Utah Bicycle Coalition News: Membership Drive and Job Opening for Executive Director


Why be involved? Every cyclist who rides in Utah has had an experience or comes to appreciate the need to improve facilities, laws, and policies that impact human powered locomotion. As members of the Utah Bicycle Coalition have worked with legislators on various initiatives, one question frequently comes up: How many cyclists do you represent? How many are dues paying members? When it comes to developing laws and policy that influence cycling in Utah, the larger our voice is, the more impact we have. These numbers count! The Utah Bicycle Coalition is seeking members from individual cyclists, cycling industry (both manufacturing and retail), and cycling clubs and teams. With the growing number of cyclists throughout Utah, we should be able to put together a formidable coalition. See utahbikes.org to join. Many thanks to those who have joined.

In addition to its membership drive, the Utah Bicycle Coalition is recruiting an Executive Director to serve as an effective leader, entrepreneurial fundraiser, visionary manager and knowledgeable advocate. The Executive Director will be tasked with preserving the safety, opportunities, and responsibilities of cyclists and pedestrians through legislation, education, and facilities development. A complete job description, required qualifications, and application deadline are available at utahbikes.org.

-Ken Johnson

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