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Tour of Utah Jerseys


Over the course of the race a number of jerseys will be awarded. These signify leaders of the various competitions that occur within the larger race. While the the yellow leader’s jersey is the most coveted, riders and teams will battle it out to secure top position in the other competitions. At the end of each stage, the jerseys will be presented to the new leaders of the day. The jerseys are designed and produced by local company DNA Cycling.


Larry H. Miller Dealerships Overall Leader’s Jersey

Color: Yellow

This jersey signifies the leader of the General Classification, or GC. The cyclist with the least overall accumulated time is awarded the Larry H. Miller Dealerships Race Leader’s Jersey after each stage, and at the end of the race is crowned the race champion. Sponsored by Larry H. Miller Dealerships, which include 23 different automotive brands under 40 dealership locations in seven western states, this jersey carries the distinctive yellow color made famous by the Tour de France. The tradition of using the color yellow to signify the race leader was first used by the Tour de France in 1913.  Past winners of the yellow jersey and the overall champions of the Tour of Utah include Scott Moninger (USA) in 2006, Jeff Louder (USA) in 2008, Francisco Mancebo (ESP) in 2009, and Levi Leipheimer (USA) in 2010.


XO Communications Sprint Award Jersey

Color: Copper

The XO Communications Sprint award jersey takes its inspiration from the high desert hues that make the mountains so majestic along the Wasatch Front.  This copper jersey is awarded to the rider who specializes in bursts of speed, but not just at the finish line.  Points are amassed at designated Sprint Lines along the route and by finishing in the top 15 places at the finish line of each stage. As one of the nation’s largest communications service providers of advanced VoIP, Internet, managed network, and hosted IT solutions, XO Communications will honor the cyclist who is similarly dedicated to reliability and speed.


Ski Utah King of the Mountain (KOM) Award Jersey

Color: Blue/Polka Dot

Utah is known for its mountains, with skiing in winter and cycling in summer. Look for the signature snowflakes to designate the Ski Utah KOM award jersey. This blue and white design offers a fresh take on a traditional polka-dot theme for the best climber in the peloton. It is the same snowflake used by Ski Utah to promote “The Greatest Snow on Earth®”. This jersey is earned by collecting points at designated KOM locations along the grueling climbs of the Wasatch Front. Only the top three cyclists who cross the KOM climbs receive points, and the rider with the most accumulated points is awarded this jersey.


Subaru Best Young Rider Jersey

Color: Light Blue

Each day of the Tour of Utah, the up-and-coming riders of professional cycling compete for a race within the race to be named the Subaru Best Young Rider. Sponsored by the Wasatch Front Subaru Dealers, this prestigious jersey is available for any rider under the age of 24. This is determined based on the athlete’s overall placement at the finish line, the winner selected with the least amount of overall accumulated time. At the Tour of Utah, this athlete then earns the right to wear the light blue Subaru Best Young Rider jersey during the next day’s stage.


Vivint Most Aggressive Rider Jersey

Color: Orange

Vivint, a home automation/security company based in Provo, will recognize the rider who demonstrates extraordinary performance and courageous effort during each day’s contest. This would include someone who maintains a solo breakaway, attacks the peloton, bridges a significant gap or creates a decisive breakaway group.  The Vivint Most Aggressive Rider award jersey is judged by a panel of national media and race entourage officials who will vote daily to determine the winner of this prestigious orange jersey.


Miller Lite Best Utah Rider Jersey

Color: Navy Blue

Unique to this event is a Miller Lite Best Utah Rider award jersey.  Special recognition is extended to athletes who are natives of the Beehive State, or who call Utah home for training.  From this pool of competitors, the one with the best overall time each day earns the dark blue jersey. This is the first year that Miller Lite has been involved as a sponsor for the Tour of Utah.


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