The Salt Lake Criterium and USA CRITS are Moving Forward at Full Speed


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (March 26, 2021) — While the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah is on hiatus for another year due to ongoing concerns over COVID-19, the organizers of the two-day Salt Lake Criterium events at the Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah on Saturday July 17, and in Holladay, Utah on Sunday July 18 are still moving forward at full speed. The two-day event is part of USA CRITS, the premier cycling series in the United States, showcasing the best riders in a uniquely American style of racing.

Fading evening sunlight reflects off the Men’s D1/Pro peloton during the Salt Lake Criterium, USA CRITS series held at the Gateway Mall (Photo by Dave Richards,

The criterium, with its fast, short laps, world class sprinters and professional teamwork, is one of the most exciting cycling disciplines to watch, and is ideal for spectators who will be able to watch each race develop from start to finish.

The Organizing Committee will be planning to safely support the number of fans expected to watch in person, with scenarios dependent on the status of the pandemic in the coming months. Both days will be also streamed live on

The women’s D1/Pro peloton passes under the finish line banner during the Salt Lake Criterium, USA CRITS series held at the Gateway Mall (Photo by Dave Richards,

“The very nature of criterium racing on short, closed circuits is what makes it possible for us to put on these events this year,” says Race Director Eric Gardiner. “A major stage race, like the Tour of Utah, requires hundreds of staff and volunteers, along with the cooperation of the Utah Highway Patrol and getting permits for not only the start and finish cities, but every town along the route. This is difficult enough to accomplish in the best of times, and even more so during a pandemic.”

Gardiner continues, “Criteriums require a much smaller footprint, and thus we are able to more easily put together a plan to help mitigate potential exposure to COVID-19 making the event safer for everyone from riders to staff to spectators.”

The Salt Lake Criterium inaugural event in 2019 was highly successful with 319 amateur riders, 21 USA CRITS D1 professional teams, and over 5,000 fans that came down to The Gateway throughout the day.

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