UCAIR and Magnum Bikes Announce E-Bike Incentive Program to Improve Utah’s Air Quality


Eligible Salt Lake County residents can receive vouchers for select e-bikes

SALT LAKE CITY (June 23, 2023) — The Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR) and Magnum Bikes are partnering to provide an e-bike incentive program for Salt Lake County residents. The program will offer up to $800 off the purchase of select Magnum e-bikes and up to $1,200 off select Magnum cargo e-bikes. For eligible income-qualified residents, these voucher amounts go up to $1,000 and $1,400 respectively.

Magnum e-bikes is partnering with UCAIR to provide incentives for e-bike purchase to Salt Lake County residents. Photo by Dave Iltis

This program is a collective effort to improve Utah’s air quality. As a sustainable transportation option, e-bikes help reduce the reliance on fossil fuel-powered vehicles.

“The electric motors in e-bikes generate zero emissions, which improves air quality while also offering an easier ride compared to traditional bikes,” says Jesse Lapin, Magnum Bikes Chief Operating Officer.

Salt Lake County residents must submit an application to receive a Magnum e-bike voucher code. The vouchers are made available on a first-come, first-served basis to the first 1,000 eligible applicants. The application will close once all 1,000 vouchers have been distributed or four weeks after June 23, 2023,  whichever comes first.

There are two levels of vouchers available: standard and income-qualified. For the standard voucher, all Salt Lake County residents age 18 and over can save up to $600 on select commuter e-bikes, $800 on select cruiser e-bikes and $1,200 on select cargo e-bikes. For the income-qualified voucher, Salt Lake County residents who meet income requirements can save up to $800, $1,000 and $1,400 respectively.

“Every small change that we can make within our communities contributes to a collective bigger step towards improved air quality in Utah,” says Kim Frost, UCAIR Executive Director. “By partnering with Magnum Bikes, we hope that more Salt Lake County residents can work together to create cleaner air and a healthier environment.”

UCAIR is a statewide clean air partnership created to make it easier for individuals, businesses and communities to make small changes to improve Utah’s air. For more information about the e-bike incentive program and to apply, please visit ucair.org/ebike.

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