Pearl Izumi Factory Store, Powder Mountain, Wolf Creek Resort, Diamond Peak Mountain Sports and The Bike Shoppe/Chick-fil-a Racing Team.







Powder Mountain Hill Climb Results
June 11,2011 

PlaceTimeBib NumberLast NameFirst NameCategoryCycling Road Team


10:44:50210BROWNCortlanCat 3 MBIKEFIX
20:49:53212PACKNateCat 3 MTeam Big Ring / Gym Jones
30:47:36211LONGJeremyCat 3 MBicycle Center
40:48:23213PEREIRACristianoCat 3 MAnimal Liberation Racing
10:51:40309ARBOGASTjessicaCat 4 F
21:02:06311DAHLBERGDanielleCat 4 FThe Bike Shoppe / Chick-Fil-A
31:03:16310COOKLERsarahCat 4 F
41:05:01312SMITHHeatherCat 4 FThe Bike Shoppe/Chick-fil-A
10:47:48916CLIFTDavidCat 4 MNA
20:48:08918GIBBONSEricCat 4 MBikers Edge
30:48:35917DEARDENsamuelCat 4 M
40:48:41922KINGSOLVERRyanCat 4 MYEA/ConsultNet
50:49:34929FESSLERBlakeCat 4 M
60:49:34928TASELLMichaelCat 4 MMidoule
70:49:59921HURSTgaryCat 4 MAnimal Liberation Racing
80:50:52926KNAPPJakeCat 4 M
90:51:12925WILESTravisCat 4 MKUHL / Bingham Cyclery
100:54:23923RONNOWChristianCat 4 MFFKR/SportsBaseOnline
110:55:10927STACKScottCat 4 MReal Cyclist
120:55:41920GIBSONJustinCat 4 MThe Bike Shoppe / Chick-fil-A
130:59:27919GIBSONJarenCat 4 MThe Bike Shoppe/Chick-fil-A
DNS924SHELLEYCollinCat 4 M
10:47:14955JOHNSONCollinCat 5 – Citizen MUniversity of Michigan
20:47:32954JOHNSONConnorCat 5 – Citizen M
30:55:58958XAIZEarlCat 5 – Citizen M
40:57:20950BLANGOMatthewCat 5 – Citizen MSki Utah Cycling
50:58:10951FITZSIMMONSGavinCat 5 – Citizen MRevolution Cafe Rio
60:58:26959BEDOYADanielCat 5 – Citizen M
70:58:54957PETERSONRonaldCat 5 – Citizen MMiDoule
80:59:33956WHITEkellyCat 5 – Citizen M
91:03:21952HOLMESBreenCat 5 – Citizen M
101:11:10953HUNTERJamesCat 5 – Citizen M
DNSDNS780KENNARDGianniJr Boys 13-14 MRMCC/Cyclesmith
DNSDNS781SHELLEYTylerJr Boys 13-14 M
11:01:1990HATCHmarleneMaster 35+ F
10:44:26762ZIMBELMANMarkMaster 35+ MGiant Cycling World – Skullcandy – Jumex
20:49:43760KADRMASDanMaster 35+ MBountiful Mazda
30:56:21761OLSENTrentMaster 35+ MTBS/Chick-fil-a Racing
10:43:55439WILLIAMSCrisMaster 45+ MGiant Cycling World – Jumex – Skullcandy
20:47:08435FLITTONtoddMaster 45+ M
30:47:53436FRYENormanMaster 45+ MSki Utah
40:53:05438SEABORNrickMaster 45+ M
50:53:53442REESESpencerMaster 45+ M
60:57:52440WINNERToddMaster 45+ M
70:59:06441KOSNScottMaster 45+ MBountiful Mazda
81:01:17437SCHWABBruceMaster 45+ M
10:48:51870COWLEYDirkMaster 55+ MFFKR/ p/b Tour of Utah
20:48:57871KILGOREtekMaster 55+ MMi Duole
30:53:38876HUNSKERJeraldMaster 55+ MBountiful Mazda
40:55:23872LOUDERKenMaster 55+ MFFKR/Sportsbaseonline p/b Tour of Utah
50:56:10874STORRUDShannonMaster 55+ MPorcupine Racing
60:58:08873RONNOWLorinMaster 55+ MFFKR Architects/
71:02:37877McWhorterBruceMaster 55+ M
DNF875SIMMONSGaryMaster 55+ MBountiful Mazda
10:51:29128BAGLEYDavidMaster B 35+ MMax International
20:52:21135KROMMENHOEKAdamMaster B 35+ M
30:52:28134BLANCOWalterMaster B 35+ MSki Utah
40:53:57130MURRAYBillMaster B 35+ MTeam Big Ring-RealCyclist
50:54:07129FLICKJeffMaster B 35+ MRMCC/Cyclesmith
60:54:11133WHITEJamieMaster B 35+ MBarbacoa – Mi Duole
70:54:45131OLMSTEADDougMaster B 35+ MThe Bike Shoppe/Chick-fil-a
80:57:52132STEEDkevanMaster B 35+ MThe Bike Shoppe/Chick-Fil-A
10:41:0930BRYNERNormanPro Cat 1-2 MBarbacoa-Mi Duole
20:42:4533HARRINGTONErikPro Cat 1-2 MRMCC/Cyclesmith
30:43:1935KRIEGSamPro Cat 1-2 MSki Utah-MarketStar
40:43:4032GOFFDarrenPro Cat 1-2 MThe Bike Shoppe/Chick Fil A
50:43:4931ELLISEricPro Cat 1-2 MSki Utah-MarketStar
60:44:2239APOSTOLTysonPro Cat 1-2 MEuclid
70:44:2836OLSENAaronPro Cat 1-2 MFFKR/SBO P/B Tour of Utah
80:49:5034HOWARDJoshPro Cat 1-2 MTeam Bob’
90:51:5538McConvilleRobertPro Cat 1-2 MChemstar
DNS37PINKHAMChasePro Cat 1-2 MBISSELL Pro Cycling
10:52:37285FRYEAlisonPro Cat 1-2-3 FSki Utah Cycling Team
20:53:09283ALTABELLA LAZZIDulcePro Cat 1-2-3 FThe Contender Club
30:59:28284APPLEBY-KRIEGKarenPro Cat 1-2-3 FICE / Idaho Kidney Institute / SE Idaho Gastroenterology
40:59:33286GIBSONKeriPro Cat 1-2-3 FThe Bike Shoppe / Chick-Fil-A


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