Surprisingly, People Prefer Their Own Bikes to Shared Ones


By Charles Pekow — Despite the popularity of micromobility sharing as a first/last mile way to get around, more people still prefer to use their own bikes rather than shared ones, according to a study done in the San Francisco area by the National Center for Sustainable Transportation at the University of California, Davis.

Despite the increased presence of bikeshare stations around cities nationwide, people still prefer ot ride their own bike. This is partialy due to dtreiPhoto courtesy Boise GreenBike.

eAbout 90 percent of people using a bike or scooter to get to and from public transit are using their own vehicles. The report suggests ways localities can better encourage both types through improved design of stations, bike parking, wayfinding signage, etc. Many users took their vehicles with them on public transit rather than parking them. Users cited needs for better bike lanes to stations and lighting and also expressed concerns about crime.

Many people also complained about a lack of shared vehicles – too often the stations were out of bikes or scooters when they needed one to get home.

Find Integrating Micromobility with Public Transit: A Case Study of the California Bay Area at


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