Report: Ride Sharing Services Impact Cycling in Cities


When private transit comes to town, it brings one more potential conflict for bicyclists. Everything from Uber and Lyft to airport shuttles, shared-ride operators, private commuter buses, etc. provide another way around town and competition for riders and pavement, notes Private Transit: Existing Services & Emerging Directions, published by the Transit Cooperative Research Program (

“Disputes over street space are unavoidable in environments where land is at a premium. At the same time, many cities are making changes to their streets to prioritize pedestrians, bicycles, and transit vehicles…” the report says.

The report advises that planners need to find ways for ride-sharing services to pick up and drop off passengers, park and idle without interfering with bike riding. Shuttles in San Francisco, for instance, were found to often block bike lanes. But the report falls short on offering specific remedies.


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