Tips for Post Race Comfort


By Tom Jow – 

September is upon us and the fall racing season has begun. For many, the next 3 months are just an extension of the summer season. For others, this is their racing season. How we prepare for our event is important to our success, whether it is a podium finish or a personal best. How do we do that? First, we get our bike ready. Then, we pack our riding kit. Finally we make our race food and drink. What about after the race? Recovery drink? A sandwich? An often overlooked part of race preparation is what to do after the race.

Cooling off and cleaning up at the P2P finish line. Photo by Angie Harker,

It’s not difficult to do. Some food and drink for recovery. A towel and water for cleaning up. Some dry riding clothes for warming down. Perhaps some warmer clothes for hanging out.

It’s fun to hang out after a ride and socialize. However, it is difficult to do when you’re wet, cold and hungry. Be prepared.

Here’s a sample post race kit:

  • Favorite recovery beverage
  • Favorite recovery food
  • Towel and water for clean up
  • First aid
  • Dry riding clothes
  • Warm hang out clothes
  • Hang out chair

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