USA Cycling Announces Cycling Esports World Championships Qualifier with the Echelon Racing League


The RGT Cycling event will be held on December 11th.

On Saturday, December 11th, USA Cycling, in collaboration with the Echelon Racing League, will be hosting a UCI Cycling Esports World Championship qualifier event on RGT Cycling to qualify one man and one woman for the World Championship on February 26, 2022.

Doug Brower riding indoors. If some of your winter training becomes less specific, make your bike training more specific. Photo by Sarah Kaufmann
Doug Brower riding indoors. If some of your winter training becomes less specific, make your bike training more specific. Photo by Sarah Kaufmann

The qualifying event will correspond with the Echelon Racing Promotions Community League, a series sponsored by USA Cycling. The event will take place on the Gateway Cup p/b Bommarito Audi Benton Park Course, a longstanding Pro Road Tour event located in the heart of St. Louis, MO. Using GPS data, event organizers are able to create an exact replica of the in-real-life course in the virtual world.

RGT Cycling, a free to use virtual cycling platform, also takes real world physics and positioning into consideration as a part of the experience.

All interested competitors can register for the qualification event, and all future Echelon Racing League events, through BikeReg. Registration for this event will close at 5p EST on Wednesday, December 8th.

All competitors will be required to follow the League’s governance protocols outlined in the Race Bible. The races, which start at 11a EST, will be livestreamed on the Echelon Racing League Facebook page and USA Cycling’s YouTube channel.

Racers who are interested in competing in the 2022 UCI Cycling Esports World Championships can view the selection criteria and petition form for the event here. The final World Championships team will be announced on December 14th, 2021.


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  1. RGT sends their, um, ‘thanks’ for the article but wonders: couldn’t you have taken a few extra minutes to access the game in order to share a rider using RGT!???

    Good for them, but I suspect this partnership exists only because Zwift wanted something USA Cycling couldn’t give. The platforms are night and day in my experience. I have tried RGT several times over the years, and again after their major update in Nov 2021. While the scope of courses is massive, IMO the physics are inaccurate. Avatars in game are 2 dimensional, oddly proportioned and the strange ’tilting’ while negotiating curves makes game watching impossible.

    The bottom line for me is RGT’s Catch-22: until more riders are on the platform, picky indoor cyclists like myself will stick to Zwift. Perhaps those who have stuck it out enjoy racing on RGT’s many available courses. PErhaps in-pack dynamics are more realistic thn Zwift. Recreating the routes and terrain of IRL courses isn’t important to me but I can see the appeal.

    I want RGT to succeed, but won’t re-subscribe until the graphics and physics improve. Here’s to them for all the hard work in their recent upgrades- it will surely make the game more accessible.

    Best of luck racers, RGT and USA Cycling w/ the Echelon Series, I will be watching!


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