Seven Steps to a Smoother Riding Bicycle

Lubricate icycle cassette
Lubricate bicycle chain

By Tom Jow

This month begins the major portion of the century/benefit road riding season. Registrations have been purchased. Training has been a winter long affair, both indoors and out. Travel plans are all arranged. Body and mind are prepared, is your bicycle? If your bike is riding well it is not necessary to take it to the shop for a full tune up before every event. It is, however, a good idea to spend a little time checking the bike over to prevent unexpected problems during the ride. Follow these simple steps and your bike will be ready for the weekend.

1.Wash the bike.

2. Inspect the tire tread and sidewalls for cuts or tears.

Small stones and glass can be removed with a pick or sharp knife.

3. Check the brakes for proper adjustment.

Make minor brake adjustments with adjusting barrel.

4. Check every nut and bolt for tightness.

Remember to tighten the derailleur pulley bolts and water bottle cages.

5. Lubricate the chain.

6. Inflate the tires to proper pressure.

7. Confirm the contents of the repair kit. Spare tube, patch kit, tire levers, pump, or CO2.

8. Have fun!

Tighten all bolts
Tighten all bolts
bicycle bolts
Tighten all bolts.
Check cable tension
Check cable tension
check for tire wear and damage.
Check for tire wear and damage.
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