Preview: Cache Valley Century Takes Place on August 27, 2022


The Cache Valley Century takes place this year on August 27, 2022. The ride is in its 23rd year. Currently it’s put on by Common Ground, a Logan, Utah non-profit that works with individuals with disabilities.

Sammie Macfarlane, executive director, filled us in on the details.

Photo courtesy Cache Valley Century
Photo courtesy Cache Valley Century

Cycling West: Tell us about the course. What are the highlights? What do you have at the rest stops?

Common Ground: The course includes100 miles of fantastic scenery on low traffic country roads with minimal elevation changes. Scheduled two weeks before LoToJa, the CVCR is the last 100 mile training ride before the big event. With ~600 riders, 67% travel from our of the community, many from out of state for this fantastic ride.

There are rest stops every 20 miles on the 60 and 100 mile routes. The 60 miles route has 4 stops and the 100 mile route has 5. The short route has two rest stops, one at 10 miles and the second one 14 miles further at 24 miles. All rest stops are well stocked with water, sports drink, fruit, and other snacks. Most stops have a bike mechanic available to help with small repairs. You will need the wristband from your packet to get things from the rest stops. A fantastic hot lunch is served by Café Sabor with the option to eat mid ride in Mendon (100 mile route) or after the ride in Richmond.

CW: What is the history of the event? When did it start? When did Common Ground take over the ride?

CG: The CVCR began in 1999. The ride has the premier course in Cache Valley! Started by the Cache Valley Veloists Club the event has always been a fundraiser for adaptive cycling. While the Cache Valley Veloists continue to mark the course each year CGOA has been coordinating the ride for the past 10 years,  

CW: The ride raises funds for Common Ground. Tell us about Common Ground. How do you use those funds?

CG: Common Ground Outdoor Adventures is a local non-profit organization that provides year-round outdoor recreational for youths and adults with disabilities. All proceeds from the ride fund the organizations adaptive cycling program. Adaptive cycling equipment is very expensive and most individuals are unable to purchase and maintain their own bikes.

CW: What are some of the programs that Common Ground has for adaptive cyclists?

CG: Common Ground provides fun cycling clinics for local schools and agencies that work with individuals with disabilities. We work with participants one-on-one to reach their cycling and fitness goals and provide group ride of various distance and ability.

CW: For riders traveling to the event, where can they stay? Is there camping nearby? What about family activities for after the ride or the next day?

CG: Cache Valley has many great hotels and rental opportunities. There is also camping nearby on the national forest. Family members are welcome to purchase lunch and enjoy the live music and are encouraged to spend the weekend enjoying the many wonderful restaurants and access to parks and local trails. Folks can learn more about what is going on that weekend at

CW: What can you tell us about the natural history of the area? What are some of the sights that riders will see along the way?

CG: Cache Valley is truly a hidden treasure and the scenic vistas and low traffic roads along the route are one of the main attractions for the CVCR.

CW: What’s new this year?

CG: There will be finisher medals for all riders registering before August 20th. 

Event Information:

August 27, 2022 — Cache Valley Century Tour, Richmond, UT, 35, 60, or 100 mile options. Proceeds benefit Common Ground, a Logan, Utah non-profit. Funds support their adaptive cycling program. Richmond to Preston, Idaho and back through scenic terrain. Great last century before LoToJa!, Bob Jardine, 435-713-0288, 435-757-2889, [email protected], Sammie Macfarlane, 435-713-0288, [email protected], CJ Sherlock, 435-713-0288, 435-757-2889, [email protected],

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