May Trail Report from Park City


By Jay Burke

We are jumping right into spring up here in Park City, but first, we saw a huge increase in winter cyclists on the local trails this winter, Park City makes a wonderful destination for winter riding and we look forward to increased visits next year.

So there are really only a couple things to report on this spring. We will have some new trail updates for the next issue.

First and most important, visit and click the interactive trail map in the main menu. Once it loads, you can click the second button from the left side (Conditions). This will give you details on what trails are open and which are still too muddy to ride this spring. Additionally, you can visit the Local Events tab on the same website, we will be listing major events that effect trails you may be planning to ride on any given weekend – check this before you leave your house for a visit to the Park City trails.

Lastly, June 1st is National Trails day, stay tuned for more information on the Mountain Trails website and/or Facebook Page.

See you in the dirt!


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