Fall 2014 Park City Trails Report


By Jay Burke

A short and sweet October trail report. Get outside and use the trails before they’re covered in snow. And, please be mindful as you prepare for your outing, it can be muddy out there. If you are interested in the current conditions or our awesome interactive trail map on the website mountaintrails.com.

Get out and try the new Dawn’s Trail, a large portion of it is hiking only, there are wonderful loop options from Armstrong or Spiro! The entire trail was completed through member funding (monetary and volunteer donations). Read this full BLOG report on it HERE.

It is HUNTING season, be aware out there. If you are riding or hiking in remote areas, wear bright colors.

Engage in the practice of 10-seconds of kindness on every outing – Slow Down, Smile (say hello even) and do indeed follow the right-of-way rules for the trails.


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