Comments Being Taken on Salt Lake City Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan Until 12-1-2013


Salt Lake City is currently updating their Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. They have held two in person open houses to solicit comments.

The plan is typically updated about every 10 years, so this is an uncommon opportunity to submit comments and ideas on where you would like to see Salt Lake City develop as a cycling city. Salt Lake City has made great strides over the last 30 years towards bike friendliness. Help guide the process of turning the city into a true cycling city.

Following the last open house, an online, virtual open house is being held until December 1, 2013.

Comments are being taken through an online survey here:

For more on the plan, visit:

Editor’s Note: For comments submitted by Cycling Utah, see: Our general feeling is that the plan so far is very good for transporation cycling, but needs more focus on recreational cycling and community and economic developement.


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