Squire and Tittensor Win 2016 Rage at Snowbird


By Nate Gibby

Luettinger Wins the People’s Choice

Dylan Willick of the Rouleur Devo Team rolls by Mt. Superior in the Snowbird Intermountain Cup on July 2, 2016. Photo by Dave Iltis. Complete gallery at gallery.cyclingwest.com

Salt Lake City —Robbie Squire won the Elite Men’s division while Nicole Tittensor walked away with the Elite Women’s crown on July 2nd at the Rage at Snowbird, the sixth X-country race of the Intermountain Cup MTB race series. The race has been held yearly at Snowbird since at least 1988.

Photo Gallery of the Rage at Snowbird

With perfect mid-summer temperatures and spectacular mountain vistas on every side, the race wasn’t nearly as pleasant as the surroundings. As a race that started in the late 80s, course was comprised of four laps of five miles each and almost 600 feet of climbing per lap, the trail covered portions of the Peruvian Gulch, Rothmans Way, and Gad Valley, with a biting corner opposite the finish line.

“The Rage at Snowbird XC course is one of my favorites because it embodies everything that I like about mountain biking,” said Squire. “The traverses [of the] Gad Valley area provide substantial climbing as well as ripping fast technical descents lending an advantage to an all-around rider.”

Nicole Tittensor took the pro women’s win. Photo by Dave Iltis

The ultra competitive men’s elite race comp concluded with the top 10 finishers all within minutes of each other. With a finish time of 1:42:14, Holowesko-Citadel pro road racer Squire took the race by a full minute. “The race started off real quick with Bryson Perry (Canyon Bicycles/Shimano) launching off the start line like a missile,” said the Sandy, Utah native. “Fortunately, he faded after the first lap which allowed me to settle into a steady pace.”

On the women’s side, Tittensor (Jans/Scott/Reynolds) rode away with the podium’s top spot, finishing three laps at 1:33:25, over three minutes in front of second-place finisher K.C. Holley. “[Tittensor] took off and I tried to keep an eye on her as we went through the race,” said Holley (Kuhl and Racer’s Cycle Service). “I was never able to close the gap she created on the first lap. My competition was primarily during the first lap trying to get into position and then stay there for the rest of the race.”

However, the racer who won over the hearts of all in attendance, was 15-year-old Chase Luettinger, who finished last in the High School JV Boys division. After a bad start and a subsequent fall caused him to press to catch up to the pack, he blew a tire on a rock at the top of the course. With neither a spare tube nor the tools to fix his wheel, he picked up his bike and started walking the course. As he crossed the finish line with one lap to go, Luettinger defied suggestions that he take a DNF.

“I would rather finish it than quit early,” he said. “I just kept walking and walking.”

With his bike on his back and raucous applause from the spectators, he walked through the finish line and started his final lap.

After trudging along for the first quarter of the course, a spectator caught up to Luettinger with a tube and tools. With a quick repair, he finished the race on his bike well behind the rest of riders in his division. Despite finishing last, Luettinger’s steely resolve and unbounded determination won the respect and admiration of the crowd.

Founded in 1991, the Intermountain Cup consists of X-country and endurance MTB races throughout Utah. With seven X-country races of approximately 25 miles and four endurance races of approximately 50 miles, the series covers some of the most pristine and difficult rides in the state. More information on the series can be found at intermountaincup.com

Asa Kelly won the Sport Men’s 50+ division. Photo by Dave Iltis
High school racer and Summit Bike Club team rider Connor Patten place second in the Elite Men. Photo by Dave Iltis. For a full gallery of all racers, see gallery.cyclingwest.com


Elite Men         
PlaceBibNameFirst nameLast nameTeam nameDistanceCategoryGenderTime
11506Robbie SquireRobbieSquire 4Elite MenMale1:42:14.4
21582Connor PattenConnorPattenSummit -Competitive Cyclist MTB Team4Elite MenMale1:43:35.4
3185Bryson PerryBrysonPerryCanyon Bicycles- Shimano4Elite MenMale1:44:25.2
41509Matthew Tyler TurnerMatthew TylerTurnerCompetitive Cyclist Mountain Bike Team4Elite MenMale1:45:25.1
5145Chris HolleyChrisHolleyKuhl, Racers Cycle Service4Elite MenMale1:45:37.0
6474Anders JohnsonAndersJohnsonWhole Athlete/Specialized4Elite MenMale1:45:45.9
71508Matt BehrensMattBehrensCompetitive Cyclist MTB Team4Elite MenFemale1:46:24.2
8468Rylan SchadeggRylanSchadeggKHS ESI racing4Elite MenMale1:46:33.6
10181Justin DesiletsJustinDesilets 4Elite MenMale1:48:20.9
11478Kevin DayKevinDayEndurance3604Elite MenMale1:49:36.5
121519Josh WhitneyJoshWhitneyEvol Racing4Elite MenMale1:50:49.4
131559Mitchell PetersonMitchellPetersonCanyon Bicycles / Shimano4Elite MenMale1:52:11.0
14174Aaron CampbellAaronCampbellBountiful Bicycle Racing p/b Okland Cons4Elite MenMale1:54:17.9
15464Aaron PhillipsAaronPhillipsBingham Cyclery4Elite MenMale1:55:05.8
16172Nick LoyolaNickLoyolaEndurance 3604Elite MenMale2:01:47.1
17613Dylan WillickDylanWillickRouleur4Elite MenMale2:05:10.8
18173Jeff HealJeffHealWimmers4Elite MenMale-1 lap
170Michael HawleyMichaelHawleyLiVeWell p/b Harristone4Elite MenMaleDNS
Elite Women         
PlaceBibNameFirst nameLast nameTeam nameDistanceCategoryGenderTime
1183Nicole TittensorNicoleTittensorJans/Scott/Reynolds3Elite WomenFemale1:33:25.7
2191KC HolleyKCHolleyKuhl, Racers Cycle Service3Elite WomenFemale1:36:54.7
3180Meghan SheridanMeghanSheridanBingham’s Cyclery Peak Fasteners3Elite WomenFemale1:40:23.1
1512Parker TylerParkerTylerWhite Pine Touring3Elite WomenFemaleDNF
184Sarah KaufmannSarahKaufmannNoTubes Women’s Elite3Elite WomenFemaleDNS
Expert Men 19-29         
PlaceBibNameFirst nameLast nameTeam nameDistanceCategoryGenderTime
1453Tanner PulleyTannerPulleyPlan 73Expert Men 19-29Male1:38:22.0
2555Jake MeyerJakeMeyerUtah State University3Expert Men 19-29Male1:56:16.0
Expert Men 30-39         
PlaceBibNameFirst nameLast nameTeam nameDistanceCategoryGenderTime
11515Michael BurtonMichaelBurtonWhite Pine Racing Powered by Jan’s.com3Expert Men 30-39Male1:29:50.6
21560Christian WaltonChristianWaltonBountiful Bicycle Racing p/b Okland Cons3Expert Men 30-39Male1:34:40.7
31594Christian SybrowskyChristianSybrowsky 3Expert Men 30-39Male1:35:26.2
4410Jared MillingtonjaredMillington 3Expert Men 30-39Male1:35:37.5
5200Jake CarrollJakeCarrollBountiful Bicycle p/b Okland Constructio3Expert Men 30-39Male1:39:59.7
6454Jeff WilsonJeffWilsonBountiful Bicycle p/b Okland Constructio3Expert Men 30-39Male1:41:11.8
490Tom GosselinTomGosselinReynolds Cycling3Expert Men 30-39MaleDNF
Expert Men 40-49         
PlaceBibNameFirst nameLast nameTeam nameDistanceCategoryGenderTime
11619Mick Harrismickharris 3Expert Men 40-49Male1:32:58.9
21561Mitt StewartMittStewart 3Expert Men 40-49Male1:33:26.6
3499Bob SaffellBobSaffellBingham Cyclery Peak Fasteners3Expert Men 40-49Male1:34:41.5
41653Nate MarineNateMarinePlan73Expert Men 40-49Male1:35:37.9
5455Jody HarrisJodyHarrisLiVeWell p/b Harristone3Expert Men 40-49Male1:36:12.6
61543Jason OverbaughJasonOverbaugh4Q Racing3Expert Men 40-49Male1:43:42.8
Expert Men 50-59         
PlaceBibNameFirst nameLast nameTeam nameDistanceCategoryGenderTime
1402Reed TophamReedTophamBingham Cyclery Peak Fasteners3Expert Men 50+Male1:35:19.5
2409Gary GardinerGaryGardinerBountiful Bike P/B Okland Construction3Expert Men 50+Male1:35:46.9
31505Zan TreasurezantreasureBountiful Bicycle Racing3Expert Men 50+Male1:35:58.5
41603Scott StewartScottStewartBIngham Cyclery-Peak Fasteners3Expert Men 50+Male1:40:30.2
51558Mark EndersmarkendersOCef3Expert Men 50+Male1:44:39.5
61516Devon AlvarezDevonAlvarezCole Sport Powered by Kai Life Sport3Expert Men 50+Male1:47:56.9
Expert Men 60+         
PlaceBibNameFirst nameLast nameTeam nameDistanceCategoryGenderTime
1408John LauckJohnLauckBountiful Bicycle Racing p/b Okland Cons2Expert Men 60+Male1:13:20.1
2197Lawrence WoolsonLawrenceWoolsonBingham Cyclery Peak Fasteners2Expert Men 60+Male1:15:56.7
3699Craig WilliamsCraigWilliamsBingham Cyclery2Expert Men 60+Male1:16:16.7
41627Denny TynanDennyTynanStay Park City Cycling2Expert Men 60+Male1:24:46.0
5500Joe BensonJoeBenson 2Expert Men 60+Male1:26:53.5
Expert Women         
PlaceBibNameFirst nameLast nameTeam nameDistanceCategoryGenderTime
11697Janette Peterson   2Expert Women 1:06:38.2
2603Kelly CrawfordKellyCrawfordBountiful Bicycle Racing2Expert WomenFemale1:11:37.9
Sport Men 19-29         
PlaceBibNameFirst nameLast nameTeam nameDistanceCategoryGenderTime
11584Christian YngsdalChristianYngsdalOCef2Sport Men 19-29Male1:08:24.2
Sport Men 30-39         
PlaceBibNameFirst nameLast nameTeam nameDistanceCategoryGenderTime
1601Scott BankheadScottBankheadBountiful Bicycle Racing p/b Okland Cons2Sport Men 30-39Male1:19:22.0
21518Zach LongsonZachLongson 2Sport Men 30-39Male1:24:13.4
31593Taylor KeysTaylorKeys 2Sport Men 30-39Male1:37:43.0
Sport Men 40-49         
PlaceBibNameFirst nameLast nameTeam nameDistanceCategoryGenderTime
1447Jeremy JohnsonJeremyJohnsonBountiful Bicycle p/b Oakland Constructi2Sport Men 40-49Male1:11:24.2
2540Jeremy AchterJeremyAchterOCef2Sport Men 40-49Male1:11:47.4
3507Chris DelangisChrisDeLangis 2Sport Men 40-49Male1:13:26.6
41651Trent DonatTrentDonatCanyon Bicycles-Shimano2Sport Men 40-49Male1:13:35.8
51510Michael DodgeMichaelDodgeutahmountainbiking.com2Sport Men 40-49Male1:16:26.5
6504Corey Spencercoreyspenceramerica first credit union/bikers edge2Sport Men 40-49Male1:26:08.4
7519Bogdan BalasaBogdanBalasautahmountainbiking.com2Sport Men 40-49Male1:28:35.7
8505Daniel BowenDanielBowen 2Sport Men 40-49Male1:46:05.4
91590Adam JensenAdamJensen 2Sport Men 40-49Male1:56:53.4
101562Tom HatchTomHatch 2Sport Men 40-49Male1:59:13.0
Sport Men 50+         
PlaceBibNameFirst nameLast nameTeam nameDistanceCategoryGenderTime
11567Asa KellyAsaKelly 2Sport Men 50+Male1:13:58.6
21575Paul ZimmermanPaulZimmermanutahmountainbiking.com2Sport Men 50+Male1:23:05.8
PlaceBibNameFirst nameLast nameTeam nameDistanceCategoryGenderTime
1162Heather Hemingway-HalesHeatherHemingway-HalesDNA Rouleur2Sport WomenFemale1:33:22.1
2171Angie BranchAngieBranchRevolution2Sport WomenFemale1:35:28.9
3602Kelly SaudderKellySaudder 2Sport WomenFemale1:41:57.2
1517Jennie AlvarezJennieAlvarezCole Sport Powered by Kai Life Sport2Sport WomenFemaleDNF


HS Varsity Boys         
PlaceBibNameFirst nameLast nameTeam nameDistanceCategoryGenderTime
11583Skylar PattenSkylarPattenSummit -Competitive Cyclist MTB Team3HS Varsity BoysMale1:20:31.3
21581Seth SaxtonSethSaxton 3HS Varsity BoysMale1:23:02.4
3534Brennon PetersonBrennonPeterson 3HS Varsity BoysMale1:26:52.3
41677Porter TrappPorterTrapp 3HS Varsity BoysMale1:29:45.2
5451Tristan HarrisTristanHarrisCanyon Bicycles3HS Varsity BoysMale1:30:14.3
61507James MottJamesMottOCef3HS Varsity BoysMale1:31:37.3
71577Jake LampingJakeLamping 3HS Varsity BoysMale1:31:52.1
8658AJ HeatonAJHeatonBountiful Bicycle pb oakland constructio3HS Varsity BoysMale1:34:26.7
9471Tommy Fendler   3HS Varsity Boys 1:37:52.4
10633Larsen WilliamsLarsenWilliams 3HS Varsity BoysMale1:40:36.6
11697Easton NyeEastonNye 3HS Varsity BoysMale1:42:06.6
HS Varsity Girls         
PlaceBibNameFirst nameLast nameTeam nameDistanceCategoryGenderTime
11599Lauren BinghamLaurenBinghamCannondale2HS Varsity GirlsFemale1:06:16.2
21573Ellise ShumanElliseShumanSummit/Competitive Cyclist2HS Varsity GirlsFemale1:07:01.4
31685Anika HeilweilAnikaHeilweilSummit- Competitive Cyclist2HS Varsity GirlsFemale1:09:05.2
4160Morgan HalesMorganHalesDNA Rouleur2HS Varsity GirlsFemale1:16:30.2
5631Anna GuthrieAnnaGuthrie 2HS Varsity GirlsFemale1:23:11.6
HS JV Boys         
PlaceBibNameFirst nameLast nameTeam nameDistanceCategoryGenderTime
11570Andy KnoblockAndyKnoblockSkyline Mountain bike team2HS Junior Varsity BoysMale1:00:22.4
2672Christian HaightChristianHaightSummit Bike Club2HS Junior Varsity BoysMale1:00:47.9
3558Lance HeatonlanceHeatonBountiful Bicycle pb oakland constructio2HS Junior Varsity BoysMale1:01:55.9
4678Todd KingsolverToddKingsolverSummit2HS Junior Varsity BoysMale1:02:25.9
5679Logan WilsonLoganWilson 2HS Junior Varsity BoysMale1:03:25.5
61571Lane MyshrallLaneMyshrallSummit Bike Club2HS Junior Varsity BoysMale1:06:15.3
71542Angelo NeffAngeloNeff 2HS Junior Varsity BoysMale1:07:57.0
8550Jack HiblJackHiblSummit2HS Junior Varsity BoysMale1:09:46.4
9536Henry LarsonHenryLarsonCanyon bicycles Shimano2HS Junior Varsity BoysMale1:12:56.3
10653David NielsenDavidNielsen 2HS Junior Varsity BoysMale1:13:58.5
111587Adam BurggraafAdamBurggraafWeber High mtb2HS Junior Varsity BoysMale1:18:49.7
12692Kaison AchterKaisonAchterOCef2HS Junior Varsity BoysMale1:20:28.8
1568Braden Hansenbradenhansen 2HS Junior Varsity Boys DNF
682Chase LuettingerChaseLuettinger 2HS Junior Varsity BoysMale
PlaceBibNameFirst nameLast nameTeam nameDistanceCategoryGenderTime
1634Katelyn WilliamsKatelynWilliams 2HS Junior Varsity GirlsFemale1:14:21.8
21070Grace JencksGraceJencksSummit Bike Club2HS Junior Varsity GirlsFemale1:21:12.4
3532Taylor PerryTaylorPerryCanyon Bicycles- Shimano2HS Junior Varsity GirlsMale1:26:28.2
41514Hadley PeayHadleyPeayRouleur Devo2HS Junior Varsity GirlsFemale1:42:00.8
JH Boys         
PlaceBibNameFirst nameLast nameTeam nameDistanceCategoryGenderTime
11598Mitt NiederhuaserMittNiederhuaserMorgan Development Team2JH BoysMale1:11:18.5
2154Luke HeinrichLukeHeinrichKuhl2JH BoysMale1:13:19.7
31591Brinsen RackhamBrinsenRackhamLiVeWell p/b Harristone2JH BoysMale1:15:16.8
4158Parker ChristensenParkerChristensenRed Rock Bicycle2JH BoysMale1:18:40.4
5630Porter ReederPorterReeder 2JH BoysMale1:20:23.2
61503Colton DesmondColtonDesmond 2JH BoysMale1:22:45.3
7570Connor NelsonConnorNelsonMount Nebo Composite2JH BoysMale1:26:56.8
8541Cade GalbraithCadeGalbraith 2JH BoysMale1:37:17.7
91501JJ OverbaughJJOverbaugh 2JH BoysMale1:42:05.1
1569Chase HansenChaseHansen 2JH BoysMale
1579Taiben AchterTaibenAchterOCef2JH BoysMaleDNF
JH Girls         
PlaceBibNameFirst nameLast nameTeam nameDistanceCategoryGenderTime
11595Kylee MiddaughKyleeMiddaughChain Gang1JH GirlsFemale50:58.3
21586Bree BurggraafBreeBurggraafWeber High mtb1JH GirlsFemale1:02:32.6
Novice Women         
PlaceBibNameFirst nameLast nameTeam nameDistanceCategoryGenderTime
11572Angela JohnsonAngelaJohnsonBountiful Bicycle p/b Oakland Constructi1Novice WomenFemale44:22.5
Novice Men         
PlaceBibNameFirst nameLast nameTeam nameDistanceCategoryGenderTime
1564Kyle BerrymanKyleBerryman 2Novice MenMale1:25:50.5
669Jaron Cleggjaronclegg 2Novice MenMale
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