Ogden Bike Park Now Open


By Shannon Nutley — The Ogden Bike Park is now complete. The park features flow trails, dirt jumps, and downhill trails. Signage is in the works and the naming of the trails is under way. And, the park is now open and ready to be ridden! The trails are are in need of riders to get them dialed in. The dirt is still a little loose, but the more it is ridden, the better it will get. It took hours of volunteer work and the help of Alpine Trails to make the park possible. Thank you to everyone in the community that helped make this possible. It couldn’t be done without the dedication of the biking community. If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave a message on the Ogden Bike Park FaceBook page (facebook.com/ogdenbikepark). Let the shredding begin!

Ogden bike park map
Ogden Bike Park Map

The Ogden Bike Park is located in the foothills of Ogden between 9th and 12th Street. There are two trailheads: One at Maxfield and Hislop and the other at Maxfield and 1350 S. in Ogden.


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