Selphian Industries Announces New Bicycle Accessories


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (April 1, 2015) – Today, high end bicycle fashion company Selphian Industries announced a new line of bicycle accessories including a new tire pressure system and a type of handheld tire inflator. The first product is the North Wind, a patented rider activated air system for on the fly reinflating of tires.

The system, is powered by a dropper post or rear shock and allows for on the fly adjustment of tire pressure. Hit a soft patch? Need to go fast on the hardpack? Then press the handlebar mounted pressure switch to increase or decrease tire pressure. The system uses the compression of the shock and/or dropper post to deliver air to the tube through a special universal joint on the rear hub which is attached to a hollow spoke that delivers the air to the tube (or tubeless system).

Selphian would not let us photograph the system until is released to the public later this year.

In addition to this innovative tire pressure system, they also launched a line of personal, handheld tire inflators that run on compressed air cartridges. The adjustable valve is made from titanium coated with a carbon nano-shield that allows a weight reduction of .4 grams compared to similar systems. The tire inflator retails for $199.

The high end inflator system is paired with a new line of designer compressed air cartridges that come in two sizes (25 and 50 grams of compressed air) and three versions.

The first air cartridge, Air Portland, is filled with the finest filtered and aged Portland air, compressed on March 21 of each year. The humidity of the air coupled with the symbolism of spring is designed to put even the most jaded hipster in a good mood when fixing a flat. A set of six retails for $49.

The second option, Air Arizona, is filled with winter desert air. The delicate desert flower scents are micronized so that they fill the tire and rider with a sense of calm. A set of six retails for $59, and includes a sage wrap.

The third, Polar Air, is filled with helium captured by special high altitude weather balloons at the North and South Pole, and is targeted towards the upscale racer wishing to save a few grams in air on race day. The Polar Air comes with a specially crafted mesquite case and sells for $97 per cartridge.

Selphian expects sales to be brisk and is taking pre-orders starting next week.

[Note: Any resemblance to truth is unintentional]

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