Cyclo-Cross Star Jonathan Page Relocates to Utah

Jonathan Page at the 2006 Cyclocross National Championships on his way to 2nd - 20061216, by David Chiu (from Wikipedia)

We caught up with cyclocross superstar Jonathan Page on June 29th. The 36 year old rider just moved to Utah and will be sure to shake up the local racing scene. Page was the 2006 Silver Medalist in the UCI World Cyclocross Championships, and 2003 and 2004 U.S.  National Champion. He raced in Europe last season and expects to return this fall.

Cycling Utah: Who are you racing for currently?


Jonathan Page: I have raced the past 5 years as an individual, putting together my own “team” of sponsors. I currently have no main sponsor for the upcoming season, so I will be racing for my other sponsors: Blue Bicycles, SPY Optics, Lazer Helmets.


C.U.: Why/when did you move to Utah?


J.P.: We moved to Utah on Friday, actually, after buying both a car and a house site unseen. Pretty crazy. We moved here because after seeing it for the first time 2 years ago at Dealer Camp, I knew it was a great place to race, raise kids, and have fun in the outdoors.


C.U.: What will you be doing here?


J.P.: For now, we will be here only half time. The other half we will be back in Belgium. I will race road and mountain bike, work on our new house, and enjoy all the awesome things Utah has to offer whenever I have the chance.


C.U.: Will you be racing any of the local road, mountain, or cross races?


J.P.: Absolutely. I already raced the Midweek MTB series race at Deer Valley and tomorrow I head to Logan for a MTB race. I’ll do as much of the local series as I can before I have to start traveling for cross and before I have to head back to Belgium for the winter.


C.U.: What do you think of Utah so far?


I love it! I can’t believe I get to live here!


C.U.: What do you have planned for the rest of the year?


J.P.: I leave Friday for MTB Nationals, Monday I fly to Chicago to do 2 weeks of Superweek out there. September 7th I travel to my first cross race of the season and on the 8th of October, I fly back to Belgium. In between, I’ve got lots of local rides and races to do, plus running support for my wife, who is going to do some of the local running events like Jupiter Peak and Hurt in the Dirt.


C.U.: Will you be racing the Raleigh Cross at Dealer Camp in Deer Valley?


J.P.: I don’t know. This is the first I’ve heard of that. Sounds cool though.


C.U.: Anything else you’d like to let us know about?


J.P.: Let me know about local stuff! I’d like to get to know the area and more people. Thanks to everyone who has already helped us out a ton! I feel like we’ve been here forever (well, minus the no furniture in the house yet) even though it’s only been a week!


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