Bingham Cyclery Park City Hosts an E-Bike Expo on Saturday, May 11


Celebrating Bike Month, E-bike education, and local community partners dedicated to cycling safety.

PARK CITY, Utah (May 1, 2024) – Bingham Cyclery is committed to the safety of all cyclists, and is partnering with our community partners to host an E-Bike Expo at Bingham Cyclery Park City (3156 Quarry Road, Park City) on May 11, 2024. The Expo will focus on safe riding education, safe E-bike battery storage and charging, best practices for emergencies, and how to safely, legally, and courteously navigate roads, bike paths, and trails. This event is open to everyone who is curious about E-bikes, and is free to attend.

Bingham Cyclery Park City, 3156 Quarry Road, Park City, Utah

E-bikes are excellent transportation, mobility, and recreation options for a diverse population of Utahns. E-bikes are an amazing tool for helping to reduce vehicle traffic, congestion, and pollution, while improving the health and well-being of those who ride them–as long as it’s done safely.

“E-bikes are the fastest growing segment of the bike market,” says Bingham Cyclery owner Angela Wright. “We, as a community, must make it easy for riders to understand the rules and etiquette of E-bike riding. These bikes are heavier, can go faster, and take longer to stop than many analog bikes. Bingham Cyclery is dedicated to working with our community partners to keep all road and pathway users safe.”

Bingham Cyclery and Bike Utah will host two E-Bike Rider Education courses at the Expo, to help riders understand how to use their E-bikes, how to obey the rules of the road and trail, how to maneuver, and more.

Riders can bring their own bike or use one of Bingham Cyclery’s rental bikes, free of charge.

There will also be a group ride, open to all riders, focusing on navigating infrastructure and practicing safe riding tactics.

Park City Fire Department will host two E-Bike Battery Safety sessions, to help educate riders of any electric mobility device as to proper storage and charging methods.

Intermountain Park City Hospital will host two Stop the Bleed sessions, to help riders understand the basics of how to perform immediate care should they encounter or be involved in a crash or accident that requires intervention.

In addition to these sessions, Park City Police Department will be on-hand to answer questions and provide information about E-bike laws and regulations. Several local trails organizations, such as Basin Recreation, Wasatch Trails Foundation, and Park City Municipal will provide information about where and how to ride E-bikes in and near Park City. There will also be prizes, contests, and more!

Though the Bingham Cyclery E-Bike Expo is hosted in Park City and features many local organizations, anyone from throughout the Wasatch Front and Back will benefit from the day’s programs.

Bingham Cyclery E-Bike Expo Schedule, May 11:

10:00am – Event start/test rides available
10:30am – E-Bike Education Course w/ Bike Utah
11:15am – PCFD E-Bike Battery Safety Course
11:30am – Group Ride
12:15am – Intermountain Park City Hospital Stop the Bleed
12:30pm – E-Bike Education Course w/ Bike Utah
01:15pm – PCFD E-Bike Battery Safety Course
01:30pm – Intermountain Park City Hospital Stop the Bleed
02:00pm – Event ends

For more information about the Bingham Cyclery E-Bike Expo, please visit:

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