Tanner and Dowsett Rock Tour of Utah Stage 1


David Tanner won Stage 1 of the Tour of Utah over Alex Dowsett after the pair escaped early on in the race.  The duo were part of a larger break.  They stayed away, carrying a 1:30 gap over Big and Little Mountain, eventually finishing 26″ over the field.  Dowsett donned the yellow jersey after Taylor Phinney finished in the grupetto, 17 minutes back.  Full Results, photo gallery, jerseys and GC are below.

Full Photo Gallery Here.

Full Results

1David TANNERV Australia3.22’17”10″
2Alex DOWSETTTrek-LIVESTRONG3.22’17”6″
3Javier MEGIAS LEALTeam Type 13.22’43”26″4″
4Caleb FAIRLYTeam Holowesko Partners3.22’43”
5K Frank PIPPBISSELL Pro Cycling Team3.22’43”
6Rory SUTHERLANDUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis3.22’43”
7Scott STEWARTTeam Type 13.22’43”
8George HINCAPIEBMC Racing Team3.22’43”
9Tyler WRENJamis/Sutter Home p/b Colavita3.22’43”
10Cesar GRAJALESOn The Rivet p/b Ion Sports Nutrition3.22’43”
11Brent BOOKWALTERBMC Racing Team3.22’43”
12Andres Ignacio PEREYRAJamis/Sutter Home p/b Colavita3.22’43”
13Jason DONALDTeam Rio Grande3.22’43”
14Andrew GUPTILLJamis/Sutter Home p/b Colavita3.22’43”
15Scott TIETZELKFAN Composite p/b teamgive3.22’43”
16Christopher JONESTeam Type 13.22’43”
17James DRISCOLLJamis/Sutter Home p/b Colavita3.22’43”
18Jonathan MCCARTYTeam Rio Grande3.22’43”
19Tim ROETrek-LIVESTRONG3.22’43”
20Alex HAGMANOn The Rivet p/b Ion Sports Nutrition3.22’43”
21Levi LEIPHEIMERMellow Johnny’s3.22’43”
22Philip ZAJICEKV Australia3.22’43”
23Francisco MANCEBO PEREZCanyon Bicycles3.22’43”
24Robbie SQUIRETeam Holowesko Partners3.22’43”
25Davide FRATTINITeam Type 13.22’43”
26Darren LILLV Australia3.22’43”
27Julian KYERTrek-LIVESTRONG3.22’43”
28Benjamin KINGTrek-LIVESTRONG3.22’43”
29Dan BOWMANKelly Benefit Strategies3.22’43”
30Ian BOSWELLBISSELL Pro Cycling Team3.22’43”
31Christopher HONGExergy3.22’43”
32Darren ROLFEV Australia3.22’43”
33Marc DE MAARUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis3.22’43”
34Morgan SCHMITTUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis3.22’43”
35Jai CRAWFORDV Australia3.22’43”
36Carter JONESKFAN Composite p/b teamgive3.22’43”
37Ian GRAYTeam Rio Grande3.22’43”
38Maxim JENKINSUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis3.22’43”
39Andrei KRASILNIKAYTeam Holowesko Partners3.22’43”
40Andrew BARKERTeam Holowesko Partners3.22’43”
41Paul MACHBISSELL Pro Cycling Team3.22’43”
42Matthew COOKEKFAN Composite p/b teamgive3.22’43”
43Phillip GAIMONKENDA Pro Cycling Team p/b GEARGRINDER3.22’43”
44Jeff LOUDERBMC Racing Team3.22’43”
45Chad BEYERBMC Racing Team3.22’43”
46Evan HUFFMANAdageo Energy Pro Cycling3.22’43”
47Valeriy KOBZARENKOTeam Type 13.22’43”
48Burke SWINDLEHURSTKFAN Composite p/b teamgive3.22’43”
49John BENNETTCalifornia Giant Berry Farms3.22’43”
50Jesse MOORECalifornia Giant Berry Farms3.22’43”
51Lachlan MORTONTeam Holowesko Partners3.22’43”
52Jonathan GARCIATeam Rio Grande3.24’20”2’03”
53Max DURTSCHITeam Holowesko Partners3.24’20”
54Lang REYNOLDSHagens Berman Cycling3.24’20”
55Ian HOLTTeam Rio Grande3.24’20”
56Corey COLLIEROn The Rivet p/b Ion Sports Nutrition3.24’20”
57Jordan CHEYNEExergy3.24’20”
58Benjamin JACQUES-MAYNESBISSELL Pro Cycling Team3.26’37”4’20”
59Bradley GEHRIGCanyon Bicycles3.27’22”5’05”
60Robert BRITTONBISSELL Pro Cycling Team3.27’22”
61Larry WARBASSEBMC Racing Team3.27’22”
62Danny SUMMERHILLTeam Holowesko Partners3.27’22”
63Daniel RAMSEYKENDA Pro Cycling Team p/b GEARGRINDER3.27’22”
64Aaron OLSENCole Sport3.27’22”
65Chase PINKHAMTrek-LIVESTRONG3.27’22”
66Chris WINNTeam Rio Grande3.27’22”
67Jesse MILLERSMITHCalifornia Giant Berry Farms3.27’27”5’10”
68Jonathan MUMFORDKelly Benefit Strategies3.27’56”5’39”
69Julian MARTINEZCalifornia Giant Berry Farms3.27’56”
70Sidney TABERLAYCalifornia Giant Berry Farms3.27’56”
71Spencer SMITHEMANHagens Berman Cycling3.27’56”
72Adam SWITTERSKFAN Composite p/b teamgive3.27’56”
73Dan BECHTOLDExergy3.27’56”
74Eddy KWONKENDA Pro Cycling Team p/b GEARGRINDER3.27’56”
75Christopher PARRISHHagens Berman Cycling3.27’56”
77Taylor KNEUVENTeam Rio Grande3.27’56”
78Alister RATCLIFFAdageo Energy Pro Cycling3.27’56”
79Mike OLHEISERCanyon Bicycles3.29’11”6’54”
80Christopher BALDWINUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis3.29’11”
81Bill DEMONGCole Sport3.29’59”7’42”
82Sam KRIEGCole Sport3.29’59”
83Sean PASSAGEHagens Berman Cycling3.30’55”8’38”
84David HARWARDCanyon Bicycles3.32’45”10’28”
85Kai APPLEQUISTExergy3.32’45”
86Peter LATHAMBISSELL Pro Cycling Team3.32’45”
87Phil MOONEYCalifornia Giant Berry Farms3.32’45”
88Mitchell PETERSONCole Sport3.32’45”
89Jay THOMPSONV Australia3.32’45”
90Timothy JOHNSONUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis3.32’45”
91Fabio CALABRIATeam Type 13.32’45”
92David BROCKBANKCanyon Bicycles3.32’45”
93Mike FRIEDMANKFAN Composite p/b teamgive3.32’45”
94Andres DIAZExergy3.32’45”
95Jonathan BAKERKENDA Pro Cycling Team p/b GEARGRINDER3.32’45”
96Ivan DOMINGUEZJamis/Sutter Home p/b Colavita3.32’45”
97Jeremy VENNELLBISSELL Pro Cycling Team3.32’45”
98Luis ROMERO AMARANJamis/Sutter Home p/b Colavita3.32’45”
99Greg KRAUSEV Australia3.35’38”13’21”
100Brad BINGHAMTeam Rio Grande3.35’38”
101Taylor SHELDONTeam Holowesko Partners3.35’38”
102Austin CARROLLAdageo Energy Pro Cycling3.35’46”13’29”
103Adrian HEGYVARYUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis3.36’23”14’06”
104Brad WHITEUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis3.36’23”
105Aaron KEMPSV Australia3.36’23”
106Sam JOHNSONHagens Berman Cycling3.38’22”16’05”
107Tyler RIEDESELCanyon Bicycles3.38’22”
108Taylor PHINNEYTrek-LIVESTRONG3.39’51”17’34”
109Joshua BERRYOn The Rivet p/b Ion Sports Nutrition3.39’51”
110Mike SOHMCanyon Bicycles3.39’51”
111Evan HYDEOn The Rivet p/b Ion Sports Nutrition3.39’51”
112Guido PALMAJamis/Sutter Home p/b Colavita3.39’51”
113Josh HOROWITZAdageo Energy Pro Cycling3.39’51”
114Zach BELLKelly Benefit Strategies3.39’51”
115Phil ELSASSERHagens Berman Cycling3.39’51”
116Kennett PETERSONHagens Berman Cycling3.39’51”
117Anibal BORRAJOJamis/Sutter Home p/b Colavita3.39’51”
118Kenneth HANSONTeam Type 13.39’51”
119Alfredo CRUZAdageo Energy Pro Cycling3.39’51”
120Thomas RABOUTeam Type 13.39’51”
121Bryson PERRYCole Sport3.42’25”20’08”
122Michael LANHAMKENDA Pro Cycling Team p/b GEARGRINDER3.43’20”21’03”
123Zachary TITTENSORCanyon Bicycles3.45’04”22’47”
124Remi MCMANUSExergy3.45’04”
125Kevin ROWEExergy3.45’04”
126Todd HAGEMANCole Sport3.50’27”28’10”
127Francis (Gardie) JACKSONCole Sport3.52’35”30’18”
128Ian CRANEHagens Berman Cycling3.52’35”
129Cody STEVENSONAdageo Energy Pro Cycling3.52’35”
130Patrick BEVINBISSELL Pro Cycling Team3.52’35”
131Eric BENNETTAdageo Energy Pro Cycling3.52’35”
Riders after time limit, Arrivés hors délais
132Robert (Bobby) LEAOn The Rivet p/b Ion Sports Nutrition4.00’02”37’45”
133Timothy FARNHAMAdageo Energy Pro Cycling4.01’14”38’57”
Riders dropping out, Coureurs qui ont abandonné
Mike BOOTHCole Sport
Andrew BAKERKENDA Pro Cycling Team p/b GEARGRINDER
Christopher MONTELEONEKENDA Pro Cycling Team p/b GEARGRINDER
Brian HILLKFAN Composite p/b teamgive
Phillip MANNOn The Rivet p/b Ion Sports Nutrition
David TALBOTTExergy

Jersey Competition

AT&T Leader’s Jersey (yellow)

Alex Dowsett


XO Communications Sprinter (orange)

David Tanner

Fly V Australia

Powerade/vitaminwater Best Young Rider (blue)

Alex Dowsett


Siegfried & Jensen Best Utah Rider (red)

Jeff Louder

BMC Racing Team

Utah Toyota Dealers King of the Mountains (polka dot)

Alex Dowsett


General Classification (after Stage 1)

2David TANNERV Australia3.28’27”11″
3Brent BOOKWALTERBMC Racing Team3.28’56”40″
4Rory SUTHERLANDUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis3.28’57”41″
5Jeff LOUDERBMC Racing Team3.29’00”44″
6George HINCAPIEBMC Racing Team3.29’01”45″
7Levi LEIPHEIMERMellow Johnny’s3.29’03”47″
8Francisco MANCEBO PEREZCanyon Bicycles3.29’04”48″
9Cesar GRAJALESOn The Rivet p/b Ion Sports Nutrition3.29’06”50″
10Jason DONALDTeam Rio Grande3.29’06”
11Paul MACHBISSELL Pro Cycling Team3.29’08”52″
12K Frank PIPPBISSELL Pro Cycling Team3.29’08”
13Lachlan MORTONTeam Holowesko Partners3.29’09”53″
14Darren LILLV Australia3.29’09”
15Caleb FAIRLYTeam Holowesko Partners3.29’09”
16Philip ZAJICEKV Australia3.29’09”
17Julian KYERTrek-LIVESTRONG3.29’10”54″
18Jonathan MCCARTYTeam Rio Grande3.29’10”
19Davide FRATTINITeam Type 13.29’10”
20Javier MEGIAS LEALTeam Type 13.29’10”
21Scott STEWARTTeam Type 13.29’12”56″
22Tim ROETrek-LIVESTRONG3.29’13”57″
23Darren ROLFEV Australia3.29’13”
24Chad BEYERBMC Racing Team3.29’14”58″
25Andrew BARKERTeam Holowesko Partners3.29’15”59″
26Andrei KRASILNIKAYTeam Holowesko Partners3.29’15”
27Morgan SCHMITTUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis3.29’16”1’00”
28Andres Ignacio PEREYRAJamis/Sutter Home p/b Colavita3.29’16”
29Carter JONESKFAN Composite p/b teamgive3.29’16”
30James DRISCOLLJamis/Sutter Home p/b Colavita3.29’17”1’01”
31Christopher JONESTeam Type 13.29’17”
32Ian GRAYTeam Rio Grande3.29’17”
33Benjamin KINGTrek-LIVESTRONG3.29’18”1’02”
34Tyler WRENJamis/Sutter Home p/b Colavita3.29’19”1’03”
35Alex HAGMANOn The Rivet p/b Ion Sports Nutrition3.29’20”1’04”
36Dan BOWMANKelly Benefit Strategies3.29’20”
37Jai CRAWFORDV Australia3.29’22”1’06”
38Robbie SQUIRETeam Holowesko Partners3.29’22”
39Maxim JENKINSUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis3.29’22”
40Ian BOSWELLBISSELL Pro Cycling Team3.29’22”
41Jesse MOORECalifornia Giant Berry Farms3.29’23”1’07”
42Scott TIETZELKFAN Composite p/b teamgive3.29’24”1’08”
43Burke SWINDLEHURSTKFAN Composite p/b teamgive3.29’24”
44John BENNETTCalifornia Giant Berry Farms3.29’27”1’11”
45Phillip GAIMONKENDA Pro Cycling Team p/b GEARGRINDER3.29’28”1’12”
46Valeriy KOBZARENKOTeam Type 13.29’29”1’13”
47Marc DE MAARUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis3.29’29”
48Evan HUFFMANAdageo Energy Pro Cycling3.29’31”1’15”
49Andrew GUPTILLJamis/Sutter Home p/b Colavita3.29’35”1’19”
50Matthew COOKEKFAN Composite p/b teamgive3.29’38”1’22”
51Christopher HONGExergy3.29’45”1’29”
52Corey COLLIEROn The Rivet p/b Ion Sports Nutrition3.30’50”2’34”
53Max DURTSCHITeam Holowesko Partners3.30’54”2’38”
54Jonathan GARCIATeam Rio Grande3.30’57”2’41”
55Ian HOLTTeam Rio Grande3.31’07”2’51”
56Jordan CHEYNEExergy3.31’15”2’59”
57Lang REYNOLDSHagens Berman Cycling3.31’15”
58Benjamin JACQUES-MAYNESBISSELL Pro Cycling Team3.32’53”4’37”
59Robert BRITTONBISSELL Pro Cycling Team3.33’46”5’30”
60Larry WARBASSEBMC Racing Team3.33’48”5’32”
61Danny SUMMERHILLTeam Holowesko Partners3.33’53”5’37”
62Chase PINKHAMTrek-LIVESTRONG3.33’59”5’43”
63Daniel RAMSEYKENDA Pro Cycling Team p/b GEARGRINDER3.34’05”5’49”
64Jesse MILLERSMITHCalifornia Giant Berry Farms3.34’06”5’50”
65Chris WINNTeam Rio Grande3.34’09”5’53”
66Bradley GEHRIGCanyon Bicycles3.34’12”5’56”
67Aaron OLSENCole Sport3.34’18”6’02”
68Jonathan MUMFORDKelly Benefit Strategies3.34’33”6’17”
69Christopher PARRISHHagens Berman Cycling3.34’36”6’20”
70Spencer SMITHEMANHagens Berman Cycling3.34’37”6’21”
71Alister RATCLIFFAdageo Energy Pro Cycling3.34’42”6’26”
72Dan BECHTOLDExergy3.34’44”6’28”
73Joe DOMBROWSKITrek-LIVESTRONG3.34’46”6’30”
74Taylor KNEUVENTeam Rio Grande3.34’50”6’34”
75Sidney TABERLAYCalifornia Giant Berry Farms3.34’53”6’37”
76Julian MARTINEZCalifornia Giant Berry Farms3.34’55”6’39”
77Eddy KWONKENDA Pro Cycling Team p/b GEARGRINDER3.34’56”6’40”
78Christopher BALDWINUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis3.35’36”7’20”
79Mike OLHEISERCanyon Bicycles3.35’38”7’22”
80Sam KRIEGCole Sport3.36’41”8’25”
81Bill DEMONGCole Sport3.36’48”8’32”
82Adam SWITTERSKFAN Composite p/b teamgive3.37’33”9’17”
83Sean PASSAGEHagens Berman Cycling3.37’34”9’18”
84Jeremy VENNELLBISSELL Pro Cycling Team3.39’03”10’47”
85Peter LATHAMBISSELL Pro Cycling Team3.39’06”10’50”
86Luis ROMERO AMARANJamis/Sutter Home p/b Colavita3.39’11”10’55”
87Jay THOMPSONV Australia3.39’15”10’59”
88Phil MOONEYCalifornia Giant Berry Farms3.39’17”11’01”
89Mike FRIEDMANKFAN Composite p/b teamgive3.39’19”11’03”
90Jonathan BAKERKENDA Pro Cycling Team p/b GEARGRINDER3.39’20”11’04”
91Timothy JOHNSONUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis3.39’20”
92Andres DIAZExergy3.39’31”11’15”
93Kai APPLEQUISTExergy3.39’33”11’17”
94David HARWARDCanyon Bicycles3.39’35”11’19”
95Ivan DOMINGUEZJamis/Sutter Home p/b Colavita3.39’37”11’21”
96David BROCKBANKCanyon Bicycles3.39’39”11’23”
97Fabio CALABRIATeam Type 13.39’43”11’27”
98Mitchell PETERSONCole Sport3.39’44”11’28”
99Taylor SHELDONTeam Holowesko Partners3.42’04”13’48”
100Brad BINGHAMTeam Rio Grande3.42’27”14’11”
101Austin CARROLLAdageo Energy Pro Cycling3.42’49”14’33”
102Greg KRAUSEV Australia3.42’49”
103Aaron KEMPSV Australia3.42’49”
104Brad WHITEUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis3.42’53”14’37”
105Adrian HEGYVARYUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis3.42’57”14’41”
106Sam JOHNSONHagens Berman Cycling3.45’04”16’48”
107Tyler RIEDESELCanyon Bicycles3.45’05”16’49”
108Taylor PHINNEYTrek-LIVESTRONG3.45’53”17’37”
109Zach BELLKelly Benefit Strategies3.46’22”18’06”
110Anibal BORRAJOJamis/Sutter Home p/b Colavita3.46’24”18’08”
111Thomas RABOUTeam Type 13.46’29”18’13”
112Joshua BERRYOn The Rivet p/b Ion Sports Nutrition3.46’35”18’19”
113Evan HYDEOn The Rivet p/b Ion Sports Nutrition3.46’35”
114Kennett PETERSONHagens Berman Cycling3.46’37”18’21”
115Mike SOHMCanyon Bicycles3.46’40”18’24”
116Kenneth HANSONTeam Type 13.46’45”18’29”
117Alfredo CRUZAdageo Energy Pro Cycling3.46’46”18’30”
118Phil ELSASSERHagens Berman Cycling3.46’50”18’34”
119Guido PALMAJamis/Sutter Home p/b Colavita3.46’57”18’41”
120Josh HOROWITZAdageo Energy Pro Cycling3.47’10”18’54”
121Bryson PERRYCole Sport3.49’11”20’55”
122Michael LANHAMKENDA Pro Cycling Team p/b GEARGRINDER3.50’14”21’58”
123Kevin ROWEExergy3.51’51”23’35”
124Zachary TITTENSORCanyon Bicycles3.51’54”23’38”
125Remi MCMANUSExergy3.51’54”
126Todd HAGEMANCole Sport3.57’21”29’05”
127Patrick BEVINBISSELL Pro Cycling Team3.59’17”31’01”
128Eric BENNETTAdageo Energy Pro Cycling3.59’25”31’09”
129Cody STEVENSONAdageo Energy Pro Cycling3.59’25”
130Ian CRANEHagens Berman Cycling3.59’27”31’11”
131Francis (Gardie) JACKSONCole Sport3.59’45”31’29”
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