Steve Aderholt Takes Over Direction of Park City Point 2 Point


PARK CITY, Utah (July 1, 2024) — After 15 years, Jay Burke, the founding race director of the Park City Point 2 Point is ready to pass on the torch. Steve Aderholt, will be stepping in as the new race director. Steve has 16 years of experience organizing hundreds of events across the US, including the Cocodona250 running race in Arizona. He has been assisting Jay for the past 3 years as co-director, and is excited to take the lead.  “Steve is the perfect fit for the Point to Point, he brings an enthusiasm for the event that will continue to provide a grueling and equally rewarding day on the Park City trails! This event has been a passion project for me, and I’m stoked to have found someone like Steve who will maintain the vibe created over the last 15 years,” says Burke. 

New Park City Point 2 Point Race Director Steve Aderholt. Photo courtesy Park City Point 2 Point

The  P2P concept originally came together when Burke saw the burgeoning popularity of 100-mile MTB races like the Pennsylvania Wilderness 101 and Leadville 100, and he knew Park City had the potential to rival them. Burke states, “There was another endurance bike event in Park City at the time, it was 100 miles and used many trails multiple times. My vision was for a true point to point race that I felt would provide a truly epic day for riders. The goal was to never repeat the same trail twice”. In 2009 he put those thoughts into action with the inaugural 75 mile event, 148 entrants participated that year and some within a duo category featured.  Flash forward 15 years, the event now sells out within minutes, and while the trails and some details have evolved, the essence of camaraderie and exhilaration remain a cornerstone of the event. Each Labor Day weekend, mountain bike riders of all varieties converge upon Park City, drawn by the promise of premier singletrack and the chance to forge lasting bonds amid plenty of dirt and sweat.

A racer on course at the Park City Point 2 Point. Photo courtesy Park City Point 2 Point

As the 2024 edition unfolds and Steve assumes the role of race director and steering the Park City Point 2 Point into a new and exciting chapter, participants can rest assured one thing will remain constant—the grueling ascent of the infamous Steps Trail, a rite of passage to every P2P rider. So as the wheels keep turning, the spirit of adventure and community will continue to thrive at the annual Park City Point 2 Point.

Jay Burke (right), Park City Point 2 Point Founder, is stepping down this year and turning the reins over to Steve Aderholt. Photo courtesy Park City Point 2 Point
Scenes from the Park City Point 2 Point. Photo courtesy Park City Point 2 Point
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