The Bicycle Collective is ready for Spring — which means they need your help!


By Deb Henry — The Spring brings all kinds of riders into the shops looking to get back on their bicycle, or looking to get onto a bicycle for the first time. With all of those newcomers, the Collective needs you to come down and volunteer more than ever! With locations in Salt Lake City, Provo, and Ogden, there is a shop near you that is making a difference in someone’s life by teaching them a new skill, increasing their confidence, or giving them an opportunity to earn a bicycle that will help transport them to a new job. The programming of the Collective ranges from Women’s Night, to DIY time, to apprenticeships, to free classes for adults and children. If you have always wanted to learn more about your bike for that cross-country trip, or you do not know how to change a flat, either way, the Collective can help!

Bike Prom, the Bicycle Collective’s annual fundraiser is right around the corner! On June 11th, riders from across Utah showcase their finest clothes and ride around Salt Lake City as a community while sharing the freedom and whimsy of riding a bicycle. Tickets are already on sale and will sell out, so get yours today. 

Many employers match donation funds. Find out if your employer matches funds and consider giving to the Bicycle Collective. Consistent donations mean the Collective can pay employees to work on Goodwill bikes, free classes, and Kids’ Earn A Bike classes which sustain the cycling community for years to come by instilling a deep sense of ownership and pride. If your employer or organization might consider giving the Bicycle Collective a larger donation, please get in touch by emailing the Bicycle Collective at [email protected]

See you at Bike Prom!

Information about the Bicycle Collective can be found at

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