Powder Mountain Bike Park Expands With New Trails


EDEN, Utah (August 15, 2023) — The Powder Mountain Bike Park continues to expand in its second year. Operating on the largest ski resort in the country, Powder Mountain’s trail builders have a seemingly endless canvas on which to build trail and they’re taking full advantage. 

Powder Mountain’s Bike Park opened several new trails this year. Photo by: Powder Mountain – Ian Matteson

The two new trail additions to open this week, Snake Charmer and Fun House, are progression-oriented and designed with the intent of easing riders into more technical terrain and a small jump line. 

Funhouse takes riders over a series of jumps (all roll-able), linked with wide berms and a mellow grade. The result is easy flow and plenty of opportunities to jump, or simply roll over. Funhouse is ideal for building comfort level in the air with reduced consequences.

Snake Charmer introduces riders to the other end of the mountain bike spectrum, with an array of rock gardens built to get riders acquainted with the capabilities of their suspension on quick hits. The trail includes several wooden features with down ramps that allow for (but don’t require) smaller drops of less than a foot.  

For more information, visit Powder Mountain’s Bike Park page.

Construction on one of the new trails at Powder Mountain Bike Park. Photo by: Powder Mountain – Ian Matteson
A rider rips one of Powder Mountain Bike Park’s new trails. Photo by: Powder Mountain – Ian Matteson
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