Rockwell Relay Wrap Up


By Tyler Servoss

The Rockwell Relay is a new event in a new area. The promoters are working hard to establish a place on the calendar for road and mountain bicycle relays and joined the ranks of events like the Salt to Saint and new event Saints to Sinners.

The first edition of the Rockwell Relay started in Moab Utah on June 11th with riders making their way along a 516 mile course over some of the most diverse landscape that southern Utah has to offer, finishing in St.George on June 12th.

Some of the course highlights include the arid country north of Lake Powell, and big climbs over Boulder Mountain and Cedar Breaks, topping out at 9,000 ft each. The terrain was not the only challenge. The weather gods gave the riders a run for their money with unseasonably cold weather, rain, hail and even snow in the high mountains.

The winning team, Brute Force set a course record with a time of 28hrs. They were followed into the finish at St. George’s Main Park by Team Needles Peak at 29 hrs and Team Long Hard Road p/b Cutthroat Racing at 30 hrs. Teams continued to finish over the next several hours with the final team arriving at 37 hrs. 20 teams of 4 riders each competed in this year’s event.

One rider said “I rode with teamgive and had a great time on the relay even with the weather. Nothing like riding at 3 am in the rain and sleet.”

If you missed out on this event, check the race calendar for several more relay race options this summer and fall.

Rockwell Relay: Moab to St. George 2010 Team Results
Team NameFinish*= finished full course
Brute Force (Dwaine Allgier, Adam Taylor, Jared Keate, Trenton Harris)12:15 p.m.*
Needles Peak (Hugh Parke, Tyler Jensen, Colin Vance, Robert Green)1:15 p.m.*
Long Hard Rode p/b Cutthroat Racing (Steve Wasmund, Joe Wiggins, Aaron Phillips, Thomas Banks)2:15 p.m.*  (Tim Short, Jeff Wilson, David Vogulsberg, David Vogulsberg)2:30 p.m.*
Teamgive #19 (Tai Bright, Damond Watkins, Bob Schmultz, Ross Walker)2:34 p.m.*
Buzzard Bait (Jeff McBride, Mark Larson, Eric Dansie, Miles House)3:51 p.m.*
Extreme Pain Seekers (Kristi Mcilmoil, John Mcilmoil, Jamie Jenkins, Kelly Daily)6:00 p.m.*
Team LOTOJA (Brent Chambers, David Bern, Mike Caldwell, Greg Scothern)6:15 p.m.*
WJCS (Scott Whitey Taylor, Joe Fogg, Scott Jacobsen, Colin Mackey)7:56 p.m.*
Teamgive #20 (Ken Clifford, Jerry Geurts, Guy Zwahlen, Allen Freestone)2:41 p.m.
Teamgive #17 (Callahan Williams, David Watkins, Mike Dustin, Dane Watkins)2:45 p.m.
Teamgive #18 (Steve Evans, Loren Washburn, Shane Esplin, Greg Stuart)2:45 p.m.
KSL Travel Show/ Maverik (Cameron Hancock, Douglas Wren, Bradley Call, Dave Allred)3:11 p.m.
3 Dudes & Ryan p/b Cutthroat Racing (Ryan McCalmon, John Moreton, Stanley Hawks, Todd Slaughter)3:31 p.m.
Cycleward (Rick Carlson, Jeremy Eveland, Hal Armstrong, Paul Berthelson)3:50 p.m.
28 DAY CYCLE p/b by Cutthroat Racing  (Amy Andrews, Alison Knutson, Martha Sahuc, Kat Ledford)4:06 p.m.
My Butt Really Really Hurts (Jon Lowe, Ellie Lowe, Melanie Stewart, Eric Jensen)6:25 p.m.
Noobs (Andy Bell, Nick Hill, Dave Griffin, Night Hawk)6:25 p.m.
Chasqui Cycling (Mike Weintz, Warren Duff, Anthony McMullin, Jordan Bunker)DNF
Bells Angels/Bikers Edge Destination Homes (Chad Waldron, Tyler Beyeler, Todd Roane, Jeff Jones)DNF
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