Evans and Wilcox Top Harvest Moon Criterium

Ben Towery winning the Masters B category. Photo: Natalie Steed.

September 24, 2011 – Ogden, UT –
The 2011 edition of the Harvest Moon Criterium saw great weather, big prizes, exciting racing and the biggest turnout in 3 years.
The day started early in the crisp hours of the morning with the largest junior field we’ve seen in a long time. 12 juniors made it look easy with many of them taking part in the adult categories later in the day. One of those was 12-year-old rider Katie Clouse. She won her age group then went on to finish in the Women’s Cat 4 race which was won by Megan Burger.
Competitive racing was seen all across the spectrum of categories on the tight, 4 corner crit. Only one crash occurred during the day. On the last lap of the Men’s Cat 4 race, 6 riders were taken out in turn 2. While there was some road rash, the worst damage was contained to mostly equipment as Ryan Pace saw his bike break in 4 places! His consolation was winning the big prime of the day, a flat screen TV from Sun Valley Mortgage. Mike Underhill stayed clear of the carnage and followed up his Sanpete Classic win with a big sprint to take first.

Masters B category. Photo: Natalie Steed.

With $2000 in prize money at stake, the Women Pro/Cat 1/2/3 race was set to be a great race. This was the largest cash purse the women have seen at a UCA race in a good while and the ladies present were well aware of the cash waiting for the winners. With LOTOJA winner Keri Gibson, Simply Mac Crit Series winner Kaytie Scott, Primal Utah standout Chantel Olsen and pro rider Nicole Evens, there was plenty of talent on display. The group stayed tight with a series of attacks during prime laps. Each lady seemed to be waiting for Nicole Evans to make a move. With 5 laps to go, Evans indeed put the hammer down and won the race by 38 seconds. She claimed the $600 winners loot in the process. The rest of the field finished in a fast and close sprint with Laura Howat and Kaytie Scott rounding out the cash heavy podium.
The largest field of the day was the 29 strong Men Pro/Cat 1/2. This group had hundreds of dollars in primes and prizes on the line and the race was fast from lap one. The two $100 primes came back to back with Chase Pinkham taking the first prime and TJ Eisenhart pipping Pinkham for the second $100 prime by just centimeters. The battle for elite category supremacy continued for the duration of the 60 minute race with Michael Wilcox finally taking the win. Todd Hageman and O-town local Bryce Young took the next two spots in what capped off an excellent day of racing.

Masters B category. Photo: Natalie Steed.



FemaleCat 41MeganBURGER29:28.2
2AmberWOODBURYDottie Becks Cycling29:28.4
3CallieSPOTTED ELK29:29.4
4HeatherSMITHThe Bike Shoppe/Chick-fil-A29:29.8
6KatieCLOUSECole Sport30:16.1
Cat1/2/31NicoleEVANSTeam VBF47:38.7
2LauraHOWATSki Utah Cycling Team48:16.5
3KaytieSCOTTSimply Mac Racing48:16.5
6TobyNISHIKAWASimplyMac Racing p/b Bingham’s48:17.7
7MargaretDOUGLASSSki Utah Cycling Team48:18.5
8JoanMEINERSRocky Mounts ~ Izze48:18.9
9KemilleGARVINDottie Becks48:19.1
10BevRONNOWFFKR Architects/SportsBaseOnli48:44.5
Cat1/2/3/412-Oct1KatieCLOUSECole Sport19:09.7
35-991MargaretDOUGLASSPrimal Utah29:22.7
7JoGARUCCIOCanyon Bicycles29:30.8
8DianeEVANSDottie Becks Cylcing29:44.7
MaleCat 31MikePRATTCanyon Bicycles Draper50:58.0
2CaseyNIELSENSimply Mac Racing50:58.7
3TealBUCHIFFKR/SportsBaseOnline p/b Tour50:58.8
4ChadVANSOLKEMABicycle Center50:59.1
5ChrisPUTTCanyon Bicycles50:59.2
6KentCARLSENWimmer’s Ultimate – LRC50:59.3
7BillGOWSKISonora Grill/Bicycle Center50:59.8
8ColtonHLAVINKABYRDS (Boise Young Rider Dev S51:00.0
9TylerMATSONSimply Mac-Bingham’s Cyclery51:00.0
10JoshuaHICKMANSonora Grill/Bicycle Center51:00.2
11TylerSOUTHARDSonora Grill/Bicycle Center51:01.2
12WestonWOODWARDRoosters/Bikers Edge51:01.4
13CourtneyLARSENSonora Grill/Bicycle Center51:01.7
14RichardDRESSENThe Bike Shoppe/Chick-fil-a51:01.8
15BrianRANDALLSonora Grill/Bicycle Center51:02.6
16ZachTERRYSonora Grill/Bicycle Center51:05.1
17JoshCARTERSonora Grill/Bicycle Center51:06.8
18AlMICHINISki Utah Cycling Team51:08.5
20AlexLIZARAZORoosters/Biker’s Edge51:19.7
21MarkMILLERCanyon Bicycles-Draper52:06.5
22LorinRONNOWFFKR Architects/SportsBaseOnli52:07.3
Cat 41MikeUNDERHILLRevolution Cafe Rio40:38.0
2PrestonNIEDERHAUSERNeedle Peak Ski & Bike40:38.6
3IraSORENSENRevolution Cafe Rio40:39.4
4PaulBAKERSimply mac40:40.0
5JustinGIBSONThe Bike Shoppe/Chick-fil-a40:40.1
6ShelbyBURTONRitte Racing40:40.3
7DaveSWENSENRevolution Cafe Rio40:40.5
9BrandonBLACKWELLSimply Mac Racing p/b Bingham40:42.2
10NathanBARNESRevolution Racing Cafe Rio40:58.2
11JeffreyLEEMANRMCC Cyclesmith41:00.6
12MitchellYOUNGSimply Mac Racing p/b Binghams42:03.3
Cat 51TaylorFELTBountiful Bicycle Center00:00.0
4DouglasSLIGTINGThe Fan Cycling00:00.0
5EdCLOUSECole Sport00:00.0
8KeatonRICHUtah University00:00.0
12JeffBRUCEJoy Ride Bike00:00.0
15EvanCLOUSECole Sport00:00.0
16Paul (chris)WARDSki Utah-MarketStar00:00.0
17ZacharyPETERSONBike Fix00:00.0
18DustinBASHAWinfinite cycles00:00.0
22ColeFESSLERWeber State00:00.0
23SamuelWILCOXJoyride Bikes00:00.0
Cat1/2/335-991JasonSAGERTeam Jamis40:09.0
2MichaelPRATTCanyon Bicycles-Draper40:12.0
3DennisPORTERBike Shoppe/ Chic-Fil-a40:12.1
4TrentOLSENThe Bike Shoppe Chick-Fil-A40:12.5
5CaseyNIELSENSimply Mac Racing40:12.6
6KevinVOREThe Bike Shoppe/Chick-fil-A40:12.8
7CamCANDELARIASki Utah-Marketstar40:12.8
8KyleBROWNBikers Edge/Destination Homes40:14.3
9JodyHARRISThe Bike Shoppe/Chick fil a40:17.9
10RichardDRESSENThe Bike Shoppe/Chick-fil-a40:28.1
Cat1/2/3/412-Oct1EvanCLOUSECole Sport18:32.6
13-141ZacharyPETERSONBike Fix18:31.0
45-991MikeCOOPERcanyon bicycles – draper38:36.1
4ToddTAFTSki Utah Cycling Team38:37.6
5ShaneDUNLEAVYSki Utah – Marketstar38:37.9
6SteveFERGUSONmorganstanley smith barney38:38.0
7EricMARTINskullcandy/jsa architects38:39.9
8ScottMATHEWSONThinkCash Racing38:40.6
9JeffCLAWSONCanyon Bicycles – Draper38:57.4
11GuyROUNDYCA Pools/Dewalt39:42.8
12MarkMILLERCanyon Bicycles-Draper00:00.0
55-991LorinRONNOWFFKR Architects/SportsBaseOnli38:39.0
2KenLOUDERFFKR/SportsBaseOnline P/B Tour38:40.6
3DirkCOWLEYFFKR/SportsBaseOnline p/b Tour38:45.4
4GarySIMMONSBountiful Mazda38:55.9
5HenryEBELLPorcupine Racing40:01.1
6RodGOLSANGolsan Cycles00:00.0
Cat4/535-991BenTOWERYThe Bike Shoppe/Chick-fil-a37:43.5
2DaveSWENSENRevolution Cafe Rio37:43.8
3GregPETERSENSonora Grill/Bicycle Center37:44.0
4JefferySHEPHERDLogan Race Club37:44.1
5NathanBARNESRevolution Racing Cafe Rio37:45.2
6IraSORENSENRevolution Cafe Rio37:46.8
7MichaelADAMSLogan Race Club37:47.1
8MikeUNDERHILLRevolution Cafe Rio37:47.2
9RonnieBOUTTETeam Big Ring-Real Cyclist.com37:49.1
10PatrickPUTTcole sport37:51.3
11KevanSTEEDThe Bike Shoppe/Chick-fil-a37:52.2
12JoshFOUKASSonora Grill/Bicycle Center37:52.9
13AaronBAILEYCanyon Bicycles Draper37:54.8
14BradBECKBountiful Mazda Cycling37:55.5
Pro/1/21MichaelWILCOX1FFKR/SportsBaseOnline p/b Tour58:37.6
2ToddHAGEMANCole Sport58:38.4
4EricFLYNNFFKR Architects/SportsBaseOnli58:38.5
5Taylor (t.j.)EISENHARTFFKR Architects/SportsBaseOnli58:38.6
7ChasePINKHAMBISSELL Pro Cycling58:38.9
8Manuel Le B.a.CYPERSThe Bike Shoppe/Chick Fil A58:39.1
11ToddNEUMARKERBikers Edge/Destination Homes00:00.0
12DavidHARWARDCanyon Bicycles-Draper58:39.7
13AndreGONZALEZVeloCity Cyclists/Canyon Bicyc58:41.5
14AaronOLSENFFKR/SBO P/B Tour of Utah58:42.4
15JosephWATERSCanyon Bicycles Draper58:43.9
17DarrenGOFFThe Bike Shoppe/Chick Fil A58:45.1
19JasonSAGERTeam Jamis58:46.5
21KevinVAN LOONUnattached58:47.6
22NateARNIMFFKR Architects/SportsBaseOnli58:50.0
23JesseGORDONCanyon Bicycles-Draper59:03.0
24SteveFERGUSONmorganstanley smith barney00:37.1


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