Mountain Bikers and Cyclists Encouraged to Provide Input on Salt Lake City Parks, Trails, and Open Space

Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker and Councilman James Rogers unveil the website for the Parks, Trails, and Open Space Initiative. Photo by Dave Iltis
Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker and Councilman James Rogers unveil the website for the Parks, Trails, and Open Space Initiative on May 7, 2015. Photo by Dave Iltis

May 13, 2015 – Salt Lake City will begin gathering public input for the Salt Lake City Parks, Trails, and Open Space Initiative – a recreation plan and bond that will be likely be on the ballot this fall. The initiative may result in new trails and facilities for mountain biking and bike parks. Mountain bikers and cyclists of all types are encouraged to provide input in order to ensure new trails and access in Salt Lake City.

In a press conference held on May 7 near the Jordan River Parkway and the 9 Line Trail, Mayor Ralph Becker said, “We have the opportunity to make a great parks and recreation system even better.”  He said that the are looking for input in three primary areas, “First: Parks and open space: what new activities would we like to see in your parks. How should we repurpose the Glendale and Jordan River Par 3 Golf Courses. Second, Trails and Urban Connections. Do we want to create new mountain biking trails and connections in the foothills? What about connecting the existing paved trails? And where do we need new pedestrian walkways? And, third, Sustainability Projects. How do residents feel about converting to secondary water? What about restoration of our riparian corridors? What about finding more space for urban farming?”

When asked if Salt Lake City could repeat what Draper has done with Corner Canyon, Mayor Becker said, “Knowing what they have been able to do there and that we have the same foothills here, it’s obvious to me that we can and should be doing more given the demand we have for mountain biking.” Regarding a complete comprehensive trails system, “You’re not going to see a complete trails master plan, but I think what we’re intending to do is to get the public’s feedback on the priorities and get a good sense on what it costs to develop parks, recreation, and trails around that desire, and put that before the voters.”

Some of the cycling related areas currently include new mountain bike trails in the foothills and additions to paved pathways (such as the 9 Line and Jordan River Parkway).

In recent open houses and comments on other master plans such as the Salt Lake City Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan, trails, parks, and open space were among the top desires for Salt Lake City residents. This, combined with Salt Lake City Council Priorities and the Salt Lake City Mayor’s Livability Agenda, have led to the construction of a planning process for recreation.

Currently, ideas of all sorts are being considered. These will be pared down as the planning process moves forward.

A recreation bond will be proposed for the fall ballot and as such, the initiative must be completed by August 18, 2015. The bonding areas will be a result of citizen input. The dollar amount will also be determined based on what citizens desire for parks, trails, and open space.

Some of the other possibilities include repurposing of the Glendale and Jordan River Par 3 Golf Courses. They will remain open space, but could become anything from a bike park to a wildlife preserve.

There will be eight open houses in May throughout Salt Lake City where residents can learn more and add their comments and wishes to the plan.

Parks, Trails and Open Space Initiative Open House Locations and Times

  1. May 14, 4-7 pm, Sunnyside Park Pavilion, 1735 E. Sunnyside Ave, Salt Lake City
  2. May 16, 11 am-1 pm, Liberty Park, Near Main Playground, approx. 1000 S, 500 E., Salt Lake City
  3. May 19, 3-7 pm, Sorenson Unity Center, Outdoor Plaza, 1383 S. 900 W., Salt Lake City
  4. May 20, 4-7 pm, Lindsay Gardens Pavilion, 426 N. M Street, Salt Lake City
  5. May 21, 4-7 pm, Northwest Recreation Center, Outdoor Plaza, 1255 Clark Ave, Salt Lake City
  6. May 27, 4-7 pm, Forestdale Golf Course, Clubhouse, 2375 S. 900 E., Salt Lake City
  7. May 28, 11-2 pm, Gallivan Center Outdoor Plaza, 239 S. Main Street, Salt Lake City
  8. May 28, 3-7 pm, Salt Lake City Library Square, Outdoor Plaza, 210 E. 400 S., Salt Lake City


A survey and comment opportunities will also be available in the next day or two on the initiative’s website: Comments can also be submitted soon on

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