Plastic Bag Tax Pays for Street Sweeper


By Mitchell Andrus

Local grocer Sol Foods donated money for a street sweeper in Springdale, Utah.

“At my store, the waste from plastic shopping bags has been something that

I find just plain stupid. I decided to impose a five cent fee for the bags

and donate the money to the local community,” said Max Gregoric, owner of Sol Foods.

Gregoric and town planner Tom Dansie came up with a plan to buy a street sweeper for the town. “We got a great deal on a used street sweeper from UDOT,” said Gregoric. The street sweeper is designed to be towed behind a truck and cost just over $1,000.

Gregoric is a life-long cyclist and advocate who volunteered to become the trail coordinator for Springdale. “After four years we have about three quarters of a mile of paved trail and 1.6 miles of dirt,” said Gregoric. The sweeper will be used for the road shoulders and bike path.


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