Boise GreenBike to Launch in Spring 2015


Bicycling in UtahApril 2, 2015 – Boise GreenBike will be launching sometime in April 2015. The new bike share system will start modestly with 114 bikes distributed around 15 stations, mostly downtown, with two stations at Boise State University. Users will be able to choose from a pay-as-you-go hourly membership to a full year. There will be discounts for students, seniors and the military.

Boise GreenBike is 21st century mobility for downtown Boise. It’s designed to be a convenient and healthy way of getting from one place to another, all without contributing to traffic congestion or air pollution.

Boise GreenBike is using the latest in bike share technology to make the experience of riding these bikes simple and enjoyable. The rugged bikes have been designed and built from the ground up by Social Bicycles, a New York City-based company on the cutting edge of mobility technology.

The bikes can accommodate most riders comfortably with a simple seat adjustment. The step-through frame allows anyone to ride, regardless of what they’re wearing. There’s a basket up front to carry a purse, briefcase or small parcel, and there’s no chain! These bikes are shaft drive, so you’ll never get your clothing tangled in the chain.

One of the truly unique aspects of this system is its flexibility. Unlike many bike share systems, these bikes can be locked to any ordinary bike rack, allowing you to get closer to your destination. And by using the associated smart phone app, you can find and reserve bikes anywhere in the system.

Boise GreenBike SelectHealth and St. Luke’s are title sponsors of Boise GREENbike.

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