Baker City Cycling Classic (June 23-25, 2023) Upholds Oregon’s Tradition of Stage Racing in the Pacific Northwest


BAKER CITY, Oregon (May 17, 2023) — The upcoming Baker City Cycling Classic, an OBRA-sanctioned Stage Race, continues to uphold a rich tradition of excellence, creating a platform for talented cyclists to showcase their skills and emerge as champions. Over its impressive 22-year history, this prestigious event has earned a reputation for hosting epic road racing, featuring captivating terrain, challenging summit finish stages, and exhilarating time trials and criteriums. Countless regional and national champions, as well as aspiring international stars, flock to Baker City, Oregon each year, drawn by the opportunity to compete on the demanding courses alongside top-level competitors.

The three-day, four-stage race adheres to a format reminiscent of legendary Oregon races like the Cascade Cycling Classic, Columbia Plateau, and Mt. Hood Cycling Classic, adding a touch of nostalgia to an event that consistently attracts both seasoned veterans and promising newcomers.

Catherine Creek Road Race. Photo Credit: Ddup Photos by David and Denise Ward, courtesy Baker City Cycling Classic

The race commences with the Stage One Catherine Creek Road Race, a picturesque 72-mile course characterized by rolling landscapes. Known for its scenic allure, Catherine Creek, like the famed Dooley Mountain Road race, has been a recurring feature in the Baker City Cycling Classic. This year, the race will be held in a clockwise direction, offering riders a fresh perspective on this memorable course.

Time trial being raced Merckx-style. Photo Credit: Ddup Photos by David and Denise Ward, courtesy Baker City Cycling Classic

Contrasting the hilly terrain surrounding Baker City, the Stage Two Time Trial often surprises racers with its exceptional speed and flatness. Regarded as one of the fastest Time Trial courses in Oregon, the stage typically grants participants the freedom to go full-aero, with no restrictions on their bike setups. In response to racer requests, however, this year the stage will be held Merckx-style, limiting riders to their standard road bikes.

The beloved Stage Three Baker City Downtown Criterium, a favorite among spectators, features a fast-paced 0.6-mile course comprising six corners. Notably, it also boasts one of the widest finishing straights in the entire Northwest, ensuring a thrilling sprint to the finish line.

Dooley Mountain Road Race. Photo Credit: Ddup Photos by David and Denise Ward, courtesy Baker City Cycling Classic

Stage Four of the 2023 Baker City Cycling Classic will once again showcase the legendary Dooley Mountain road course, spanning an impressive 101 miles. With its challenging terrain and incredible vistas, Dooley Mountain has served as a summit finish for more than half of the race’s 22-year history. While it may not be as steep and demanding as the hors-category Anthony Lakes climb and summit finish, this year’s Stage Four makes up for it with its sheer distance and nature.

Bloom-Baker Stage Race King and Queen

In a bid to honor the enduring spirit of stage racing in Oregon, the Baker City Cycling Classic introduces the Bloom-Baker Stage Race King and Queen.

Although the Pacific Northwest Stage Race Series, combining Washington’s Tour de Bloom and Tour of Walla Walla, along with Oregon’s Baker City Cycling Classic, faced the unfortunate cancellation of the Tour of Walla Walla, riders who compete in both the Tour de Bloom and Baker City Cycling Classic will still have the opportunity to vie for this prestigious title. The Bloom-Baker Stage Race King and Queen awards will recognize the best-placed General Classification riders across all categories who successfully complete both races.

As the longest-running stage race in the Northwest and the sole stage race in Oregon, the Baker City Cycling Classic continues to attract participants from all along the West Coast and Canada. This year’s event promises to uphold the cherished tradition of stage racing in the Northwest, captivating the entire town and community of Baker City, who eagerly await the arrival of cyclists on June 23rd-25th, preparing to once again make the Baker City Cycling Classic an unforgettable experience.

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