Anyone Can Bike — The Bicycle Art of Savannah Cottam


Title of piece: Anyone Can Bike

About the piece: Cycling in the US has a type of stigma or “brand”. People that don’t fit this culture may feel uncomfortable getting on a bike. I want everyone to feel like they belong on a bike no matter what race, age, gender, or background.

“Anyone Can Bike”, by Savannah Cottam. Digital Art.

Medium: Digital art

Name of artist: Savannah Cottam

About the artist: I’m a student studying film, art, and journalism at the University of Utah. I am very passionate about the environment and people’s wellbeing. My goal is to do something that can make a difference in people’s lives and help promote positive change.

Artist’s statement: My art is meant to transform the way people view cycling.

Where can people find your art: People can find and buy my art on Instagram: @savthecreator


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