BUILD Grants to Help Bicycle Infrastructure


$900 million in BUILD Transportation Grants (Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development) were awarded this fall from the U.S. Department of Transportation. Two of the grants will help build and improve bicycle infrastructure in Mountain West states. The grants require a non-federal share.Aurora, CO got a $25 million grant as part of a $56 million I-70/Picadilly Interchange Project to reconstruct Picadilly Road and construct a new bridge and interchange over I-70, including a bike/ped path to “provide safe and accessible infrastructure for the northeast Denver metro area and…improve safety and quality of life for non-motorized users,” according to the grants announcement. The city expects to complete the project in 2023.

And Missoula County, MT received $13 million as part of the $28.372 million Mullan BUILD: Proactively and Collaboratively Building a Better Missoula effort, which will create 3.7 miles of new trails as part of an effort to better connect the area.


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