Review: Planet Bike Blaze 1 Watt and Superflash Light Set


I have been using this light set for around two months now and have come to really like them. The 1 watt handlebar mounted front light is bright enough to see the road well, while still being easily dismounted and lightweight. The rear Superflash light is astonishingly bright and noticeable in flash mode for how small it is. I simply carry it in my pack and slide it onto a strap when it gets dark. Both use LEDs which means the batteries last a long time. I have yet to replace any batteries and I use them daily.

Photo by Bruce Ewert

The 1 Watt headlight is made of plastic that is reinforced with aluminum alloy around the mount. The Quickcam™ mount is attached to a simple strap with a screw-in little handle that only takes about 20 seconds to mount without using any tools. The light has both high and battery-saving low beam modes, plus a very noticeably flashing mode. It is so light that I just leave it on my Santa Cruz Roadster city bike. I want to get another so I have dual headlights, as that would look and work really cool.

The Superflash rear light has a really cool flashing mode that changes its beat in a way that really stands out. With two smaller LEDs and a third half-watt super bright LED, this triple-light flashing effect can literally be seen for a mile. And it can run for up to a hundred hours on a set of two AAA batteries.

At a suggested retail price of $69.99, the set is available at local bike shops. For your commuting needs as the days get shorter this Planet Bike light set is an excellent choice. Highly recommended.


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