Farmer and Grant Top 2021 Snowbird Intermountain Cup – Report, Photos, Results


SNOWBIRD, Utah (July 11, 2021) — The Rage at Snowbird is one of Utah’s oldest mountain bike races; first held in the late 1980’s. The 2021 edition took place on July 10, 2021 under hazy, smoky skies and warm temperatures. This year’s edition had a turnout of over 300 riders according to race director Margaret Gibson, a huge attendance for what is often considered a climber’s race. Each lap of the 4.5 mile course featured a mix of double track road and singletrack trails on both the climb and descent on the lower half of the mountain. 

2021 Snowbird Intermountain Cup Photo Gallery of all racers in Wave 2 and some in Wave 1 – Click Here

Nikki Farmer won the women's Elite in the Snowbird Intermountain Cup, July 10, 2021, Snowbird, Utah. Photo by Dave Iltis
Nikki Farmer won the women’s Elite in the Snowbird Intermountain Cup, July 10, 2021, Snowbird, Utah. Photo by Dave Iltis

In the Elite women’s race, the course traversed 4 laps. The pack stayed together on the road climb to get the the singletrack. Pocatello, Idaho’s Nikki Farmer (East Fork Bikes Race Team) said “lap one was pretty rough because everyone wants to sprint this uphill,” but blasted away on the downhill to take the lead for good. “I used the road climb as a recovery and then went hard on the singletrack,” said Farmer. Compared to sandy Idaho racing, the Snowbird course “has a lot of roots and rocks. The downhills are amazing, they’re fast, they’re knobby, they’re amazing.” Next up for Farmer is the Powder Mountain Intermountain Cup Race in Eden, Utah on August 7, 2021.

Second place Meghan Sheridan (Stay Park City Cycling) had only good things to say about the race, “this is one of the iconic Intermountain Cup race courses. I love the altitude, the climbing.” About her podium finish, she said, “I felt great, I held it steady. I’m just a little lacking on the super gnar descent moon dust, but it’s so much fun; the climbs keep punching. It doesn’t get any better than this — Utah riding in the summer in Snowbird!”

Second place Meghan Sheridan, Snowbird Intermountain Cup, July 10, 2021, Snowbird, Utah. Photo by Dave Iltis
Second place Meghan Sheridan, Snowbird Intermountain Cup, July 10, 2021, Snowbird, Utah. Photo by Dave Iltis

In the Men’s elite, perennial Utah scorcher Alex Grant (Gear Rush), downhill speedster Chris Holley (Kuhl), and the up and coming Cameron Larson (Velolove Elite) battled for the win. Holley said, “I felt really good, made up some time on the descent, but those two skinny guys got away from me.” Holley went on to finish third. Larson and Grant rode together on the first 3 laps, with Holley catching each time on the downhill. “On the third lap, Alex took the lead on the climb and hit it pretty hard. I was able to stay with him. On the fourth lap, he did the same thing and I just couldn’t go with him. I led up the fire road until the singletrack and he went around me. I knew he was going to hit it too, so I stayed with him for a minute and a half but I just didn’t have the gas to go with him. He had about 20-30 seconds on me at the top.” Grant kept the lead on the fifth lap to finish solo with Larson and Holley taking the final spots on the podium.

Men’s Elite first place Alex Grant, Snowbird Intermountain Cup, July 10, 2021, Snowbird, Utah. Photo by Dave Iltis

Grant was back at the ICup after 2 years. “I love racing at Snowbird. The course is super rocky and kind of punchy. Even though we are at a ski resort, it’s not just one long climb and descent. There’s some fun technical sections.

Bicycle Portrait: Alex Grant’s Cannondale Scalpel

Cameron set a really good pace for the first lap, Chris joined us. We rode a good hard second lap. On the third lap I tried to get away from Cameron and I didn’t quite get away. I tried again on the fourth lap and I did manage to get away and I just held the gap on the last lap.” Grant had a minor mechanical on the last lap where his B-Tension screw backed out and he had a defacto single speed, “the gear was too hard for the climb and too easy for the descent and I had to stand up for the whole last lap.” Grant is planning on racing some cross races in the fall.

Cameron Larson, Men’s elite second place, Snowbird Intermountain Cup, July 10, 2021, Snowbird, Utah. Photo by Dave Iltis

Intermountain Cup race director Margaret Gibson “It’s my favorite. The mountains and surroundings are just really pretty. We get wildlife when we are setting up. It’s beautiful up here. Lot of elevation, lot of altitude for the racers.” The Intermountain Cup concludes the 2021 season on August 7 with the Powder Mountain Race.

Intermountain Cup Race Director Margaret Gibson at the Snowbird Intermountain Cup, July 10, 2021, Snowbird, Utah. Photo by Dave Iltis

Larson had good things to say about the series, “I love the Intermountain Cup. I come to as many as I can. It’s great!”

Chris Holley smoking the downhill on his way to 3rd in the men’s elite, Snowbird Intermountain Cup, July 10, 2021, Snowbird, Utah. Photo by Dave Iltis

Results provided by

Shredder Boys [Up to 12]        
1.1492Fluckiger, Daniel10M 218:51.93
2.1556Hawkes, Eli10M 219:47.77+00:55.84
3.1270Lueders, Ryland11M 221:07.77+02:15.84
4.1109Branch, Alex11M 223:45.87+04:53.94
5.1557Hawkes, Griffin9M 223:46.49+04:54.56
6.564Silva, Alec10M 228:27.79+09:35.86
7.1429Riches, Gavin9M 228:48.39+09:56.46
8.1507Mark, Anders9M 229:06.39+10:14.46
9.1490Erickson, Findlay12M 230:09.67+11:17.74
10.1487Eccles, Cannon9M 231:26.93+12:35.00
11.1478Beall, Zach7M 236:33.80+17:41.87
Shredder Girls [Up to 12]        
1.119Allen, Taylor12F 223:38.08
2.403LaMay, Alexis11F 225:33.96+01:55.88
3.1062Furniss, Lucia11F 226:50.00+03:11.92
4.1522Snarr, Taygan10F 229:24.23+05:46.15
5.1493Fluckiger, Evelyn7F 230:04.52+06:26.44
6.931Armstrong, Danika12F 231:43.34+08:05.26
7.333Holley, Maya7F 232:44.23+09:06.15
8.1476Beall, Gabby9F 234:07.97+10:29.89
9.494Ogden, Avery7F 252:20.08+28:42.00
10.1537Grayson, Addison6F 253:59.84+30:21.76
DNF1508Mark, Lauren6F 124:34.94LAP
DNF1560Sayes, Milena9F 22:22:05.40LAP
JV Boys        
1.925Sorich, Aiden15MCopper City Surgery Center31:13:04.81
2.498Olds, Martin15M 31:14:01.55+00:56.74
3.526Reading, Harrison15M 31:14:13.27+01:08.46
4.113Allen, Jacob16M 31:17:36.57+04:31.76
5.1523Stevens, Nate16MMaybird31:19:10.91+06:06.10
6.1531Burgner, Carson15M 31:19:31.39+06:26.58
7.1445Lyman, Xander16MMaybird31:21:42.47+08:37.66
8.420Loudon, Isaac16MAccel Cycling Team31:23:06.47+10:01.66
9.745Free, Sam15M 31:24:25.45+11:20.64
10.193Christensen, Hayden15M 31:24:40.93+11:36.12
11.1553Crowther, Bjorn16M 31:25:05.25+12:00.44
12.1529Pratt, JJ15M 31:25:39.25+12:34.44
13.1521Snarr, Kaleb16M 31:27:04.24+13:59.43
14.1005Knudsen, Hayden17M 31:27:46.76+14:41.95
15.1461Palmer, Jackson15M 31:27:49.60+14:44.79
16.454Meade, James16M 31:28:07.38+15:02.57
17.378Kaelberer, Sam16M 31:28:43.89+15:39.08
18.1475Balls, Tyler14MMaybird31:28:45.07+15:40.26
19.1555Tolman, James15M 31:29:53.05+16:48.24
20.1052Fairchild, Andrew15MMaybird31:30:18.78+17:13.97
21.1294Shipp, Austin16M 31:30:37.61+17:32.80
22.829Little, Braxton16M 31:30:43.75+17:38.94
23.1526Theurer, Porter15M 31:30:46.61+17:41.80
24.139Bach, Porter16MMaybird31:36:45.36+23:40.55
25.1548Anderson, Skyler16M 31:45:09.07+32:04.26
26.1500Heiple, Jack15M 31:56:38.28+43:33.47
27.1498Handsaker, Briggs14M 32:00:16.39+47:11.58
28.565Silva, Blake16M 32:02:20.53+49:15.72
DNF108Alexander, Dean15MVelolove Elite255:48.93LAP
DNF447McConkie, Connor16M 131:31.40LAP
DNF636Wrigley, Logan15M 0  
DNF649Pugh, Clark15MVelolove Elite125:39.16LAP
DNF856Monfredi, Conner17M 147:18.06LAP
DNF1083Hull, Lucas15M 129:04.58LAP
DNF1246Curtis, Paxton17M 135:51.29LAP
DNF1456Rolfson, Logan17M 131:27.83LAP
Fresh/Soph Boys        
1.1350Barnes, Damon14M 31:22:23.05
2.416Lindley, Houston14M 31:22:24.72+00:01.67
3.1349Barnes, Alec14M 31:24:27.64+02:04.59
4.1032Cowan, Dane14MMaybird31:24:29.75+02:06.70
5.1148Rocco, Nicholas15M 31:24:38.01+02:14.96
6.981Skousen, Luke14M 31:25:08.44+02:45.39
7.176Buck, Carter14M 31:26:51.60+04:28.55
8.835Lowry, Isaac14MMaybird31:26:52.70+04:29.65
9.1515Perry, Will14M 31:28:08.73+05:45.68
10.1229Pahnke, Stuart15MMaybird31:28:48.94+06:25.89
11.1540Moen, Keston15M 31:29:19.80+06:56.75
12.982Johnson, Kade13M 31:29:26.32+07:03.27
13.309heaton, rex14MMaybird31:31:59.41+09:36.36
14.1530Fluckiger, Jacob15M 31:32:13.26+09:50.21
15.909Kent, Jamerson15MMaybird31:32:32.26+10:09.21
16.1459Clines, Talton15M 31:32:45.52+10:22.47
17.1524Taylor, Grayson16M 31:35:25.03+13:01.98
18.1542Parkinson, Miles14M 31:35:42.77+13:19.72
19.567Silva, Ian14M 31:35:43.55+13:20.50
20.1494Ford, Bryson14M 31:35:47.88+13:24.83
21.1495Ford, Dallin16M 31:36:45.19+14:22.14
22.1505Lunstad, Perry14M 31:38:31.92+16:08.87
23.1486Eccles, Aidan15M 31:41:09.92+18:46.87
24.933Swenson, Jacob15M 31:41:45.95+19:22.90
25.962Wittwer, Hunter14MAccel Cycling Team31:52:48.59+30:25.54
26.934Sykes, Braxton14M 32:00:58.43+38:35.38
27.908scadden, Chandler15M 32:01:02.78+38:39.73
28.733Fisher, Sam16M 32:03:11.67+40:48.62
29.1040Curtis, Avery14M 32:03:40.47+41:17.42
30.1264Johnson, Alex15M 32:10:09.20+47:46.15
31.1415Pettey, Evan15M 32:24:07.22+61:44.17
32.1538Hales, Hyrum15M 32:37:42.65+75:19.60
DNF1121Meade, Shaun13M 0  
DNF1279Murray, Mason14M 0  
DNF1491Erickson, Tennison14M 32:57:02.62LAP
DNF1545Prueitt, Cody15M 142:51.46LAP
DNF1551Murdock, Sawyer14M 22:47:09.63LAP
Sport Women Open        
1.395Kolste, Diana31F 31:42:09.10
DNF1087Jacobs, Brittani27F 0  
Sport Women 40+        
1.676Bolt, Kirsten42FTeam portal32:05:36.03
JV Girls        
1.1072Hillstrom, Lucy13FVelolove Elite31:35:57.32
2.877Peper, Jocelyn13FVelolove Elite31:35:58.76+00:01.44
3.127Anderson, Katie16F 31:37:36.73+01:39.41
4.847Merrill, Courtney16F 31:41:19.38+05:22.06
5.1163Sprague, Zoe17F 32:00:56.58+24:59.26
DNF687campbell, hiley15F 21:38:41.57LAP
Novice Men        
1.1474Astie, Gabriel19M 31:41:31.00
2.1510Millett, Shandon16M 31:46:10.67+04:39.67
3.211Cowley, Kacey42M 31:46:40.75+05:09.75
4.460Mitchell, Blake40M 32:05:42.83+24:11.83
5.1543Parr, Tom52M 32:05:56.24+24:25.24
6.466Montague, McKay42M 32:15:30.28+33:59.28
7.514Prat, Arturo40M 32:26:52.22+45:21.22
8.831LONG, JUSTIN35M 32:26:52.22+45:21.22
9.366Johnson, Lee53M 32:30:17.69+48:46.69
DNF1496Gardner, Nicholas20M 138:35.50LAP
DNF1528VandeBrake, Jacob42M 143:43.71LAP
DNF1552erickson, trent40M 21:36:19.88LAP
Fresh/Soph Girls        
1.968Knight, Elisabeth14F 31:44:40.76
2.1520Snarr, Brynlee14F 31:48:47.53+04:06.77
3.560Short, Haylee15F 31:59:03.15+14:22.39
4.430Manley, Bryndee15F 32:01:26.64+16:45.88
Novice Women        
1.558Short, Becky41F 21:20:47.86
2.1027Corbridge, Amber35F 21:30:37.28+09:49.42
3.1519Pocock, Kim46F 21:45:07.02+24:19.16
4.406LaMay, Sarah43F 23:07:26.39+106:38.53
JH Boys        
1.418Lipson, Drew13M 256:52.39
2.116ALLEN, NATE14MAccel Cycling Team256:53.43+00:01.04
3.1488Eccles, Logan13M 257:48.77+00:56.38
4.1503KJERENGTROEN, Seth13M 258:44.87+01:52.48
5.140Bacon, Chase13MVelolove Elite21:00:38.01+03:45.62
6.1162Sprague, Andrew14M 21:01:19.66+04:27.27
7.1389Ivie, Tyler13M 21:02:35.97+05:43.58
8.1544Pena, Brennon13M 21:05:35.17+08:42.78
9.1502Kirschner, Sam13M 21:05:58.71+09:06.32
10.1558Hawkes, Owen12M 21:06:00.61+09:08.22
11.631Willits, Chase13M 21:07:30.00+10:37.61
12.988Antinori, Tanner13M 21:09:22.91+12:30.52
13.1312Carter, Jack13M 21:10:42.15+13:49.76
14.1554Craig, Collin13M 21:11:07.11+14:14.72
15.928Spragg, Caleb13M 21:16:47.10+19:54.71
16.679Branch, Anderson11M 21:19:06.39+22:14.00
17.566Silva, Devan12M 21:22:09.09+25:16.70
18.287Hammobd, Landon13M 21:22:41.69+25:49.30
19.593Sumner, Ezra14M 21:23:37.58+26:45.19
20.1532Burgner, Camren12M 21:33:08.84+36:16.45
21.1152Davis, Callum13MAccel Cycling Team21:47:36.93+50:44.54
22.1518Pocock, Sam13M 21:48:54.97+52:02.58
23.495Ogden, Nash12M 21:50:34.33+53:41.94
JH Girls        
1.1559Montague, Lauren13FMaybird21:10:16.98
2.144Balls, Ella13FMaybird21:14:15.56+03:58.58
3.878Peper, Quincy12FVelolove Elite21:14:54.96+04:37.98
4.1061Furniss, Aleena13F 21:17:20.84+07:03.86
5.551Seitzinger, Mia13F 21:22:48.03+12:31.05
6.405LaMay, Hannah13F 21:45:16.16+34:59.18
7.1391Jones, Lily13F 21:50:03.16+39:46.18
Elite Men (Pro)        
1.1550Grant, Alex41M 51:53:00.09
2.822Larson, Cameron22MVelolove Elite51:54:08.65+01:08.56
3.331Holley, Chris45M 51:55:49.62+02:49.53
4.1031Countryman, Scott29M 51:59:13.14+06:13.05
5.1513Niederhauser, Mitt17M 52:01:16.55+08:16.46
6.470Mullins, Tyler24M 52:11:39.72+18:39.63
7.1306Baugh, Bridger16M 52:18:57.17+25:57.08
Varsity Boys        
1.128Anderson, Luke16MSpry Cycles41:38:46.23
2.1230Heslop, Broc16M 41:40:15.55+01:29.32
3.628Wiggins, Jaxon17MVelolove Elite41:40:39.31+01:53.08
4.1470Hart, Asa16M 41:41:14.77+02:28.54
5.353Huber, Matthias16M 41:43:50.13+05:03.90
6.237Eckhardt, Rylan16M 41:44:58.46+06:12.23
7.384Kelly, Titan16M 41:47:48.36+09:02.13
8.1506Lyman, Kaidon17M 41:48:32.35+09:46.12
9.1127Miner, Gavin16M 41:48:33.33+09:47.10
10.323Hinks, Matt17MMaybird41:49:03.63+10:17.40
11.899Reich, Max16M 41:49:38.52+10:52.29
12.115Allen, Justin15M 41:50:31.14+11:44.91
13.151Bench, Austin M 41:50:42.04+11:55.81
14.311Heelis, Tage17M 41:53:01.31+14:15.08
15.811Coates, Kyle15M 41:53:34.10+14:47.87
16.453McMillan, Connor16M 41:54:08.66+15:22.43
17.667Aubrey, Lukas15M 41:57:35.75+18:49.52
18.900Reyna, Brady17M 41:59:03.90+20:17.67
19.431Manley, Colter16M 42:00:26.09+21:39.86
20.1514Pease, Hunter15M 42:06:01.87+27:15.64
21.1533Roth, Tanner16M 42:27:30.22+48:43.99
DNF205Coles, Carson17M 31:20:53.39LAP
DNF810kaelberer, josh18M 132:12.36LAP
DNF888Pokusa, Nicolas15M 0  
DNF1549Kelly, Jace17M 257:34.69LAP
Expert Men Open        
1.902Wiggins, Cj19MVelolove Elite41:40:45.42
2.611Tuttle, Mark33M 41:41:45.54+01:00.12
3.1409Nielson, Ty21M 41:43:45.72+03:00.30
4.1405Miller, Jacob27M 41:50:25.08+09:39.66
5.1484Creager, Kallan29M 41:58:46.30+18:00.88
6.1546Van Orman, Jonah18M 42:02:04.79+21:19.37
Expert Men 40-49        
1.1472ALLISON, JOHN40M 41:38:56.08
2.1516Phillips, Aaron47M 41:39:10.00+00:13.92
3.478Nelson, Daniel39M 41:43:48.27+04:52.19
4.666Aubrey, Kris47M 41:48:38.32+09:42.24
5.100Abbott, Reed40M 41:51:09.46+12:13.38
6.1082Hull, Chris49M 41:55:32.24+16:36.16
7.757Gengler, David47M 41:57:45.89+18:49.81
DNF101Abbott, Richard49MBingham Cyclery Peak Fasteners0  
DNF165Bowen, Daniel47MHangar 15 Bicycles150:24.20LAP
DNF1138Ogden, Ross46M 127:36.85LAP
DNF1501hunt, ervin48M 132:43.75LAP
Elite Women (Pro)        
1.246Farmer, Nikki31FEast Fork Bikes Race Team41:52:36.46
2.917Sheridan, Meghan42FStay Park City Cycling41:55:29.48+02:53.02
3.1473Allred, Julia15F 41:57:06.82+04:30.36
4.1172Vanderwel, Ali21F 42:10:43.56+18:07.10
5.469Mullins, Christine26F 42:19:42.10+27:05.64
1.1525Taylor, Isaac19M 41:52:18.79
Varsity Girls        
1.1360Carter, Kelsie17F 42:24:32.78
2.1095Jones, Ella17F 42:24:34.47+00:01.69
Expert Men 50-59        
1.244esplin, mark50MBountiful Bicycle Racing41:48:20.21
2.363Jensen, Denmark42M 42:00:08.75+11:48.54
Expert Women Open        
1.1539Lee, Maddy26F 42:36:29.95
Expert Women 40+        
1.379Kalwies, Catherine41FRed Rock Bicycle42:17:25.38
2.1541Neider, Colleen47F 42:31:58.17+14:32.79
Expert Men 60+        
1.174Bromka, Gregg61MPEARL iZUMi31:39:53.71
2.577Spainhower, Ryan63MRed Rock Bicycle31:40:43.08+00:49.37
3.1184WOOLSON, LAWRENCE64MBingham Cyclery Peak Fasteners31:52:43.06+12:49.35
4.612Tynan, Denny67M 32:03:53.12+23:59.41
Sport Men Open        
1.123Anderson, Cameron23M 31:25:52.12
2.1480Brown, Lance19M 31:32:20.32+06:28.20
3.627Wiggins, Devan25M 31:32:28.97+06:36.85
4.1212Meyer, Elliot18M 31:33:14.67+07:22.55
5.1234White, Niall32M 31:34:34.67+08:42.55
6.1420Spragg, Curtis40M 31:39:01.36+13:09.24
7.1422Taylor, Merrick28M 31:39:42.67+13:50.55
8.1088Jacobs, Cody30M 31:53:21.04+27:28.92
Sport Men 35-49        
1.411Landry, Ray46MHangar 15 Bicycles31:27:12.48
2.588Stowe, Tony41MMaybird31:28:06.59+00:54.11
3.1477Beall, Rusty42M 31:30:31.18+03:18.70
4.732Fisher, Dan42M 31:32:09.27+04:56.79
5.819LaMay, David W42M 31:40:46.71+13:34.23
6.1504Krieger, Loren49M 31:42:58.80+15:46.32
7.1485duxbury, james47M 31:52:41.35+25:28.87
Sport Men 50+        
1.1483Cowan, Todd51M 31:35:48.33
2.468Mullins, Aaron55MRed Rock Bicycle31:44:53.22+09:04.89
3.1536Crosby, Mark56M 31:45:02.75+09:14.42
4.1379Garrett, Gordon54M 31:46:01.48+10:13.15
5.581Stanger, Scott50M 31:49:02.81+13:14.48
6.1499Handsaker, Clint51M 31:54:34.03+18:45.70
7.355Huefner, Joe57M 32:03:31.74+27:43.41
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