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By Kevin Dwyer – Want More Trails for the Salt Lake Valley? Can you believe that, up until recently, mountain bikers in the Salt Lake Valley have had no group to represent them in planning and building trails? The Salt Lake Valley Trails Society (SLVTS) is the newest cycling nonprofit in the state, working on behalf of the MTB community in the greater Salt Lake Valley.

The Bonneville Shoreline Trail is a key part of the underdeveloped Salt Lake City Trails System. Photo by Photo John.

Since its organization, the SLVTS has been active in engaging Mayor Ralph Becker’s Parks, Trails and Open Space Bond Proposal, The Mountain Accord process, and connecting with area land managers to prioritize trail development. The SLVTS is currently in the process of gaining IMBA membership and hiring staff to advocate and manage members’ engagement in trail work. In the past we’ve helped with the Bobsled and Maple Hollow trails, our upcoming projects include Bonneville Shoreline Trail, Little Cottonwood Trail and a sheltered dirt jump park in Salt Lake City.

The foundation has been laid and now we need your support! If you are passionate about trail expansion and advocacy in your community, consider making a donation to SLVTS. Your support of the SLVTS is critical to getting the organization established as the advocate for the valley’s more than 50,000 mountain bikers.

You can help us take trail building, advocacy and management to the next level with your tax deductible donation by visiting the website.

About The Salt Lake Valley Trails Society: Formed in March of 2015, the SLVTS received its 501(c)3 status with the mission to educate, promote, develop and maintain bike trails in the Greater Salt Lake Valley. All donors will receive a tax deductible receipt and copy of the IRS letter to SLVTS, with federal EIN # 47-3622769. Thank you for your support of MTB trails in the Greater Salt Lake Valley!

For more information and to donate, visit:


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