Bikepacking Roots Announces Renewed BIPOC Bike Adventure Grants


BALTIMORE, Maryland (February 20, 2024) — Bikepacking Roots (BPR) announced today their re-envisioning of their BIPOC Bike Adventure Grant. Set to launch this Spring, the grant program is in its 3rd cycle and it emphasizes the organization’s core focus on community building.

The grant aims to reduce barriers to bike adventure for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and has awarded over 20 grants totaling $50,000 since its inception. “We recognize that this program is a small step in the face of massive systemic racism and entrenched inequality, but we believe that bicycles and the outdoors are for all, and that everyone should have access to the freedom, joy and self-actualization they provide,” said Noelle Battle, Executive Director of Bikepacking Roots.

Devin Cowens – 2024 BIPOC Program Consultant. Photo by Dessa Lohrey, courtesy Bikepacking Roots

The program took a pause for 2023 to evaluate the feedback they received from past participants and BIPOC leaders in the bikepacking community. Battle highlights that “Bikepacking Roots maintains a long-term commitment to doing what we can to support diversity and inclusion in the bikepacking community. A key thing we have heard repeatedly is to support the BIPOC community leaders and organizations who are already out there doing great work.”

For 2024, awards will focus on providing grants to BIPOC Community Leaders to host trips, develop gear libraries, and other community building activities. Bikepacking Roots hopes to develop long term relationships with these leaders and to support diversity within their Regional Stewards Program.

Bikepacking Roots is currently looking to fundraise at least $25,000 to launch this 3rd round of grantmaking. The organization is seeking support from individuals and organizations in the community who share in the belief that bikepacking should be accessible to all, and that we all benefit from fostering a supportive and inclusive community.

Visit Bikepacking Roots’ website to find out more about the grant and to donate today:

Folks interested in learning more can sign up to be notified when grant applications open. Are you a community leader who is interested in taking a group of individuals on a bike adventure? Or have interest in developing a gear library? Do you identify as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color? Then this grant may be for you!

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