Bike Advocacy Alert: 500 E Survey and Comments – Return by Sunday, June 23, 2019


June 23, 2019 – Salt Lake City is conducting a survey and accepting comments on the initial design of 500 E. The 500 E project webpage states that the road will be rebuilt as part of the Funding Our Future program, a bond and sales tax increase to fix Salt Lake City’s streets. The street will be reconstructed between 1700 S and 2100 S in 2020. Comments are needed by Sunday, June 23, 2019. Comments may be sent to: [email protected] or take the survey here.

The main design choice is between bike lanes on both sides of the street (our preference) or bike lanes on one side of the street with shared lane markings on the other side. Salt Lake City is proposing three crosswalks in the area, including an improved design at Hollywood and 500 E. In addition, they are considering changing the speed limit to possibly 20 mph, according to the survey. Lower speed limits are safer for all users, especially pedestrians and cyclists.

Bike lanes on both sides of street would involve removing parking from the west side of the street. Currently, there is no parking on the east side. According to the project website, parking is very lightly used here at a rate of only 4-7%.

Additionally, bus stops would be improved and consolidated for better transit.

Please take the survey and/or send in comments by Sunday, June 23, 2019.

The 2 design options for the reconstruction of 500 E. in Salt Lake City. The road will be rebuilt in 2020. Graphic by Salt Lake City
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