Quinn and Shelden Win Desert Rampage ICUP


St. George, Utah – “My race was just all around really fun.” That is how 17-year-old Natalie Quinn, who won the Elite Women’s Category in the Red Rock Rampage, held on March 30, 2019, described her race. Quinn who has been racing NICA for a few years and just jumped up to the Elite category is part of the wave of racers coming out of the NICA program and giving the adults a run for their money.

Highlights from the 2019 Desert Rampage Intermountain Cup. Photo by Mckenzie Dye

Nicole Tittensor, who took second in the Elite Women’s Category, told how the race played out. “I like to have fast starts and try to take the lead early. I was able to do this, but with a peak over my shoulder, I saw a new face holding my wheel! It was Natalie. I tried to put some early attacks on her, hoping to break her for the last lap. It backfired on me, and my XC race fitness wasn’t quite what I’d expected it to be and I was the one who faded! She raced smart and strong, and it was really impressive to see for someone her age. I’ll definitely have her on my radar for the upcoming races!”

Taylor Shelden, who races for Tokyo Joe’s, took the top place on the podium followed by Alex Grant in the Elite Men’s race. He recaps, “Right from the start the race was hard and I was always on my toes especially trying to keep up on the downhills. The third lap was pretty hard, but I knew I could put in a big attack on the final lap to help secure the win.”

Grant fills in some more details, “Our race was a close one with a lot of back and forth with Colorado based rider Taylor Sheldon.  He has a background in pro road racing and it showed on the pedaling sections.  He was super strong, and I had my hands full trying to stay with him on the climbs but was able to gain a little rest and time back on the descents.  Bryson Perry and Brennan Peterson would join us for sections of the course making it a fluctuating group of 2-4 riders at the front.  Last lap Taylor really punched it on the climb and got a gap on me, he had maybe 20 seconds going in to the last downhill.  I closed it down to 3 seconds by the line, but it was too little too late.  I was stoked to finish 2nd and get in a good hard race in the legs to get ready for the season.”

Bryson Perry Took 3rd in their race followed by another 17-year-old, Brennon Peterson.

The Red Rock Rampage is the season opener for the Intermountain Cup Race Series. The Rampage has been on the same course for several years. Due to construction in the area, the course was changed a couple weeks prior. The route maintained as much of the original as possible giving it about 6.5 miles and 850 feet of elevation gain. The one thing that didn’t change was the technical nature of the trails.

Grant said, “The slight changes to the course this year were nice and didn’t change the overall character of the course much.”

Weather for the Red Rock Rampage was just about as perfect as you can ask for. The sky was blue, the temperature was in the 60s and the wind was nothing more than a light breeze.

The overall vibe of the race and venue was super positive. There are a lot of young riders coming out of the NICA Program and the injection of these racers keeps the energy high. Sidney Nielson, who won the Women’s Varsity Category, said “The race atmosphere was great having everyone at the finish line cheering you on to race faster and to be the bet you can be.”

Highlights from the 2019 Desert Rampage Intermountain Cup. Photo by Mckenzie Dye

About the Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

Founded in 1991, the Intermountain Cup consists of X-country and endurance MTB races throughout Utah. With six X-country races of approximately 25 miles and one endurance race of approximately 50 miles, the series covers some of the most pristine and difficult rides in the state. With categories for kids and youth to the highly competitive elite segments, Intermountain Cup offers a competitive MTB race for every level of rider. For more information, see IntermountainCup.com


Red Rock Desert Rampage, Intermountain Cup, St. George, UT, March 30, 2019
Place, Name, Team, Time

Lil’ Shredders (9 & Under)

  1. STEVE DANIELSON CINCH Cycling 03:40.25
  2. NASH THOMPSON 03:50.39
  3. MILES CROCKETT Contender Bicycles 04:00.53
  4. COLLIN JOHNSON Bountiful Bicycle Racing p/b Nate Wade Subaru 04:04.73
  5. MCKAY HOLM 04:06.03

Shredders Boys (10-12)

  1. Isaac LOWRY Maybird Reyes-Psych 09:46.47
  2. ISAAC CALL 09:46.48
  3. MATTHEW BROWN 10:21.78
  4. LOUK GORDON 10:29.62
  5. MAX VOGELSBERG Bountiful Bicycle Racing p/b Nate Wade Subaru 10:44.12

Shredders Girls (10-12)

  1. KENADDIE CUSTER 26:48.16
  2. RIVER KNUDSEN 28:15.24
  3. ELLIE HORTIN 28:17.61
  4. ELLA FRANDSEN Frandull 28:18.01
  5. ELIZA HAIGHT Summit Bike Club 28:34.27

Junior High Boys (14 & Under)

  1. JAXON MARSHALL Fezzari Factory Racing 33:05.84
  2. OWEN OKOLOWITZ Rouleur Devo p/b DNA 35:27.96
  3. PORTER GARNER 35:32.13
  4. NICO MCGEE Hoback Sports 35:32.63

Junior High Girls (14 & Under)

  1. ADDISYN LUNDBERG Lunkheads 38:25.89
  2. JAYDE MATTHEWS 41:28.81
  3. EMMA CALLAHAN 42:20.23
  4. JERZY MATTHEWS 42:27.55
  5. EMMA-LEE DORMAN Rapid Cycling 44:25.64

Junior Varsity Boys

  1. ELIJAH TOPPER Team Portal 58:54.71
  2. NATHAN ASAY VeloLove 1:00:00.29
  3. JOSH KAELBERER Maybird Reyes-Psych 1:01:26.91
  4. DAVIS CLARK ImpactDevo p/b Bountiful Bicycle 1:02:03.43
  5. NOAH HUNT Spry Cycle 1:02:24.98

Junior Varsity Girls

  1. ANNIKA PEACOCK 1:11:46.03
  2. GWENDOLYN SEPP 1:11:47.88
  3. AUNIKA KEMP Kuhl Cycling 1:17:24.41
  4. ELLIE BRIEM 1:18:05.44
  5. AVERY WALLIN ImpactDevo p/b Bountiful Bicycle 1:19:09.19

Varsity Boys

  1. CARTER ANDERSON VeloLove 1:24:05.34
  2. JAXON COLES ImpactDevo p/b Bountiful Bicycle 1:24:07.38
  3. JAMESON MOTTO Summit Bike Club 1:25:04.44
  4. STERLING JAMES Rouleur Devo p/b DNA 1:25:04.63
  5. PORTER MITCHELL 1:25:09.50

Varsity Girls

  1. SYDNEY NIELSON Rouleur Devo p/b DNA 1:05:34.55
  2. LAYLA PURDY 1:09:50.55
  3. KATE WILSON 1:10:08.85
  4. CAMILLE LIDDELL Rouleur Devo p/b DNA 1:11:35.39
  5. ALISHA BACON VeloLove 1:12:49.80

Novice Men

  1. WILL SHELDON 1:09:43.66
  2. MARK ROWLEY 1:12:02.11
  3. LUKE MCCAUSLAND 1:13:04.21
  4. ISAAC MILLER Maybird Reyes-Psych 1:14:23.34
  5. STEVEN AULT 1:14:44.64

Novice Women

  1. HEATHER RAMSDELL 39:06.46
  2. MELISSA HERBERS 40:06.31
  3. KOURTNEY DANIELSON CINCH Cycling 41:43.34
  4. ALEX SMITH 42:15.12
  5. SHANNON PAYNE VeloLove 42:15.44

Sport Women

  1. CHRISTINE MULLINS 1:12:49.18
  2. CHRISTINA PERRY 1:21:22.34
  3. COURTNEY CUSTER 1:22:12.94
  4. TATA FERGUSON 1:25:25.12
  5. KELLY SCUDDER Bingham Cyclery Peak Fasteners 1:29:54.54

Freshmen/Sophomore Boys

  1. JAMES SYBROWSKY Rouleur Devo p/b DNA 59:02.08
  2. LUKE ANDERSON Fezzari Factory Racing 1:00:09.60
  3. SETH CLAWSON 1:01:40.29
  4. JACOB MCCUNE 1:03:22.83
  5. ETHAN ALTAMIRANO Rouleur Devo p/b DNA 1:04:45.95

Freshmen/Sophomore Girls

  1. ADDIE JONAS 1:16:04.16
  2. TESSA LIDDELL Rouleur Devo p/b DNA 1:16:43.56
  3. MACY ELLIS Rouleur Devo p/b DNA 1:20:40.96
  4. MIA JOHNSON 1:21:23.74
  5. GRACIE GORDON 1:28:35.26

Sport Men

  1. JAMES OWEN 1:02:53.44
  2. BLAKE DEHART 1:04:09.91
  3. ZANE LYON Summit Bike Club 1:04:54.61
  4. ELIAS SVENNUNGSEN Summit Bike Club 1:07:10.69
  5. ERIC DRAPER Rapid Cycling 1:07:28.22

Sport Men (35-49)

  1. JACOB CROCKETT Contender Bicycles 57:28.56
  2. STEWART GRAY 1:03:05.05
  3. MATT HUNT Spry Cycles 1:04:11.35
  4. JERAMIE THOMPSON Bike Fix 1:04:59.76
  5. JARED EGLEY Rouleur Devo p/b DNA 1:05:07.41

Sport Men 50+

  1. ANDREW BELLO 1:09:05.29
  2. GREGG BROMKA PEARL iZUMi 1:10:16.73
  3. AARON MULLINS 1:15:50.86
  4. BRIAN STASTNY 1:16:05.56
  5. TODD MILLER Maybird Reyes-Psych 1:17:49.60

Expert Men

  1. ADAM SEEGMILLER 1:24:44.35
  2. DEREK EDWARDS Plan7 1:24:44.89
  3. RYAN HONEA 1:27:09.04
  4. JOE DRAPER Maybird Reyes-Psych 1:28:43.14
  5. JON HOUK Red Rock Bicycle 1:30:06.84

Expert Men (40-49)

  1. JEFF MASSE Rouleur Devo p/b DNA 1:30:18.22
  2. TYLER KNUDSEN 1:30:54.35
  3. GLEN ENZFELDER 1:30:54.48
  4. ELLIS PERKINS Upcycle Boise 1:30:54.86
  5. ERIC LANDON 1:33:36.97

Expert Men (50-59)

  1. CHRISTOPH HEINRICH Kuhl Cycling 1:25:15.56
  2. SCOTT ALLEN Hangar 15/Shimano 1:27:05.50
  3. BILL HARRIS Maybird Reyes-Psych 1:29:49.36
  4. ANDY COMPAS VeloLove 1:29:49.56
  5. REED TOPHAM Bingham Cyclery Peak Fasteners 1:29:56.58

Expert Men 60+

  1. JOHN LAUCK Bountiful Bicycle Racing p/b Nate Wade Subaru 1:05:43.24
  2. DWIGHT HIBDON Stay Park City Cycling 1:08:14.62
  3. DAVE MENDENHALL Red Rock Bicycle 1:10:39.67
  4. DENNY TYNAN 1:16:25.34
  5. RYAN SPAINHOWER Team Red Rock 1:16:51.46

Expert Women

  1. MADELINE TANNER Bountiful Bicycle Racing p/b Nate Wade Subaru 1:09:51.28
  2. ROBIN MCGEE Hoback Sports 1:10:39.69
  3. HANNAH FOREMAN Maybird Reyes-Psych 1:12:58.69
  4. SAM STEELE 1:18:24.07

Elite Men

  1. TAYLOR SHELDEN 1:41:52.02
  2. ALEX GRANT 1:41:56.34
  3. BRYSON PERRY Rouleur Devo p/b DNA 1:43:30.67
  4. BRENNON PETERSON Rouleur Devo p/b DNA 1:44:41.79
  5. KYLER GIBB 1:46:37.20

Elite Women

  1. NATALIE QUINN ImpactDevo p/b Bountiful Bicycle 1:33:44.66
  2. NICOLE TITTENSOR Jans Park City/Team Tittensor 1:36:58.94
  3. SARAH KAUFMANN DNA Pro Cycling Team 1:38:12.34
  4. ERIKA POWERS Stay Park City Cycling 1:39:16.35
  5. KC HOLLEY Kuhl Cycling 1:40:31.96


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