Grant and Bucher Win Sundance Spin


By Trevor Simper

With views that would make the Alps jealous, and miles of bermed, wooded single track, Sundance is one of the premier venues of the Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Race Series. For these reasons 19 pro men, ten pro women and a host of other locals numbering in the hundreds came out to race on May 15, 2010.

The brisk morning temps had most donning warmers and jackets, but as the start approached the anticipation as well as the temperature started to rise. First to set off on the paved service road were the Pro Men. About twenty feet into the nearly 4000’of climbing on order for the day, Mitchell Peterson (Giant) got the party started and made like a red headed Schleck brother and attacked the field. Alex Grant (Cannondale Factory) took to that like a greyhound to a rabbit and was off the front in short order. Jason Sager (Team Jamis,) who would later boast of the Sundance couse: “There aren’t many race courses I would ride for fun, but this is one;” followed in hot pursuit. The rest of the field strung out as they each found their rhythm on the predominantly single track loop. There wasn’t a lot of mixing going on at the front as Grant continued to push a punishing pace on the climbs, Sager and Mitchell chased all day a minute or so off the pace, holding off Bart Gillespie (Revolution)—who was seen throughout the day staring longingly at the back of Timp, probably looking for a new ski route– to finish second, and third respectively.

The Pro Women had a show down between a seasoned Xterra pro in Renata Bucher (Stockli/Craft), and local neo-pro Kelsey Bingham (Rooster’s). The two would battle it out for almost a full two hours on the mountain with the veteran Bucher taking the win and adding another stellar result to her season. Not far back was K.C. Holley (Mad Dog/29er Crew), fresh off a win in 12 Hours of Mesa Verde just one week previous.

Every pro started as a beginner at some time. Great job to the beginner category winners: Ian Beaty (19-29), Kyle Polzella (30-39), Steven Barlow (40+), Corbin Coombs (13-15), Kyle Jackson (16-18), Tiffany Martin (Beg Women).

For results, see page 9.

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