Stevenson and Olsen Take Wins in 2018 Sugarhouse Criterium – Report, Photos, Results


2018 Utah State Criterium Champions Crowned

By Dave Iltis

May 26, 2018 – Sugarhouse is Utah’s classic criterium. The park has hosted races since at least the 1950’s, and possibly long before that. What better place to hold the 2018 Utah state criterium championships? What better day than a sunny May 26, 2018.

Women's pro-1-3 race winner Lindsey Stevenson leads Marci Kimball at the Sugarhouse Criterium, Salt Lake City, UT, 5-26-2018, photo by Dave Iltis,
Women’s pro-1-3 race winner Lindsey Stevenson leads Marci Kimball at the Sugarhouse Criterium, Salt Lake City, UT, 5-26-2018, photo by Dave Iltis,

In the Pro/1/2/3 women’s race, an early 2 rider break formed when climber Marci Kimball (Plan 7 DS) attacked on lap 3 and all-arounder Lindsey Stevenson (Zone 5 Racing) went with her. The two worked together well and increased their gap with each lap. It didn’t hurt that each had teammates in the field who were content to let the break stay away. Stevenson won the sprint handily, “I hammered on the little downhill before the last kicker and then just went full gas on the hill sprint as was able to stay away.”

Click Here for Photo Gallery of the Men’s Pro/1/2, Women’s 1/3, Men’s 3, Men’s 4

In the Pro/1/2 men’s race, a field of 41 riders started, and the action kicked off immediately. A break formed driven by Clinton Mortley (Intermountain LiveWell) and Cortlan Brown (Hangar 15), but this didn’t stick. Many counter attacks and attacks continued after this including a nice flyer by Chris Stuart, but with a bit of a wind, nothing stuck until the last few laps. A group of 4 was away, Clint Mortley and Michael Hawley brought the group close. Another set of 4 merged with them. The octet stuck it for the next couple of laps until the finishing sprint when Intermountain LiveWell’s Bryce Olsen kicked into high gear at the base of the hill. Everyone else was left in his wake. Jules Goguely and Cortlan Brown (both Hangar 15) rounded out the top 3. Olson described his winning sprint, “I was sitting on Jason Castor’s wheel” and then followed another rider before the hill, “I just hung on his wheel. As soon as we hit the bottom of hill, I gassed it and gave it everything I had and was able to pass him and hold the lead until the finish.”

Bryce Olsen takes the win in the Sugarhouse Criterium, Salt Lake City, UT, 5-26-2018, photo by Dave Iltis,
Bryce Olsen takes the win in the Sugarhouse Criterium, Salt Lake City, UT, 5-26-2018, photo by Dave Iltis,

Olsen and Stevenson were crowned state champions, along with a host of other riders in the other categories.


2018 Sugarhouse Criterium Results:

MenCat 1-535-440MichaelHawley  
   1CamCandelariaZone Five Racing49:08.8
   3GregGuestZone Five Racing49:09.0
   4KevinTurchinMonster Media Racing49:09.1
   5NateFurman 49:09.2
   6TaylorEdwardsZone Five Racing49:09.5
   7JaredKirbyBountiful Mazda Cycling Team49:09.7
   8IraSorensenHangar 15 Bicycles49:09.7
   9WillHansonSki City Cycling49:09.8
   12BillyRappleyeZone Five Racing49:10.8
   13ScottBuccambusoPLAN7 DS49:12.6
   14TylerServossZanconato Racing49:14.1
   15CodyHaroldsenSki City Cycling49:15.8
   16PrestonEdwardsZone Five Racing49:28.0
   17DouglasGibulaSaltCycle-Kestrel Wellness49:56.2
   18NickMarkosianPLAN7 DS50:43.5
   19DanielThunellNew Age Athlete50:43.6
   20JeffGoddardGuthrie Bicycle54:19.6
   21RiderUnknown 54:19.7
   22JoshuaFrickSki City Cycling54:19.8
  45-541JasonCastorContender Bicycles48:52.3
   2KyleBrownPlan 7 DS49:00.7
   5brentcannonTeam Elevate50:13.1
   7ArtO’ConnorCOTBR/WUKAR Fit50:42.3
   8AndrewLoveZone 5 Racing50:54.8
   9AndreGonzalezSki City Cycling50:55.0
   10JasonGoodfellowHangar 1550:55.1
   11DavidHarwardPLAN7 DS50:55.4
   12RodneySmithThe Contender Club50:55.9
   13MikeUnderhill 50:56.1
   14KennethMorrisSki City Cycling Team50:56.8
   15gavinstorieTeam Endurance 36051:01.0
   16StephenRogersZone Five Racing51:03.1
   17MorrisPuseyAmerican First Cycling Team51:04.0
   18MichaelFogarty 51:11.8
   19ThomasDenisonContender / Speed Factory Racin54:19.5
   20GuyRoundy 54:19.6
   21SpeerMichael 54:19.7
   22PaulBurger 54:19.7
   23ScottSundermanExtra Mile Racing54:19.8
   24JaredEbornExtra Mile Racing54:20.8
  55-591MarkSchaeferMaddog Racing42:10.3
   2StephenTuellerBountiful Mazda Cycling Team42:55.0
   3PaulHughesFFKR Architects Racing42:55.5
  60-641DirkCowleyFFKR Architects42:52.1
   2NormanFryeSki City Cycling42:52.8
   3JeraldHunsakerBountiful Mazda Cycling Team42:53.0
   4CharlesPalmerFFKR ARCHITECTS RACING42:54.1
   5BobWalkerBountiful Mazda Cycling Team44:36.6
   0RickKuykendallThe Cyclery Race Team 
   2garysimmonsBountiful Mazda Cycling team45:09.0
 Cat 1/2/3/4/50-121JacksonHawley 32:19.5
   2DallinLesherEpic Cycling Team32:19.5
  13-141JohannMoore 32:19.3
  15-161ZachDespain 32:17.2
   2IanFrederickZone Five Racing32:17.2
  17-181BradenHudspeth 32:19.2
   2MichaelWilsonSBR Cycles Racing32:19.3
 Cat 313-991BenStevensonTeam Endurance 36058:56.9
   2PrestonyardleyTeam Endurance 36058:56.9
   3ViggoMooreSBR Cycles Racing58:57.2
   4LoganNewmanCicada Racing58:57.6
   5AndrewRobinsonExtra Mile Racing58:57.9
   6DanielSellersSaltCycle-Kestrel Wellness58:58.3
   7BrianMadsenNoble Cycling58:58.6
   8PrestonEdwardsZone Five Racing58:58.6
   9TylerMooreExtra Mile Racing58:58.6
   10AndrewJudkinsTeam Endurance 36058:59.0
   11ScottMillerAmerica First Cycling Team58:59.0
   12RylanSchadeggPivot-Competitive Cyclist58:59.2
   13StephenRogersZone Five Racing58:59.7
   14GuyRoundy 59:00.1
   15JamesLavelleCicada Racing59:00.7
   16BillyRappleye 59:00.8
   17JeraldHunsakerBountiful Mazda Cycling Team59:01.5
   18DirkCowleyFFKR Architects59:01.5
   19LanceHeatonFFKR Velosport racing59:02.3
   20ChadChenoweth 59:02.6
   21PaulBurger 59:04.9
   22RiderUnknown 59:17.1
   23KennethMorrisSki City Cycling Team00:04.8
   24ChrisEppleySBR Cycles Racing00:36.2
   25AndrewGrecoHangar 1500:36.5
   26NormFrye 00:37.7
   27AlMichiniHangar 15 Bicycles00:37.9
   28AlonsoTalbert 00:41.7
   29RiderUnknown 02:09.5
 Cat 413-991DanielFrederickZone Five Racing46:25.4
   2mikeobladMILLBROOK RACING46:25.5
   3JeffTurkSaltCycle-Kestrel Wellness46:25.7
   4TonyPetersonBountiful Mazda Cycling Team46:25.8
   5JamesBylund 46:26.1
   6JohnHughesFFKR Velosport racing46:26.5
   7ScottJohnstonZone Five Racing46:27.0
   9AdamRunquistStay Park City Cycling46:27.1
   10TroyTomkinsonZone Five Racing46:27.4
   11ToddAndersonCicada Racing46:27.6
   13RiderUnknown 46:28.1
   14CaseyMullarkey 46:28.5
   15NickMarkosian 46:29.8
   16DevinSmithBountiful Mazda Cycling Team46:31.6
   17NateFurman 46:36.3
   18RichCampbellZone Five Racing46:37.8
   19GregGuestZone Five Racing46:44.2
   20SawyerPangbornSaltcycle-Kestrel Wellness47:00.7
   21AdamMahar 48:02.6
   22IanFrederick 48:04.0
   23TroyHuebnerZone Five Racing48:11.6
   24JaredEbornExtra Mile Racing54:20.8
   25PaulHughesFFKR Architects Racing48:45.8
   26DanielHall 49:34.8
   27AnthonyJeffsSaltCycle-Kestrel Wellness49:39.0
   29JavierCampos 49:45.2
   30BrianRessaEpic Cycling Team49:49.8
   31RiderUnknown 50:14.3
 Cat 513-991NicholasDorsett 42:59.7
   2EvanBrady 43:06.9
   3BoydTimothyZone Five Racing43:07.0
   4JoseMedina 43:07.9
   5NatHarwardIntermountain LiVe Well43:08.9
   6JeffreyJuipPLAN7 DS43:09.0
   7MatthewMcGarry 43:09.3
   8JamieZieglerExtra Mile Racing43:09.3
   9SteveHarwardIntermountain Live Well43:10.7
   10SeanBurke 43:13.0
   11MitchChildBam juniors43:15.2
   12RiderUnknownLive Well43:16.8
   13MikeMayKillin Time43:25.8
   15AdamColeZone Five Racing43:30.4
   16StevePaceZone Five Racing43:32.4
   17RickKuykendallThe Cyclery Race Team47:23.0
   18ToddEppleySBR Cycles Racing47:23.1
   19Jordande Mik 47:23.1
   20KyleStilling 47:23.1
   21HerbertMonterrso 47:23.1
   22SteveMarteneyPLAN7 DS Cycling Team47:23.2
   23AntolinTorres 47:23.2
 P-1-213-991BryceOlsenLiVeWell p/b Harristone15:39.6
   2JulesGoguelyHangar 15 Bicycles15:39.9
   3CortlanBrownHangar 15 Bicycles15:40.1
   4keatonrichCicada Racing15:40.2
   5Heriberto eddyFrutosTeam UpCycle Boise15:40.3
   6GriffinParkHangar 15 Bicycles15:40.6
   7JasonCastorContender Bicycles15:40.9
   8NathanManwaringTeam Endurance 36015:41.2
   9RobSquireCanyon Bicycles Pro Cycling15:52.3
   10ChrisStuartTEAM CLIF BAR15:55.3
   11KevinTurchinMonster Media Racing15:55.3
   12DavidHarwardPLAN7 DS15:55.5
   13MichaelHawleyLiVeWell p/b Harristone15:55.5
   14RobSmallmanHangar 15 Bicycles15:55.8
   16IanGonder 15:56.0
   17WillHansonSki City Cycling15:56.4
   18DarrenGoffLiVeWell pb Harristone15:56.5
   19gavinstorieTeam Endurance 36015:56.8
   20DerekEdwardsIntermountain LW15:56.9
   21SteveAlbrechtSki City Cycling15:57.1
   22RodneyMena 15:57.3
   23RyanBarrettTurbo Sports LLC15:57.4
   24BrandonLynch 15:57.5
   25JustinGriffinSki City Cycling15:57.5
   26RodneySmithThe Contender Club15:57.6
   27DouglasGibulaSaltCycle-Kestrel Wellness15:57.8
   28EricFlynnFlynn Cyclery15:57.8
   29KyleBrownPlan 7 DS15:58.7
   31TaylorEdwardsZone Five Racing15:59.3
   32HugoFregoso 15:59.9
   33CamCandelariaZone Five Racing16:00.4
   34AJTurnerTEAM CLIF BAR16:00.8
   35PrestonWeeksHangar 15 Bicycles16:01.8
   36MarkFlisAsend Nutrition16:03.0
   37ChrisMackay 19:34.7
   0JoshuaFrickSki City Cycling 
WomenCat 1-535-491NinaWadeZanconato Racing29:39.3
   2MarciKimballPLAN7 DS29:40.9
   3ColleenNeiderPlan 730:50.3
   4AlishaDoyleA Bloc30:57.0
   5ShannonTuddenhamPlan7 DS32:01.1
  50-591MaryEmersonPlan7 DS30:38.7
   2KellyHunsakerPLAN7 DS30:38.8
   3AlisonFryeSki City Cycling30:40.9
   4LorriZenoni 30:42.3
   5HiediRoundy 31:07.7
  60-991MargaretDouglass 30:41.1
 Cat 1/2/3/4/50-121MackenzieMeirowitzExtra Mile Racing32:19.4
   2HannahLesherEpic Cycling Team32:19.5
   3NinaMartin 32:19.5
  13-181MarenKellyTurbo Sports Youth Crew32:19.3
 Cat 413-991MeganFoley 22:52.0
   2JamieLinde 26:37.0
   3mariaobladMillbrook Racing26:38.9
   4ClarissaJohnson 26:55.1
   5ShannonTuddenham 26:55.1
 Cat 513-991AdrienneTylerZanconato Racing24:56.8
   2ElainaLindbergExtra Mile Racing26:36.6
   3BridgetFowersZanconado Racing26:37.2
   4JennaGoodrum 26:38.5
   5AspenHassellExtra Mile Racing26:40.2
   6StephanyMayer 26:54.0
   7gingerMercer 26:55.2
   8MackenzieMeirowitzExtra Mile Racing26:55.2
   9JacquelynContant 26:55.2
   10SharikaBluckett 26:55.2
 P-1-2-313-991LindseyStevensonZone Five Racing05:25.9
   2MarciKimballPLAN7 DS05:25.9
   3IngridSmallmanZone Five Racing05:26.1
   4BreanneNalderPLAN7 DS05:26.2
   5EmilyBirchZone Five Racing05:26.2
   6KatherineShieldsUniversity of Utah05:26.2
   7EleiseHintonZone Five Racing05:26.2
   8MaryEmersonPlan7 DS05:26.2
   9KellyHunsakerPLAN7 DS05:26.3
   10UnknownRider 05:26.3
   11ColleenNeiderPlan 705:26.4
   12KarissaLambPLAN7 DS Cycling Team05:26.4
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