Wasatch Bike Park Opens in South Salt Lake, Utah

Wasatch Bike Park
Spencer Randle opened the Wasatch Bike Park after a visit
to Ray’s Indoor Bike Park in Ohio. Photo Credit by John – photo-john.net
Wasach Bike Park
Pro mountain bike racer Erica Tingey hones her technical skills.
Top right: Riders dropping in. Photo Credit by John – photo-john.net
Wasatch  Bike Park
Riders dropping in. Photo Credit by John – photo-john.net
Wasatch Bike Park
Fahzure Freeride sending it at the new Wasatch Bike Park. Photo Credit by John – photo-john.net

By Fahzure Freeride

Year round sending has come to Utah with the opening of the Wasatch Indoor Bike Park (WIBP). Opened in September of 2014, WIBP is comprised of three rooms for riding, with the pump track, skills room and jump room all having lines and features to challenge a wide variety of riders. Additionally, the facility has a party room, a rental fleet of Scott and Haro bicycles, and a lounge area.

Most riders start in the pump track room which has a number of intersecting loop sections with rollers, berms and tables. The skills room is especially useful as a teaching tool because its ladders, rock gardens and log features graduate in size. As you might guess, while I find these rooms entertaining, the real fun is in the jump room.

Comprised of an airbag, inner and outer jump line and roll-in tower, WIBP has created an environment that is raising everyone’s skill. The inner jump line has 3 tables, a hip and a banked turn which are both rollable and big enough to throw some tricks. The larger jump line is comprised of two step-ups, two hips and a table all made out of wood. Soon the final step-up will get a Resiramp surface, creating a perfect opportunity to transition tricks to hard surfaces. For now, most of the progression takes place in the airbag which has a near perfect roll in with your choice of sender and kicker launch ramps.

According to owner Spencer Randle, ever since the jump room has opened business has improved steadily. Sponsors Fox, Haro, Scott, and Deity have helped to underwrite construction, so that the bike park comprises about 27,000 square feet. Randle was inspired by a trip to Ray’s Indoor Bike Park in Cleveland where he, “rode for 12 hours straight and did not get bored for a minute. While not open quite that extensively, WIBP features evening and weekend hours, with until-midnight hours and camps coming this summer.

A variety of day, punch card and season passes are available to accommodate regulars, drop-ins and groups. Weekly, kids, BMX, MTB and women get discounts on days dedicated to those riders. Future plans include finishing construction of a halfpipe and building an XC type trail system. Later in the year look for bicycle repair and food service. So whether its too hot or cold, too wet or snowing, too diverse a group or too much fun, any reason is worthy for stopping by Wasatch Indoor Bike Park for a skills building spin.

The Wasatch Bike Park is located at 815 W. 2400 S. in South Salt Lake, Utah 84119. For more information, visit wasatchbikepark.com or call (801) 386-7665.

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