New Trails in Hurricane


By DJ and Quentin Morrisette —

What Did You Get For The New Year?

Hurricane got 5 new miles of purpose built mountain bike trail in the Quail Lake Reservoir Area, bringing the total to 19 miles thus far.

Rhythm & Blues was the first trail to be built. This advanced trail comes at you fast. So put your saddle down and be ready to ride BMX style!

Rock & Roll was the second trail built. This intermediate trail feels like a circus ride. The trail goes from banked turn to banked turn, up and down, winding around hills and down gullies.

Boy Scout Trails were the third trails built. These advanced trails will challenge your technical riding abilities from all angles. The trails are rocky and have lots of fun natural rock features on the trail, as well as challenging switchbacks.

Lakeside Trail is the newest built trail that we built with an AmeriCorp Team. We carved through some of the most brutal rocky terrain and made numerous rock bridges 6 feet or higher to cross washes. This intermediate ride is flowy with lots of twists and turns.

Twist & Shout

This trail connects north and south parking lots together. We want you to have fun on your way back to the car! This is a novice flowy trail.

How to get there: Take I-15 to exit 16 towards Hurrican. Take State Route nine to 5300W And take a left onto Hwy 318. You can take the first right and follow the Boy Scout signs to the south Parking area or go a little farther and park in the North Parking right off the highway on the left.

For more information on Hurricane mountain biking, contact Over the Edge Sports:

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